Taron y el Caldero Magico

LaserDisc info
Title: Taron y el Caldero Magico
Original Title: The Black Cauldron
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Spain Spain
Reference: 50031
Type: CLV
Category: Animation
Serie: Los Clasicos
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Year: 1985
Release Date: 00-00-1998
UPC: 8422397500314
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: ???
Price: ???
Manufactured By: DADC Austria
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners II, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution: ???
Length: 77 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 17
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: Spanish
Subtitles: None
Mint Marks Sample: A0100239975-0112 42 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
A0100239975-0122 21 MASTERED BY DADC AUSTRIA
Original Other
Grant Bardsley - Taran (voice)
Susan Sheridan - Eilonwy (voice)
Freddie Jones - Dallben (voice)
Nigel Hawthorne - Fflewddur Fflam (voice)
Arthur Malet - King Eidilleg (voice)
John Byner - Gurgi / Doli (voice)
Lindsay Rich - Fairfolk (voice)
Brandon Call - Fairfolk (voice)
Gregory Levinson - Fairfolk (voice)
Eda Reiss Merin - Orddu (voice)
Adele Malis-Morey - Orwen (voice)
Billie Hayes - Orgoch (voice)
Phil Fondacaro - Creeper / Henchman (voice)
Peter Renaday - Henchman (voice)
James Almanzar - Henchman (voice)
Wayne Allwine - Henchman (voice)
Steve Hale - Henchman (voice)
Phil Nibbelink - Henchman (voice)
Jack Laing - Henchman (voice)
John Hurt - The Horned King (voice)
John Huston - Prologue Narrator (voice)
Candy Candido - The Horned King's Guards (voice) (uncredited)
Pat Fraley - The Gwythaints (voice) (uncredited)
Brian Harvey - Fairfolk (voice) (uncredited)
Tony Jay - Hunchmen (uncredited)
Skeleton - Soldier Skeleton (uncredited)
William Windom - Hunchmen (uncredited)
Extra Info
• Includes an insert with the Spanish Theatrical poster on one side, and a lengthy description of the movie on the second side