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Title Date UPC
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: The Magic Trap24-08-19974988102396312
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: Sea No Evil24-08-19974988102396411
JapanJames And The Giant Peach24-08-19974988102400316
JapanTiny Toy Stories - トイ・ストーリーの原点24-08-19974988102400613
JapanHoney, We Shrunk Ourselves24-08-19974988102400514
United StatesEvita20-08-1997786936050936
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031300
United StatesJames And The Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031294
United StatesCrime Story06-08-1997786936044539
United StatesJungle 2 Jungle30-07-1997786936048834
United StatesMetro30-07-1997786936044560
United StatesSubstance Of Fire30-07-1997786936044577
United StatesMask Of Death30-07-1997786936044607
United KingdomWho Framed Roger Rabbit?28-07-19975027522011685
JapanThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh25-07-19974988102397814
FranceSix jours sept nuits06-07-19973459379602709
JapanSing Along Songs: Beach Party At Walt Disney World04-07-1997
JapanSing Along Songs: Campout At Walt Disney World04-07-1997
JapanSing Along Songs: Campout At Walt Disney World04-07-1997
JapanSing Along Songs: Let's Go To the Circus04-07-1997
FranceUne Nuit en enfer03-07-19973459370677003
FranceUne Nuit en enfer03-07-19973459370777000
United StatesRidicule02-07-1997786936044553
United StatesScream02-07-1997786936044546
United StatesWalking and Talking02-07-1997786936033212
United StatesCitizen Ruth25-06-1997786936044522
United StatesMarvin's Room18-06-1997786936044515
United StatesUnhook The Stars11-06-1997786936039085
United StatesSwingers28-05-1997786936039078
JapanOn Holiday With Timon And Pumbaa25-05-19974988102388010
JapanDonald's Birthday Bash - ドナルドのにぎやかバースデー25-05-19974988102388119
JapanStarring Donald - ドナルド大好き25-05-19974988102388218
JapanThe Preacher's Wife25-05-19974988102389918
United KingdomDumbo16-05-19975027522011739
France20000 Lieues Sous Les Mers15-05-19973459370600155
FranceBasil, Détective Privé14-05-19973459370613605
United StatesThe Preacher's Wife14-05-1997786936040159
JapanThe Aristocats25-04-19974988102386818
JapanThe Rock - ザ・ロック25-04-19974988102386719
United StatesPretty Woman23-04-1997786936008470
FranceOliver & Compagnie15-04-19973459370640304
United KingdomToy Story14-04-19975027522011838
JapanSing Along Songs: Beach Party at Walt Disney World07-04-19974988102391911
JapanSing Along Songs: Let's Go To the Circus07-04-19974988102392215
United StatesBedknobs and Broomsticks: 25th Anniversary Special Edition02-04-1997786936014396
United StatesHoney, We Shrunk Ourselves02-04-1997786936038897