Sleeping Beauty

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Title: Sleeping Beauty
Original Title: Sleeping Beauty, Grand Canyon
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Sleeping Beauty   
Grand Canyon   
Country: United States United States
Reference: 9511 CS
Type: CAV
Category: Animation
Serie: Deluxe Edition
Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Short, Documentary
Year: 1959, 1958
Release Date: 05-11-1997
UPC: 786936050189
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 9511-1
Price: 99.99 USD
Manufactured By: Kuraray
Publisher: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Video
Length: 75 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sides: 6
Chapter(s): 56
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Mono: English
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 9511CS-1-A04-K 002G2173
9511CS-1-B02-K 002H2238
9511CS-2-C07-K 9N141707
9511CS-2-D02-K 988F1640
9511CS-3-E02-K 914A1995
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A spectacular achievement in the art of animation, Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty has awakened — the dazzling beauty of this timeless animated masterpiece now fully restored for the first time. Created in the Disney tradition of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, the unforgettable story is a breathtaking tapestry of charming romance, majestic spectacle and electrifying adventure.

Once upon a dream, the lovely Princess Aurora is gifted with grace and beauty — but she provokes the jealousy of the wicked fairy Maleficent. A delightful trio of kindhearted Good Fairies do their best to protect their beloved Princess — but even their magic is no match for the terrifying Mistress Of All Evil, and Aurora falls into an enchanted slumber. The heroic Prince Phillip must brave many dangers — and finally battle a ferocious fire-breathing dragon — if he is to wake Princess Aurora from her eternal sleep!

With a magical Academy Award™-nominated score adapted from the immortal music of Tchaikovsky, Sleeping Beauty has been digitally remastered for this special Limited Edition — a cherished classic for every Disney LaserDisc collection and one your family will enjoy again and again.
Original Other
Sleeping Beauty
Mary Costa - Princess Aurora (voice)
Bill Shirley - Prince Phillip (voice)
Eleanor Audley - Maleficent (voice)
Verna Felton - Flora / Queen Leah (voice)
Barbara Luddy - Merryweather (voice)
Barbara Jo Allen - Fauna (voice)
Taylor Holmes - King Stefan (voice)
Bill Thompson - King Hubert (voice)
Bob Amsberry - Maleficent's Goon (voice) (uncredited)
Mel Blanc - Samson the Horse (uncredited)
Candy Candido - Maleficent's Goon (voice) (uncredited)
Pinto Colvig - Maleficent's Goon (voice) (uncredited)
Hans Conried - Lord Duke (uncredited)
James MacDonald - Dragon Maleficent's Roar (voice) (uncredited)
Dal McKennon - Owl / Diablo (voice) (uncredited)
Marvin Miller - Narrator (voice) (uncredited)

Grand Canyon
Side One - CAV
1. Program Start
2. Opening Credits ("Once Upon A Dream")
3. In A Far Away Land Long Ago...
4. "Hail To The Princess Aurora"
5. The Three Good Fairies: Flora, Fauna And Merryweather
6. The Gifts Of Beauty And Song
7. Maleficent Appears
8. Merryweather's Gift
9. The Fairies' Plan
10. Maleficent's Frustration
11. Briar Rose's 16th Birthday
12. Briar Rose In The Forest

Side Two - CAV
13. Prince Phillip Hears A Haunting Voice
14. "I Wonder"
15. Briar Rose's Dream Prince ("Once Upon A Dream")
16. Meanwhile, Back At The Cottage
17. Dueling Wands
18. King Stefan And King Hubert Toast The Future ("Skumps")
19. Phillip's Disappointing News

Side Three - CAV
20. Aurora Returns To The Castle
21. The Curse Is Fulfilled
22. The Sun Sets
23. Putting The Whole Castle To Sleep ("Sleeping Beauty")
24. Phillip Walks Into A Trap
25. In Maleficent's Domain
26. Maleficent Visits Phillip In His Cell
27. The Escape From The Forbidden Mountain
28. A Forest Of Thorns
29. Battle With The Forces Of Evil
30. The Spell Is Broken
31. A Happy Ending

Side Four - CLV
32. "Grand Canyon" Originally paired with Sleeping Beauty in its 1959 premiere release, and based on the "Grand Canyon Suite" by American composer Ferde Grofé, this film went on to win the Academy Award™ for Best Live-Action Short Subject Of 1959.
33. "The Peter Tchaikovsky Story" Originally broadcast on January 30, 1959, on the "Disneyland" TV show, "The Peter Tchaikovsky Story" was a large segment of a program that gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at he making of Sleeping Beauty, as well as a preview of scenes from the movie. In October 1959, "The Peter Tchaikovsky Story" was released as a theatrical featurette in international territories.

Side Five
1. "Once Upon A Dream - The Making Of Sleeping Beauty"
2. Supplemental Section Opening
3. Table Of Contents For SIdes 5 And 6
4. Concept Art
5. Character Design: Briar Rose/Princess Aurora
6. Character Design: Maleficent And Her Minions
7. Character Design: Flora, Fauna ANd Merryweather
8. Character Design: The Royal Households
9. Character Design: Miscellaneous Characters
10. Miscellaneous Storyboards
11. Storyboards: Sequence 15 "The Fairies Put The Castle To Sleep"
12. Storyboards: Sequence 17 "The Capture Of The Prince"
13. Layouts And Backgrounds
14. The Storybook
15. Live-Action Reference
16. The Music Of Sleeping Beauty
17. Widesceen To Pan-And-Scan Comparison

Side Six
18. Program Start
19. Table Of Contents For SIde 6
20. Publicity Materials
21. Trailers
22. The Restoration of Sleeping Beauty
23. Helene Stanley on "The Mickey Mouse Club"
24. "4 Artists paint 1 Tree"
25. Credits
Extra Info
• 117 minutes of supplemental material included
• Once Upon a Dream - The Making of Sleeping Beauty : behind the scenes look at the film
• Also includes "Grand Canyon" which was originally paired with Sleeping Beauty at its 1959 premiere. This film won the 1959 Oscar for Best Live Action Short subject is presented in AC-3 Dolby Digital and Widescreen. This film is based on Ferde Grofe's "The Grand Canyon Suite".
• "The Peter Tchaikovsky Story" — a movie short accompanied Sleeping Beauty in its original theatrical premiere
• The UPC code was on the outer plastic sleeve, listing also the contents on the sticker