Wer ist Mr.Cutty?

LaserDisc info
Title: Wer ist Mr.Cutty?
Original Title: The Associate
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Germany Germany
Reference: 0473461
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Serie: Widescreen Edition
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1996
Release Date: 00-00-1998
UPC: 044004734615
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: ???
Price: ???
Manufactured By: ???
Production: Hollywood Pictures, Interscope Communications, Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Frederic Golchan Productions
Distribution: Lime Pictures
Length: 109 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.81:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 24
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: German
Subtitles: None
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Original Other
Whoopi Goldberg - Laurel
Dianne Wiest - Sally
Eli Wallach - Fallon
Tim Daly - Frank
Bebe Neuwirth - Camille
Austin Pendleton - Aesop
Lainie Kazan - Cindy Mason
George Martin - Manchester
Kenny Kerr - Charlie
Lee Wilkof - Bissel
Helen Hanft - Mrs. Cupchick
George Morfogen - Plaza Manager
Zeljko Ivanek - SEC Agent Thompkins
Miles Chapin - Harry
Jean De Baer - Loan Officer
Louis Turenne - Peabody Club Concierge
William Hill - Detective Templeton
Colleen Camp - Detective Jones (as Colleen Camp Wilson)
Brian Tarantina - Eddie
Jerry Hardin - Harley Mason
John Short - Harley's Associate
Thomas Wagner - Harley's Associate
Johnny Miller - Johnny Miller
Nicholas Kepros - Dalton
Peter McRobbie - Executive at Strip Club
Daryl Edwards - Executive at Strip Club
Allison Janney - Sandy
Frederick Rolf - Carl Bode
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. - Plaza Bellhop Thomas (as Larry Gilliard Jr.)
Lianna Pai - Plaza Concierge Charlotte (as Liana Pai)
Vincent Laresca - Plaza Waiter José
Arthur French - Plaza Men's Room Attendant
Kathleen McClellan - Frank's Girlfriend
Robert Levine - Door Slam Executive
John Rothman - Jogging Track Executive
Jonathan Freeman - Hockey Game Executive
Socorro Santiago - Syntonex Worker
Bernie McInerney - Client at Cutty / Ayres
Katherine Wallach - Reporter
Leon Addison Brown - Reporter
Sally Jessy Raphael - Sally Jessy Raphaël (as Sally Jessy Raphaël)
Judith Calder - Audience Member
Ted Brunetti - Fallon's Messenger
Baxter Harris - Disgruntled Investor
Craig Braun - Disgruntled Investor
Rex Robbins - Investor at 21 Club
Ira Wheeler - Investor at 21 Club
Boris McGiver - Plaza Reporter
Billy Jaye - Plaza Reporter
Ginny Yang - Funeral Reporter
Joel Blake - Poker Player
Alberto Alejandrino - Maitre D' at Peabody Club
Roy Gerson - Fallon Ball Band (as The Roy Gerson Orchestra)
Corrine Manning - Fallon Ball Band
Chris Cardona - Maintenance Worker (uncredited)
Bill Corsair - Plaza Decorator Simon (uncredited)
Curt Hayward - Investor's Lunch Waiter at 21 Club (uncredited)
Adrian Lee - Research Fellow (uncredited)
Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas - Actor (uncredited)
Dale Resteghini - Diner (uncredited)
L.A. Rothman - Lily (uncredited)
Donald Trump - Donald Trump (uncredited)
J.D. Walters - Plaza Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Extra Info
• Publisher is Lime Picture
• Includes trailer for Schneewitchen 0473501