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Title: Heat
Original Title: Heat
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Australia Australia
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Serie: 4K Ultra HD, Director's Definitive Edition
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 07-12-2022
Year: 1995
Aspect Ratio: Ultra HD: 2.40:1, 16x9
Blu-ray: 2.39:1, 16x9
Video: Ultra HD: 2160p
Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 171 Minutes
Packaging: HD Keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1: English
DTS: German, French
Dolby Digital 2.0: English Audio Descriptive
Subtitles: English for the Deaf an Hearing Impaired, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish
Production: Warner Bros., New Regency Productions, Forward Pass, Art Linson Productions, Monarchy Enterprises B.V.
Distribution: PFC Vidéo
ISBN: None
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: None
Spine Number: Slipcase = K36000
Blu-Ray: ???
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Michael Mann's Heat — one of the most powerful crime dramas of all time — is now available for the first time on stunning 4K, and also includes the original 2-Disc Director's Definitive Edition featuring a restoration personally supervised by Mann, plus hours of revealing extras that include interviews (one modeerated by Christopher Nolan) of the director and cast as they reflect two decades later on the meticulous preparation and challenges that went into making the epic Los Angeles crime story.

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro dually power the momentum and large scale of this groundbreaking film written and directed by Michael Mann. In the wake of a precision heist of an armored truck, an obsessive detective (Pacino) begins to hunt Neil McCauley (De Niro), a ruthless professional thief, and his crew through the streets of Los Angeles. As the stakes escalate, their lives begin to mirror and unravel, and McCauley’s crew initiates its most dangerous and complex heist. Co-starring Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd, Amy Brenneman, Diane Venora, Natalie Portman and Jon Voight, Heat delivers hard-hitting action, gripping suspense and stunning performances.
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Al Pacino - Lt. Vincent Hanna
Robert De Niro - Neil McCauley
Val Kilmer - Chris Shiherlis
Jon Voight - Nate
Tom Sizemore - Michael Cheritto
Diane Venora - Justine
Amy Brenneman - Eady
Ashley Judd - Charlene Shiherlis
Mykelti Williamson - Drucker
Wes Studi - Casals
Ted Levine - Bosko
Dennis Haysbert - Donald Breedan
William Fichtner - Roger Van Zant
Natalie Portman - Lauren Gustafson
Tom Noonan - Kelso
Kevin Gage - Waingro
Hank Azaria - Alan Marciano
Susan Traylor - Elaine Cheritto
Kim Staunton - Lillian
Danny Trejo - Trejo
Henry Rollins - Hugh Benny
Jerry Trimble - Schwartz
Martin Ferrero - Construction Clerk (as Marty Ferrero)
Ricky Harris - Albert Torena
Tone Loc - Richard Torena (as Tone-Lõc)
Begonya Plaza - Anna Trejo
Hazelle Goodman - Hooker's Mother
Ray Buktenica - Timmons
Jeremy Piven - Dr. Bob
Xander Berkeley - Ralph
Rick Avery - Armoured Guard
Brad Baldridge - Children's Hospital Doctor
Andrew Camuccio - Dominick
Brian Camuccio - Dominick
Max Daniels - Shooter at Drive-in
Vince Deadrick Jr. - Driver at Drive-in
Charles Duke - Cop
Thomas Elfmont - Desk Clerk Cop
Kenny Endoso - Bartender
Kimberly Flynn - Casals' Date
Steven Ford - Officer Bruce
Farrah Forke - Claudia
Hannes Fritsch - Miracle Mile Bartender
Amanda Graves - Linda Cheritto
Emily Graves - Anita Cheritto
Niki Haris - Marcia Drucker (as Niki Harris)
Ted Harvey - Detective
Patricia Healy - Bosko's Date
Paul Herman - Sergeant Heinz
Cindy Katz - Rachel
Brian Libby - Captain Jackson
Bill McIntosh - Armoured Guard
Dan Martin - Harry Dieter
Rick Marzan - Basketball Player
Terry Miller - Children's Hospital Nurse
Paul Moyer - News Anchorman
Daniel O'Haco - Detective
Mario Roberts - Bank Guard
Phillip Robinson - Alphonse
Thomas Rosales Jr. - Armoured Truck Driver
Rainelle Saunders - Dead Hooker (as Rainell Saunders)
Kai Soremekun - Prostitute
Rey Verdugo - Vegas Cop
Wendy L. Walsh - News Anchorwoman
Yvonne Zima - Hostage Girl
Monica Lee Bellais - Nurse (uncredited)
Peter Blackwell - Bar Couple (uncredited)
Trevor Coppola - Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Bud Cort - Solenko, Restaurant Manager (uncredited)
Michele Edison - Marciano's Secretary (uncredited)
Annette Goodman - Prostitute (uncredited)
Mick Gould - 1st SIS Detective in the hallway (uncredited)
Mary Kircher - Police Woman (uncredited)
David Koseruba - Mustached Cop with Capt. Jackson on Roof (uncredited)
Darin Mangan - Grocery Store Employee (uncredited)
Melissa S. Markess - Police Woman (uncredited)
Andre McCoy - Man at Party (uncredited)
Darren Melton - Bookstore Patron (uncredited)
Robert Miranda - Cusamano (uncredited)
Kathryn Mullen - Doreen Daniel - Diner Patron (uncredited)
Manny Perry - Grocery Store Cop (uncredited)
Jimmy N. Roberts - Road-blockade Cop (uncredited)
Iva Franks Singer - Waitress (uncredited)
Jimmy Star - Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Gloria Straube - Beach Walker (uncredited)
Viviane Vives - Castilian Woman (uncredited)
Tim Werner - Bank Guard (uncredited)
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