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Title Date UPC
United StatesThe Horseman on the Roof02-04-1997786936027136
JapanToy Story box set28-03-19974988102375119
United StatesIl Postino26-03-1997786936003208
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Jasmine's Enchanted Tales - The Magic Mask21-03-19974988102383312
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Jasmine's Enchanted Tales - Winner Takes Aladdin21-03-19974988102383411
JapanAladdin and the King of Thieves21-03-19974988102383619
JapanAladdin and the King of Thieves - アラジン完結編/盗賊王の伝説21-03-19974988102383718
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Ariel's Songs And Stories - Heroes21-03-19974988102385811
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Ariel's Songs And Stories - Tail Of Two Crabs21-03-19974988102386115
United StatesFirst Kid05-03-1997786936031317
SpainEl Jorobado de Notre-dame04-03-19978422397500208
United StatesJack26-02-1997786936032154
JapanDisney's Favorite Stories: The Tortoise And The Hare21-02-19974988102380113
JapanDisney's Favorite Stories: The Three Little Pigs21-02-19974988102380212
JapanFun With English Volume 321-02-19974988102379919
JapanFun With English Volume 421-02-1997
JapanHomeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco21-02-1997
United StatesMuppet Treasure Island19-02-1997076936023284
United StatesThe Thief and the Cobbler19-02-1997786936461169
United StatesBambi05-02-1997786936030341
United StatesD3: The Mighty Ducks05-02-1997786936030358
United StatesBambi: 55th Anniversary Limited Edition05-02-1997786936033243
United StatesAladdin and the King of Thieves29-01-1997786936460964
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: Aladdin & Jasmine's Moonlight Magic25-01-19974988102377519
JapanMickey Loves Minnie - ミッキーはミニーが好き25-01-19974988102377618
JapanThe New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh: Un-Valentine's Day25-01-1997
United StatesOf Love and Shadows08-01-1997786936023428
Hong KongG.I. Jane00-00-19974891670702600
SpainOliver y su Pandilla00-00-19978422397500192
Hong KongA kid in King Arthur's Court00-00-1997None
SpainMientras dormías00-00-19978422397500161
JapanExclusive Archive Collection: Mickey Mouse - The Black And White Years - Volume One21-12-19964988102372910
JapanMickey's Greatest Hits21-12-19964988102374013
JapanDonald's Greatest Hits - Donald: ザ・グレーテスト・ヒッツ21-12-19964988102374112
JapanDining Out With Timon And Pumbaa21-12-1996
United StatesToy Story18-12-1996786936017670
United StatesThe Rock18-12-1996786936023404
United StatesThe Pallbearer27-11-1996786936023329
United StatesBoys27-11-1996786936023336
JapanSing Along Songs: Topsy Turvy25-11-19964988102371012
JapanSing Along Songs: Topsy Turvy - ディズニーと歌おう/ノートルダムの鐘25-11-19964988102371111
JapanSing Along Songs: The Twelve Days Of Christmas25-11-19964988102371210
JapanSing Along Songs: The Twelve Days Of Christmas25-11-1996
JapanThe Santa Clause25-11-19964988102370916
United StatesStrawberry & Chocolate22-11-1996786936469868
United StatesFrom Dusk Till Dawn20-11-1996786936051834
United StatesDeluxe Edition: Pocahontas13-11-1996786936014457