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Title Date UPC
Japanリトル・マーメイドII: Return To The Sea - The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea08-09-20004988102545413
Japanターザン - Tarzan23-06-20004988102537913
Japan史上最強のグーフィー・ムービー Xゲームで大パニック!26-05-20004988102534813
Japanきつねと猟犬 - The Fox and the Hound25-04-20004988102525118
Japanビアンカの大冒険 - The Rescuers24-03-20004988102528713
JapanポカホンタスII: イングランドへの旅立ち - Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World25-11-19994988102507114
France1001 Pattes10-11-19993459379602143
Japanバグズ・ライフ / A Bug's Life29-10-19994988102505219
Japanムーラン - Mulan22-10-19994988102500818
JapanBelle's Magical World - 美女と野獣 ベルのファンタジーワールド24-09-19994988102497217
Japanライオン・キングII: Simba's Pride - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride25-08-19994988102494414
JapanBambi - バンビ デラックス版25-06-19994988102489212
Japanロビン フッド - Robin Hood23-04-19994988102483814
United StatesThe Rescuers23-03-1999786936103021
Japanバンビ - Bambi21-03-19994988102481513
JapanBambi - バンビ21-03-19994988102481414
United States101 Dalmatians16-03-1999786936095456
United States101 Dalmatians16-03-1999786936095449
FranceLe roi lion II : L'honneur de la tribu17-02-19993459370670899
United StatesThe Rescuers12-01-1999786936084207
JapanHercules - ヘラクレス22-12-19984988102457518
FranceLa Petite Sirène24-11-19983459370609134
JapanThe Nightmare Before Christmas - ナイトメア-・ビフォア・クリスマス10-11-19984988102457617
Japanミッキーマウス 70thアニバーサリーアルバム / Mickey and Minnie Happy 70th Year06-11-19984988102460211
United StatesThe Little Mermaid03-11-1998786936079746
FranceLa Belle et la Bête 2: Le Noël enchanté03-11-1998None
United StatesPooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin03-11-1998786936039153
United StatesThe Little Mermaid03-11-1998786936069136
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas21-10-1998786936070507
JapanLady and the Tramp - わんわん物語11-10-19984988102460013
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936061673
Japanヘラクレス - Hercules07-10-1998
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936079753
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936082487
Japan101 ダルメシアン: Go Go! ダルメシアン25-09-19984988102452315
United StatesLady and the Tramp16-09-1998786936085273
United StatesLady and the Tramp16-09-1998786936080902
United StatesLady and the Tramp16-09-1998786936080919
United StatesKiki's Delivery Service02-09-1998786936084139
United StatesSing Along Songs: Mulan - Honor To Us All29-07-1998786936079777
United StatesThe Spirit of Mickey15-07-1998786936079760
United StatesWho Framed Roger Rabbit08-07-1998786936046731