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Title: Pocahontas
Original Title: Pocahontas
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Country: United States United States
Reference: 6875 CS
Type: CAV
Category: Animation
Serie: Deluxe Edition
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Year: 1995
Release Date: 13-11-1996
UPC: 786936014457
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 6875-1
Price: 99.99 USD
Manufactured By: Mitsubishi
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Video
Length: 82 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Sides: 6
Chapter(s): 90
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
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The life and spirit of a remarkable Native American heroine are celebrated in Walt Disney Pictures' 33rd full-length animated masterpiece, Pocahontas. The first animated Disney feature ever to be inspired by a real-life figure, this ambitious musical adventure combines historical fact with popular folklore and legend to present a romantic view of Pocahontas' legendary encounter with the English explorer, John Smith. Pocahontas boldly enters new areas of the animation spectrum and demonstrates the power of this art form to blend dramatic storytelling with fantasy, comedy and a soaring music score.

With its emphasis on realistic human characters and the story's deeply moving dramtic tone, creating Pocahontas presented a unique set of challenges and marked a significant departure from the Studio's most recent efforts. Supervising animator Glen Keane drew upon his many talents and vast experience in designing the captivating lead character and bringing her convincingly to life.

Keane met with actual descendants of Pocahontas and traveled to Virginia's lush tidewaters for visual inspiration. "I Kept picturing that maybe it was under this tree that John Smith was waiting for Pocahontas," he recalls, "or perhaps this was the stream where she used to canoe." Keane was quick to realize that the movie "required artists to draw better than we've ever drawn."

Among the film's most memorable scenes is the one where Pocahontas and John Smith first meet. Keane explains, "The scene was originally written with dialogue but never seemed to play tight. What should they be saying to each other? I remembered meeting my wife and knowing it was love at first sight...I was destined for her and she for me. We needed that same kind of electric moment [for the film]. With the sights and sound of a powerful waterfall as a backdrop...nothing is happening except their eyes are ooking at each other. This allows the audience the freedom to go into their minds and feel how they're feeling, It's a moment for me that is perhaps the most challenging and most satisfying."

John Pomeroy, the supervising animator in charge of John Smit, views his assignment on the film as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Says Pomeroy, "Animating a realistic human character is one of the most difficult things to do, especially in a story like this...if the slightest action is off, if he takes a step and it doesn't look quite right, then you've destroyed this illusion that you're trying to create. There has to be constant attention to how authentic the movement is and how well the drawing is done. I worked with a wonderful team...and they really rose to the challenge."

In all, more than 600 artists, animators, and technicians proved their abilities to "paint with all the colors of the wind" for the project. Now, through this three-disc Deluce Edition set with archival supplements, you have the opportunity to explore the entire production of Disney's majestic Pocahontas

The full-length feature film is presented in the CAV format, with a second channel audio commentary, supplemented by an additional hour-long audio essay. A behind-the-scenes documentary is offered in "The Making Of Disney's Pocahontas" -- but this half-hour overview is just the beginning. With unprecedented access to the Walt Disney Archives, the Walt Disney Animation Reasearch Library, and the creative team that made Pocahontas -- more than 80 minutes of additional bonus material has been assembled, exclusive to this laserdisc set.

Included in this comprehensive information is a concise history of the real Pocahontas and John Smith, a thorough development of the story and production, early concept art and animation tests, background on the creation and development of characters, storyboards and story reels, abandoned concepts and characters, deleted animation, trailers, publicity and promotions, and much more. You'll even meet the stars behind the voices, and see how their performances shaped the look and personalities of the animated characters!

Also included -- and not availble anywhere else -- is the deleted musical sequence "If I Never Knew You," the abandoned musical sequence "In The Middle Of The River," and several alternate music cues and lyrics. With 90 Chapter Stops, this deluxe laserdisc presentation of Pocahontas is the comprehensive and definitive history of the haunting, melodious, and beautifully animated story that appeals to the spirit of adventure in all of us.
Original Other
Joe Baker - Lon (voice)
Christian Bale - Thomas (voice)
Irene Bedard - Pocahontas (voice)
Billy Connolly - Ben (voice)
James Apaumut Fall - Kocoum (voice)
Mel Gibson - John Smith (voice)
Linda Hunt - Grandmother Willow (voice)
John Kassir - Meeko (voice)
Judy Kuhn - Pocahontas (singing voice)
Danny Mann - Percy (voice)
Russell Means - Powhatan (voice)
David Ogden Stiers - Governor Ratcliffe / Wiggins (voice)
Michelle St. John - Nakoma (voice)
Gordon Tootoosis - Kekata (voice)
Frank Welker - Flit (voice)
Charlie Adler - Various (uncredited)
Jack Blessing - Various (uncredited)
William Calvert - Various (uncredited)
Philip Clarke - Various (uncredited)
Foley Jennifer Crystal Foley - Various (uncredited)
Jim Cummings - Powhatan / Kekata (singing voice) (uncredited)
Jennifer Darling - Various (uncredited)
Debi Derryberry - Various (uncredited)
Chad Einbinder - Various (uncredited)
Leigh French - Various (uncredited)
Sierra French-Myerson - Various (uncredited)
Eileen Galindo - Various (uncredited)
Sherry Lynn - Various (uncredited)
Mickie McGowan - Various (uncredited)
Christine Mellor - Various (uncredited)
Phil Proctor - Various (uncredited)
Jan Rabson - Various (uncredited)
Side 1
1. Program Start
2. Off To The New World ("The Virginia Company")
3. Governor Ratcliffe
4. Opening Credits ("Steady As A Beating Drum")
5. Pocahontas
6. Pocahontas Tells Her Father About Her Dream
7. "Just Around The Riverbend"
8. Grandmother Willow
9. Advice From Grandmother Willow ("Listen With Your Heart")
10. The New World
11. Powhatan's Council

