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Blu-ray's found: 1866
Title Date UPC
GermanyAnt-Man and the Wasp31-03-20238717418612412
GermanyCaptain Marvel31-03-20238717418612429
GermanyThe First Avenger: Civil War31-03-20238717418612399
GermanyThor: Tag der Entscheidung31-03-20238717418612405
GermanyPirates of the Caribbean: Salazars Rache09-03-2023
United KingdomCaptain Marvel27-02-2023
United KingdomAnt-Man and the Wasp20-02-2023
United KingdomThor: Ragnarok13-02-20238717418556754
United KingdomIron Man 306-02-2023
United StatesMickey & Minnie: Volume 131-01-2023
United KingdomCaptain America: Civil War30-01-2023
FranceAnt-Man et la Guêpe25-01-2023
FranceCaptain America: Civil War25-01-2023
FranceCaptain Marvel25-01-2023
FranceIron Man 325-01-2023
FranceThor: Ragnarok25-01-2023
GermanyPrison Break - Die komplette Serie 24-11-20228717418611392
FranceThor: Love and Thunder11-11-20228717418610845
FranceThor: Love and Thunder11-11-2022
AustraliaDoctor Strange09-11-2022
AustraliaDoctor Strange09-11-2022
AustraliaThe Kingsman Collection09-11-2022
AustraliaThe Kingsman Collection09-11-2022
GermanyThor: Love and Thunder13-10-20228717418611125
GermanyThor: Love and Thunder13-10-20228717418610999
GermanyThor: Love and Thunder13-10-20228717418610975
NetherlandsThor: Love and Thunder07-10-20228717418611064
NetherlandsThor: Love and Thunder07-10-20228717418611064
BelgiumThor: Love and Thunder07-10-20228717418611064
NetherlandsThor: Love and Thunder07-10-20228717418611019
BelgiumThor: Love and Thunder07-10-20228717418611019
FranceThor: Love and Thunder07-10-2022
SpainThor: Love and Thunder06-10-20228421394802728
SpainThor: Love and Thunder06-10-20228421394802735
SpainThor: Love and Thunder06-10-20228421394900042
United KingdomThor: Love and Thunder03-10-20228717418610913
United KingdomThor: Love and Thunder03-10-20228717418610890
United KingdomThor: Love and Thunder03-10-20228717418610883
United KingdomThor: Love and Thunder03-10-20228717418610913
United KingdomThor02-10-20228717418611033
AustraliaThor: Love and Thunder30-09-2022