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Title Date UPC
JapanLet's Relax25-12-1986T4988102120184
JapanPinocchio - ピノキオ25-04-1986T4988102105181
JapanThree Men and a Baby - スリーメン&ベビー00-00-0000T4966237040386
JapanTiger Town28-10-1987T4966237040188
United StatesThe Black Hole00-00-1982None
JapanPete's Dragon - ピートのドラゴン21-09-1985None
United StatesLimited Gold Edition II - Cartoon Classics - The Disney Dream Factory: 1933-193800-00-1985None
JapanTrue-Life Adventure: The Living Desert21-10-1985None
JapanFun And Fancy Free21-04-1985None
JapanThe Incredible Journey21-07-1985None
JapanNever Cry Wolf21-09-1985None
United StatesWinnie the Pooh and Friends00-00-1984None
United StatesLimited Gold Edition II - Cartoon Classics - The World According To Goofy00-00-0000None
United StatesThe Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh00-00-1982None
United StatesLife With Mickey!00-00-1985None
United StatesThe Shaggy Dog00-00-0000None
United StatesDavy Crockett And The River Pirates00-00-0000None
United StatesEscape to Witch Mountain00-00-1982None
United StatesGus00-00-0000None
United StatesHerbie Rides Again00-00-0000None
United StatesLimited Gold Edition II - Cartoon Classics - How The Best Was Won: 1933 - 196000-00-0000None
United StatesReturn To Oz00-00-0000None
United StatesMary Poppins00-00-0000None
FranceLa Belle Et La Bête 2: Le Noël Enchanté03-11-1998None
United StatesSilly Symphonies: Fanciful Fables00-00-1986None
United StatesBig Bands At Disneyland: Cab Calloway And His Orchestra With Chris Calloway00-00-0000None
United StatesBig Bands At Disneyland: Lionel Hampton And His Big Band00-00-0000None
United StatesBig Bands At Disneyland: Woody Herman And The Young Thundering Herd00-00-0000None
United StatesMickey's Christmas Carol15-10-1990None
United StatesAt Home With Donald Duck00-00-1979None
United StatesThe Absent-Minded Professor00-00-0000None
United StatesRobin Hood04-12-1984None
United StatesMickey Mouse & Donald Duck Cartoon Collections: Volume Three00-00-1983None
United States20,000 Leagues under the Sea00-00-0000None
United StatesDisney's Best of 1931-1948: Volume 500-00-1983None
United StatesLimited Gold Edition II - Cartoon Classics - From Pluto With Love00-00-0000None
United StatesPinocchio00-00-0000None
United StatesDarby O'Gill And The Little People00-00-0000None
United StatesThe Parent Trap00-00-0000None
United StatesThe One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band00-00-1982None
United StatesOn Vacation With Mickey Mouse And Friends00-00-1979None
United StatesPollyanna00-00-1983None
United StatesWalt Disney World Tour00-00-0000None
United States3M Laser Videodisc: U.S. Disney Stores '93 Christmas00-00-0000None
United StatesFire Birds15-11-1990None
United StatesSuperted: Volume 105-10-1990None
United StatesHawk's Vengeance05-11-1997None