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LaserDisc's found: 1773
Title Date UPC
United States20,000 Leagues under the Sea00-00-1985012257015065
United StatesAlice in Wonderland27-05-1986012257036060
United StatesThe Black Hole00-00-1982None
United StatesScary Tales: Volume 300-00-1983017951164064
United StatesHere's Donald / Here's Goofy00-00-1988012257396065
United StatesHere's Mickey / Here's Pluto00-00-1988012257395068
United StatesSilly Symphonies! / Starring Silly Symphonies: Animals Two By Two00-00-1988012257670066
United StatesDonald's Bee Pictures00-00-1985None
United StatesDumbo15-09-1995012257024067
United StatesSleeping Beauty00-00-0000012257476064
United StatesAladdin and the King of Thieves29-01-1997786936460964
United StatesThe Disney Dream Factory: 1933-193800-00-1985None
United StatesA Walt Disney Christmas31-12-1982012257092066
United StatesA Walt Disney Christmas31-12-1982None
United StatesThe Lion King20-09-1995786936461367
United StatesMary Poppins04-03-1993717951588067
United States20,000 Leagues Under the Sea04-03-1993717951587060
United States101 Dalmatians16-03-1999786936095456
United States101 Dalmatians16-03-1999786936095449
United StatesAladdin21-09-1994717951662170
United StatesThe Absent-Minded Professor31-12-1992012257028065
United StatesBeauty and the Beast29-09-1993717951325174
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: Work in Progress24-11-1992717951591067
United StatesThe Big Green31-01-1996786936669367
United StatesThe Shaggy D.A.08-10-1997786936048896
United StatesFlubber22-04-1998786936070484
United StatesGeorge of the Jungle03-12-1997786936068177
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936061673
United StatesHomeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco14-08-1996786936016024
United StatesThe Hunchback of Notre Dame03-09-1997786936053968
United StatesThe Hunchback of Notre Dame08-10-1997786936043525
United StatesInspector Gadget14-12-1999786936123463
United StatesThe Island at the Top of the World24-08-1994012257054064
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031300
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031294
United StatesLady and the Tramp16-09-1998786936085273
United StatesThe Lion King20-09-1995765362977062
United StatesThe Little Mermaid03-11-1998786936079746
United StatesMighty Joe Young06-04-1999786936101164
United StatesThe Nightmare Before Christmas17-09-1997786936046762
United StatesThe Nightmare Before Christmas17-09-1997786936051858
United StatesThe Nightmare Before Christmas01-12-1994765362236060
United StatesThe Nightmare Before Christmas14-12-19940765362774067
United StatesOliver & Company17-09-1997786936030327
United StatesPocahontas06-11-1996786936014440
United StatesPocahontas13-11-1996786936014457
United StatesThe Rocketeer05-03-1992017951239069
United StatesThe Santa Clause06-12-1995786936363364
United StatesShipwrecked09-08-1991017951168062
United StatesSleeping Beauty17-09-1997786936040166