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Title Date UPC
United StatesPocahontas06-11-1996786936014440
United StatesBeautiful Girls06-11-1996786936017618
JapanToy Story01-11-19964988102368517
United StatesToy Story30-10-1996786936016055
JapanA Goofy Movie25-10-19964988102358617
JapanSoccermania - グーフィーのサッカー大好き25-10-19964988102368012
JapanGoofy's All Star Olympics25-10-19964988102368111
FrancePocahontas Une Légende Indienne18-10-19963459374745265
United StatesHalloween: The Curse of Michael Myers25-09-1996786936016062
United StatesThings to Do in Denver When You're Dead25-09-1996786936015966
JapanFun With English Volume 1: My Body & Clothes21-09-19964988102364014
JapanFun With English Volume 2: Families & Food21-09-19964988102364113
JapanWho Framed Roger Rabbit + Best Of Roger Rabbit21-09-19964988102364212
JapanFather of the Bride Part II 21-09-19964988102363918
United StatesSomething Wicked This Way Comes18-09-1996786936014471
FranceDie Hard 3: Une journée en enfer03-09-19963459371419978
JapanSing Along Songs Volume 12: Colors Of The Wind25-08-19964988102346713
JapanSing Along Songs Volume 12: Colors Of The Wind25-08-1996
JapanAround The World With Timon & Pumbaa25-08-19964988102358716
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: Creatures Of Invention25-08-19964988102361310
JapanAladdin's Arabian Adventures: Magic Makers25-08-19964988102361419
FrancePeter Pan21-08-19963459374024568
United StatesTwo Bits21-08-1996786936011203
United StatesHomeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco14-08-1996786936016024
United StatesSing Along Songs: Hunchback of Notre Dame - Topsy Turvy31-07-1996786936015928
United StatesFour Rooms31-07-1996786936015973
JapanSleeping Beauty19-07-19964988102358419
United StatesFather of the Bride Part II17-07-1996786936008548
United StatesDead Presidents19-06-1996786936008500
United StatesTom And Huck15-05-1996786936008579
United StatesThe Aristocats24-04-1996786936006186
United StatesThe Aristocats24-04-1996786936006179
United StatesSmoke24-04-1996786936631562
JapanThe Rescuers Down Under19-04-19964988102350710
United StatesThe Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh17-04-1996786936003161
United StatesThe Innocent17-04-1996786936003185
United StatesOperation Dumbo Drop03-04-1996786936574364
JapanPeter Pan15-03-1996
United StatesUnzipped06-03-1996786936594164
United StatesA Kid in King Arthur's Court28-02-1996786936593860
United StatesThe Best of Roger Rabbit28-02-1996786936003109
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Jasmine's Enchanted Tales - The Greatest Treasures25-02-19964988102344917
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Jasmine's Enchanted Tales - Jasmine's Wish25-02-19964988102345013
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Ariel's Songs And Stories - Wish Upon A Starfish25-02-19964988102345112
JapanDisney's Princess Collection: Ariel's Songs And Stories - Giggles25-02-19964988102345211
JapanPretty Woman25-02-19964988102345716
JapanPretty Woman25-02-1996
United StatesThe Big Green31-01-1996786936669367