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LaserDisc's found: 1771
Title Date UPC
United StatesToy Story22-10-1997786936051766
United StatesPocahontas22-10-1997786936051810
United StatesCrimson Tide22-10-1997786936051797
Japan101 Dalmatians16-10-19974988102413712
United States101 Dalmatians15-10-1997786936039009
United StatesThe Shaggy D.A.08-10-1997786936048896
United StatesThe Hunchback of Notre Dame08-10-1997786936043525
United StatesShine03-10-1997715515008891
United StatesMary Poppins01-10-1997786936039115
United StatesAlbino Alligator01-10-1997786936033250
United StatesEveryone Says I Love You01-10-1997786936048858
United StatesSilent Trigger01-10-1997786936050912
United StatesRoadracers01-10-1997786936050929
United StatesThe English Patient01-10-1997786936050882
JapanFun with English Volume 5: On Holiday & Weather / Fun with English Volume 6: Things That Go & Travel25-09-19974988102413910
United StatesThe War at Home24-09-1997786936050899
United StatesKolya24-09-1997786936050905
United StatesPhenomenon24-09-1997786936051827
United StatesShine24-09-1997014381395761
United StatesThe Nightmare Before Christmas17-09-1997786936046762
United StatesThe Nightmare Before Christmas17-09-1997786936051858
United StatesOliver & Company17-09-1997786936030327
United StatesSleeping Beauty17-09-1997786936040166
United StatesSleeping Beauty17-09-1997786936050189
United StatesOliver & Company17-09-1997786936050196
United StatesHerbie Goes Bananas17-09-1997786936048872
United StatesHerbie Goes to Monte Carlo17-09-1997786936048889
United StatesEvita17-09-1997786936051216
United StatesThe Hunchback of Notre Dame03-09-1997786936053968
United StatesThat Darn Cat03-09-1997786936048865
United StatesThe Hunchback of Notre Dame03-09-1997786936043532
United StatesMr. Toad's Wild Ride03-09-1997786936044584
United StatesMicrocosmos03-09-1997786936039061
FranceLe Trou Noir02-09-19973459370600117
United StatesThe Light in the Forest27-08-1997786936039139
FranceLe Bossu de Notre-Dame27-08-19973459370670813
United StatesJohnny Tremain27-08-1997786936039122
United StatesShadow Conspiracy27-08-1997786936031324
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: The Magic Trap24-08-19974988102396312
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: Sea No Evil24-08-19974988102396411
JapanJames and the Giant Peach24-08-19974988102400316
JapanTiny Toy Stories - トイ・ストーリーの原点24-08-19974988102400613
JapanHoney, We Shrunk Ourselves - ミクロキッズ324-08-19974988102400514
JapanShine - シャイン24-08-19974988102409418
United StatesEvita20-08-1997786936050936
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031300
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031294
JapanRansom - 身代金 ディレクターズ・カット08-08-19974988102396213
United StatesCrime Story06-08-1997786936044539