Side 2
12. John Smith Goes Scouting For Indians
13. Digging For Gold ("Mine, Mine, Mine")
14. John Smith Meets Pocahontas
15. A Clash Between The Settlers And The Indians
16. Getting To Know One Another
17. "Colors Of The Wind"
18. Finishing The Fortress
19. In The Cornfield
20. John Smith Meets Grandmother Willow
21. The Warriors Arrive

Side 3
22. Pocahontas Runs Off To Meet John Smith
23. The Final Meeting
24. Pocahontas Visits The Prisoner
25. "Savages"
26. Pocahontas Understands Her Dream
27. Sunrise ("Savages" Part 2)
28. Pocahontas Saves John Smith
29. The Departure
30. End Credits ("If I Never Knew You" / "Colors Of The Wind")

Side 4 - The Making Of "Pocahontas"
31. Program Start
32. "Always Larger Than Life" — The Disney Heritage
33. "The Legend Of Little Mischief" — The History
34. "The Spirit Of Pocahontas" — Character Voices
35. "The Secrets Of Pocahontas" — Disney Magic
36. "Drums And Heartbeats" — The Music

Supplemental Section
37. The Music Of "Pocahontas"
38. Theatrical Trailer #1: "Colors Of The Wind"
39. Theatrical Trailer #2
40. The Premiere In Central Park
41. The "Pocahontas" Animation Discovery Adventure Tour
42. "Colors Of The Wind" — Multi Language Presentation

Side 5 - Extra's
1. Program Start
2. Table Of Contents For Sides 5 & 6
3. The Historical Pocahontas
4. History Of The Production Of "Pocahontas"
5. Frankfurt Book Fair Presentation Reel
6. Sequence Breakdown And Storyboards
7. Storyboards: Sequence 5.7 — Ship Landing
8. Storyboards: Sequence 11 — Pocahontas And John Smith Meet
9. Storyboards: Sequence 14 — "Color Of The Wind"
10. Storyboards: Sequence 28 — "Savages (Part 2)"
11. Storyboards: Sequence 29 — The Execution
12. Storyboards: Sequence 30 — Farewell
13. Storyboards To Film Comparision: Sequence 11 — Pocahontas And John Smith Meet
14. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 2 — Below Deck After Thomas' Rescue
15. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 2.3 — "Dancing To The Wedding Drum"
(Analog Left And Right: Commentary By Stephen Schwartz)
16. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 4.5 — Transition To "Just Around The Riverbend"
17. Early Concept: Sequence 14 — "Colors Of The Wind"
(Analog Left And Right: Commentary By Stephen Schwartz)
18. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 15 — Pocahontas Dresses As An Englishwoman
19. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 4.5 — Wiggins Gets Mud Thrown At Him
20. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 21 — "In The Middle Of The River"
(Analog Left And Right: Commentary By James Pentecost, Stephen Schwarz, Carl Binder And Eric Goldberg)
21. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 26 — John Smith Escapes
(Analog Left And Right: Commentary By Carl Binder And Eric Goldberg)
22. Abandoned Concept: Sequence 25 — "Just Around The Riverbend" Reprise
23. Character Design: Introduction
24. Character Design: Pocahontas
25. Character Design: John Smith

Side 6 - Extra's
26. Program Start
27. Table Of Contents For Side 6
28. Character Design: Ratcliffe
29. Character Design: Powhatan
30. Character Design: Grandmother Willow
31. Character Design: Meeko
32. Character Design: Flit
33. Character Design: Percy
34. Character Design: Thomas
35. Character Design: Kocoum
36. Character Design: Nakoma
37. Character Design: Wiggins
38. Character Design: Kekata
39. Character Design: Miscellaneous
40. Deleted Characters
41. Art Design, Layouts And Backgrounds
42. Prop Designs
43. Computer-Generated Imagery
44. Animation
45. Miscellaneous Deleted Animation
(Analog Left And Right: Commentary By Eric Goldberg, Stephen Schwartz, Mike Gabriel And Michael Giaimo)
46. Deleted Sequence: "If I Never Knew You"
(Analog Left And Right: Commentary By Eric Goldberg And Stephen Schwartz)
47. Publicity, Promotion And Advertising
48. Credits
Extra Info
• Commentary by Directors, Producer, Art Director, Screenwriter and Music Composers Menken and Schwartz.
• Making of Pocahontas documentary
• Deleted Muscial sequence "If I Never Knew You"
• 80 minutes of supplemental material
• Special Edition of the "Art of Pocahontas" Book