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United StatesEchoes Of DisneylandWDL-3005
United StatesEl Libro de la Selva1304-M
United StatesEl Pato Donald Y Sus AmigosDQ-1212-M
United StatesEl Zorro El Sabueso3106-M
United StatesElmer Elephant / Bongo The Circus BearEAP-3185
United StatesEmil And The DetectivesDQ-1262
United StatesEscape From The Gremlins4043H
United StatesEscape to Witch MountainST-3809
United StatesFamily reunionDL-3516
United StatesFamous Arias From Aida (And other Operas)DQ-1266
United StatesFamous Arias From Carmen (And other Operas)DQ-1265
United StatesFamous Dog StoriesDL-3503
United StatesFantasiaWDX-101
United StatesFantasiaSTER-101
United StatesFantasiaV-104
United StatesFantasia101
United StatesFavorite Hymns for Family SingingDQ-1302
United StatesFavorite Songs of ChristmasDQ-1319
United StatesFerdinand The Bull / Little HiawathaEAP-3183
United StatesFess Parker - Ballad of Davy Crockett / Daniel Boone8429
United StatesFluppy Dogs I: The Happiest FluppyLLP-509
United StatesFluppy Dogs II: Lost And Found FluppyLLP-510
United StatesFolk Songs from Around the World / Christmas Folk SongsDL-3505
United StatesFolk Songs From The Far CornersWDL-1006
United StatesFolk Songs From The Far CornersWDL-3006
United StatesFollow Me Boys and Other Songs for the CampfireDQ-1298
United StatesFontane Sisters - Fairy Tales / Cinderella's Work Song47-3127
United StatesFontane Sisters - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes / Bibbido-Bobbidi Boo47-3113
United StatesFour Adventures of ZorroWDA-3601
United StatesFour Songs From CinderellaDBR-70
United StatesFour Songs From Walt Disney's Snow WhiteDBR-78
United StatesFour Songs From Wlt Disney's Sleeping BeautyDBR-89
United StatesFran Allison and Wayne King Orchestra - All in a Golden Afternoon (from Alice in Wonderland) / Dud You Write a Letter to Your Sweetheart4089
United StatesFrotsy's Winter WonderlandDQ-1368
United StatesFun With Music From Many LandsDBR-53
United StatesFun With Music: 30 Favorite Disney SongsDQ-1209
United StatesFun With Music: Vol. IDBR-51
United StatesFun With Music: Vol. IIDBR-52
United StatesFurther Adventures Of Cinderella's MiceDQ-1274
United StatesGeorge Burns And The Wonderland Jazz Band: Deep In The Heart Of DixielandWDL-3009
United StatesGhost Riders in the SkyBV-3306
United StatesGizmo And The Gremlins4042H
United StatesGoldilocksDL-3511
United StatesGoldilocks And The Three Bears (And "The Elves And The Shoemaker" And "The Twelve Brothers")DQ-1250
United KingdomGoofy
United KingdomGoofy
United StatesGoofyWD-123
United StatesGoofy And The Mouse FactoryFS-923
United StatesGoofy Dance Party (16 Easy Dances And How To Do Them)DQ-1210
United StatesGoofy's TV SpectacularDQ-1252