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United StatesAlice In WonderlandDQ-1208
United StatesAlice In WonderlandDQ-1208
United StatesAlice In WonderlandDQ-1208MO
United StatesAlice In Wonderland
United StatesAlice in WonderlandWDL-4015
United StatesAlice in WonderlandWY-437
United StatesAlicia En El Pais De Las Maravillas1208-M
United StatesAlicia En El Pais De MaravillasWSY-5
United StatesAll About Dragons: Puff the Magic Dragon / The Reluctant DragonDQ-1301MO
United StatesAll The King's SaxesWDL-3017
United StatesAll The Songs From The Sword In The StoneDQ-1236
United StatesAll the Songs from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland14581
United StatesAll The Songs From Winnie The Pooh And The Honey TreeDQ-1277
United StatesAmerica SingsST-3812
United StatesAmerica SingsDQ-1366
United StatesAmerica the BeautifulDQ-1346
United StatesAn Adaption of Dickens' Christmas CarolST-3811
United StatesAnimal Stories Of AesopDQ-1221
United StatesAnnetteBV-3301
United StatesAnnette - Dream Boy / Please Please SignoraF-374
United StatesAnnette - Lonely Guitar / Wild WillieF-339
United StatesAnnette - Pineapple Princess / Luau Cha ChaF-362
United StatesAnnette - Tall Paul / Ma He's Makin' Eyes at MeF-118
United StatesAnnette and Hayley Mills (Singing 10 of Their Greatest All Time Hits)DL-3508
United StatesAnnette at Bikini BeachBV-3324
United StatesAnnette at Bikini BeachSTER-3324
United StatesAnnette on CampusBV-3320
United StatesAnnette on CampusSTER-3320
United StatesAnnette Sings AnkaBV-3302
United StatesAnnette Sings Golden Surfin' Hits (and just for Fun 'The Monkey's Uncle)BV-3327
United StatesAnnette Sings Golden Surfin' Hits (and just for Fun 'The Monkey's Uncle)STER-3327
United StatesAnnette's Beach PartyBV-3316
United StatesAnnette's Beach PartySTER-3316
United StatesAnnette's Pajama PartySTER-3325
United StatesAnnette's Pajama PartyBV-3325
United StatesAnnette: Teenage Wedding / Walkin' and Talkin'Buena Vista 414
United StatesAnnette: The Story of My Teens...and the Sixteen Songs That Tell ItBV-3312
United StatesAristocatsWD-117
United StatesAutumnWDL-3021
United StatesAutumnSTER-3021
United StatesBabes In ToylandST-3913
United StatesBabes In ToylandFS-911
United StatesBabes In ToylandDQ-1219
United StatesBambiDQ-1203(M)
United StatesBambi604
United StatesBambi309
United StatesBambiEYA-7
United StatesBambiWD-110
United StatesBambiFS-916
United StatesBambiDQ-1203MO