Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Title: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Original Title: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
IMDb / Disneyinfo: IMDb
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Reference: EE 1168
Type: CLV / CAV
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Year: 1988
Release Date: 28-07-1997
UPC: 5027522011685
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Price: 34.99 GBP
Manufactured By: Pioneer Japan
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Silver Screen Partners III, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Distribution: Encore Entertainment
Length: 99 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sides: 3
Chapter(s): 39
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Mono: Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
The Creative talents of Steven Spielberg (E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Robert Zemeckis (Forest Gump, Back to the Future) join forces with Touchstone Pictures to bring you Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the international mega-hit which has dazzled audiences worldwide with its extraordinary blend of live-action and animation.

Recipient of four Academy Awards® and critically acclaimed around the globe, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the tale of a man, a woman and a rabbit in a triangle of trouble. It's an astonishing mix of comedy, non-stop action, adventure and romance... in a crazy 1947 Hollywood world where absolutely anything can happen!

Based on Gary K. Wolf's 1981 book Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, executive producer Steven Spielberg knew from the start that the succes of the film would ultimately depend on the seamless integration of the live-action and animated elements. The cartoon characters must constantly interact with their real world counterparts and surroundings.

Veteran animator Richard Williams agreed, insisting that the film be shot as though it were fully live-action - complete with roving camerawork, tracking shots, zooms and all the other tricks of traditional cinematography. He would the ensure that his London-based team of animators match the studio photography so precisely that the various disparate elements would eventually blend together to form one unified image. Lucasfilm's famous Industrial Light and Magic special effects division the added innovative shading and lighting techniques to give the characters more depth and a even greater illusion of reality.

Filming commenced on December 1st 1986 and by the time the movie was released on June 24th 1988 it had cost the not inconsiderable sum of $50m. However the onscreen results of the crew's tireless work are nothing short of miraculous, and Williams went on to recieve a Special Achievement Academy Award® in 1988 for his ground-breaking work.

As a special bonus, included on a separate CAV-mode collector's disc, superstar Roger Rabbit bursts back onto the screen in It's Roger Rabbit!, a hysterical collection of three of his most outrageous short cartoon capers: Tummy Trouble (1989), Roller Coaster Rabbit (1990) and Trail Mix-up (1993).
Original Other
Bob Hoskins - Eddie Valiant
Christopher Lloyd - Judge Doom
Joanna Cassidy - Dolores
Charles Fleischer - Roger Rabbit / Benny the Cab / Greasy / Psycho (voice)
Stubby Kaye - Marvin Acme
Alan Tilvern - R.K. Maroon
Richard LeParmentier - Lt. Santino (as Richard Le Parmentier)
Lou Hirsch - Baby Herman (voice)
Betsy Brantley - Jessica's Performance Model
Joel Silver - Raoul
Paul Springer - Augie
Richard Ridings - Angelo
Edwin Craig - Arthritic Cowboy
Lindsay Holiday - Soldier
Mike Edmonds - Stretch
Morgan Deare - Editor / Gorilla (voice)
Danny Capri - Kid #1
Christopher Hollosy - Kid #2
John-Paul Sipla - Kid #3
Laura Frances - Blonde Starlet
Joel Cutrara - Forensic #1
Billy J. Mitchell - Forensic #2
Eric B. Sindon - Mailman
Ed Herlihy - Newscaster
James O'Connell - Conductor
Eugene Gutierrez - Teddy Valiant (as Eugene Guirterrez)
April Winchell - Mrs. Herman (voice)
Mae Questel - Betty Boop (voice)
Mel Blanc - Daffy Duck / Tweety Bird / Bugs Bunny / Sylvester / Porky Pig (voice)
Mary T. Radford Mary T. Radford - Hippo (voice)
Joe Alaskey - Yosemite Sam (voice)
David L. Lander - Smart Ass (voice) (as David Lander)
Fred Newman - Stupid (voice)
June Foray - Wheezy / Lena Hyena (voice)
Russi Taylor - Birds / Minnie Mouse (voice)
Les Perkins - Mr. Toad (voice)
Richard Williams - Droopy Dog (voice)
Wayne Allwine - Mickey Mouse (voice)
Pat Buttram - Bullet #1 (voice)
Jim Cummings - Bullet #2 (voice)
Jim Gallant - Bullet #3 (voice)
Frank Sinatra - Singing Sword (voice) (archive sound)
Tony Pope - Goofy / Big Bad Wolf (voice)
Peter Westy - Pinocchio (voice)
Cherry Davis - Woody Woodpecker (voice)
Jack Angel - Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Jeff Arbaugh - Mime (uncredited)
Corey Burton - Judge Doom (high-pitched voice) (voice) (uncredited)
Nancy Cartwright - Dipped Shoe (voice) (uncredited)
Sadie Corre - Ink and Paint Club Patron (uncredited)
Timothy E. Day - Bambi (uncredited)
Bill Farmer - Goofy (voice) (uncredited)
Christine Hewett - Ink and Paint Club Patron (uncredited)
Kit Hillier - Ink and Paint Club Patron (uncredited)
Lane Leavitt - Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Derek Lyons - Drunk in Bar (uncredited)
Mickie McGowan - Mooing Cow / Flying Witch (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)
Phil Nibbelink - Goons (uncredited)
Philip O'Brien - Earl (Bar Customer) (uncredited)
Joe Ranft - Goons (uncredited)
Mikul Robins - Cloverleaf Billboard Raiser (uncredited)
Peter Ross-Murray - Studio Hand (uncredited)
Tina Simmons - Ink and Paint Club Patron (uncredited)
Kathleen Turner - Jessica Rabbit (voice) (uncredited)
Frank Welker - Dumbo / Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Side 1
1. Opening Titles
2. "Somethin's Cookin"
3. Star Trouble
4. Eddie's Assignment
5. A Backlot Full Of Toons
6. Sweet-talking Dolores
7. Duelling Ducks At The Ink And Paint Club
8. Why Don't You Do Right?
9. A Snoop Job
10. Patty Cake?!
11. Valiant & Valiant
12. Murder Investigation At The Acme Warehouse
13. Testimonial From A Tiny Toon
14. An Innocent Rabbit?
15. Weaselly Fooled
16. How To Hide A Rabbit
17. "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"
18. Roger's Song (The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down)
19. Judge Doom's 'Shave And A Hair Cut' Trick
20. No Justice For Toons
21. A Spin With Benny The Cab

Side 2
22. Hollywood Hideout
23. A Story Of Greed, Sex ANd Murder
24. a Tough Decision For Ediie
25. Return To Toontown (Smile Darn Ya Smile)
26. An Unfortunate Accident
27. No Sign Of The Will
28. A New Role In The Private Sector
29. Roger To The Rescue
30. Eddie's Song (The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down)
31. Danger From The Dipmobile
32. Valiant Faces His Doom
33. Death Of A Toon
34. Marvin Acme's Last Laugh
35. Smile Darn Ya Smile (Reprise)
36. Closing Credits

Side 3 (Bonus CAV Disc)
1. Tummy Trouble
2. Roler Coaster Rabbit
3. Trail Mix-up
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