Jungle Cruise

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Title: Jungle Cruise
Original Title: Jungle Cruise
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Country: United States United States
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Serie: 4K Ultra HD, Ultimate Collector's Edition, Walmart Exclusive
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 26-11-2021
Year: 2021
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1, 16x9
Video: Ultra HD: 2160p
Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 127 Minutes
Packaging: Slipcover and black blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 2
Chapters: ???
Dolby Atmos: Ultra HD: English
DTS Master Audio 7.1: Blu-ray: English
Dolby Digital Plus: Ultra HD: Spanish
Dolby Digital 5.1: Ultra HD: French
Blu-ray: Spanish, French
Dolby Digital 2.0: Ultra HD: Descriptive Audio English
Blu-ray: Descriptive Audio English
Subtitles: Ultra HD: English SDH, Spanish, French
Blu-ray: English SDH, Spanish, French
Production: Davis Entertainment, Flynn Picture Company, Seven Bucks Productions, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Zaftig Films
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 786936892963
Catalog Number: 222925-1
Spine Number: Slipcase = 222925
Keepcase = 222925
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Join fan favorites Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt for the adventure-of-a-lifetime on Disney's Jungle Cruise, a rollicking thrill ride down the Amazon with wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff and intrepid researcher Dr. Lily Houghton.
Original Other
Dwayne Johnson - Frank Wolff
Emily Blunt - Lily Houghton
Edgar Ramírez - Aguirre
Jack Whitehall - MacGregor Houghton
Jesse Plemons - Prince Joachim
Paul Giamatti - Nilo Nemolato
Veronica Falcón - Trader Sam
Dani Rovira - Sancho
Quim Gutiérrez - Melchor (as Quim Gutierrez)
Dan Dargan Carter - Gonzalo
Andy Nyman - Sir James Hobbs-Coddington
Raphael Alejandro - Zaqueu
Simone Lockhart - Anna
Pedro Lopez - Chief
Sulem Calderon - Chief's Daughter
Sebastian Blunt - Society Guard
Mark Ashworth - Society Member
Allan Poppleton - Society Worker
Caroline Paige - Kid Tourist
James Quattrochi - Italian Tourist
Stephen Dunlevy - Middlepart
Philipp Maximilian - Axel
Romualdo Castillo - Animal Vendor
Pedro Haro - Bird Vendor
Christina Souza - Barmaid
Michael H. Cole - Bus Conductor
Hector Banos - Puka Michuna Warrior
Peter Luis Zimmerman - Puka Michuna Warrior
Travis Gomez - Puka Michuna Warrior
Ismael Herrera - Puka Michuna Warrior
David Lengel - Boat Tourist
Justin Randell Brooke - Boat Tourist
Victoria Blade - Boat Tourist
Brooke Jaye Taylor - Boat Tourist
Vince Pisani - Boat Tourist
Piper Collins - Boat Tourist
Keith Arthur Bolden - Boat Tourist
Chip Steele - Boat Tourist
Ben Jenkin - Proxima
David Paris - Pilot
Kevin LaRosa - Pilot
Max Calder - Mercenary
Jobe Allen - Merchant Vendor (uncredited)
Al Saif Alshad - Al Saif Alshad (uncredited)
Sala Baker - Body Guard (uncredited)
James William Ballard - Society Member (uncredited)
Pedro Barquin - Dying Conquistador (uncredited)
Sharon M. Bell - Guitar Lady (uncredited)
Nick Benseman - German Mercenary (uncredited)
Shane Berengue - Society Member (uncredited)
Larry Blanks - Society Member (uncredited)
Ryan Boz - Soldier (uncredited)
Madeline Brumby - Upper Class Tourist (uncredited)
John David Bulla - Spanish Conquistador (uncredited)
Serge Burack Jr. - Society Member (uncredited)
Luis Burbano - Puka Michuna Warrior (uncredited)
James Burns - Londoner (uncredited)
Met Clark - Yaktunaru Healer (uncredited)
Marc Demeter - Archaeologist (uncredited)
Mariama Diallo - Mfantse Woman (uncredited)
Ryan Dinning - Soldier 2 (uncredited)
Nalehua'o Puna Donlin - Merchant Vendor (uncredited)
Porter Drudge - Lollipop Tourist Boy (uncredited)
Payson Durant - Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Lionel Fase - Tourist (uncredited)
Faith Fay - Hotel Guest-Savannah (uncredited)
Charles-Joseph Fisher - Flower Vendor (uncredited)
Tony Fontanez - Townsperson / Tourist (uncredited)
Gavrielle Anne Fontanilla - Puka Lady (uncredited)
Kylie Michele Fuller - Society Cruise Tourist Kid (uncredited)
Ely Garcia II - Dockworker (uncredited)
Daniel Giron - (uncredited)
Stephan Goldbach - Surviving Mercenary (uncredited)
Brian Gonzalez - Puka Michuna Drummer #2 (uncredited)
Jay Gutierrez - Frank Stand- in / Conquistador (uncredited)
Josué Gutierrez - Puka Warrior (uncredited)
Clyde C Harris - Puka Warrior #2 (uncredited)
Nicholas Ryan Hernandez - Young Aguirre (uncredited)
Tom Holowach - Hairpin Man (uncredited)
Jay D. Kacho - R.A.D.A.S. Member (uncredited)
Ilana Kohanchi - Italian Woman (uncredited)
Xavier Leblanc - Puka Michuna Warrior (uncredited)
Eufemio Longboy Jr. - Bartender (uncredited)
Roy Luke - Society Member (uncredited)
Shawn McBride - Hotel Guest-Peppa (uncredited)
Garrett M Miller - Lecture (uncredited)
David R. Mitchell - Society Member (uncredited)
Casey Nelson - Soldier 3 (uncredited)
Jason New - Hotel Maitre D' (uncredited)
Keith Nussbaum - German Valet (uncredited)
Emily Marie Palmer - French Woman (uncredited)
Annika Pampel - German Woman (uncredited)
Danny Pardo - Canoe Man (uncredited)
Josiah Paul - 1920s Society Member (uncredited)
Quintin Tyler Price - British Soldier (uncredited)
Henardo Rodriguez - Native American (uncredited)
Matt Rodriguez - Ride Tribe Marauder (uncredited)
James Siderits - Society Member (uncredited)
Jaren Soto - Yaktunaru Tribesman (uncredited)
Keekee Suki - Market Vendor (uncredited)
Charles Surrett - High Society Man (uncredited)
Jason Szabo - Tourist (uncredited)
Alfredo Tavares - Gang Member (uncredited)
Robert Tinsley - London Guard (uncredited)
David Turner - Society Member (uncredited)
Alexandra Velez - Puka Woman (uncredited)
Ruben Vidal - Frank's Friend (uncredited)
Tom Vodnik - Tanner (uncredited)
Wes Weems - Society Member (uncredited)
Tanya Wheelock - Boat Tourist (uncredited)
Kevin D Wilson - British Soldier (uncredited)
Marn Zeeb - Pit Boss Gambler (uncredited)
• It's A Jungle Out There: Making Jungle Cruise
• Dwayne And Emily: Undoubtedly Funny
• Creating The Amazon
• Once A Skip, Always A Skip
• Outtakes
• Deleted Scenes
• And More!
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• Walmart Exclusive Cover with E-Book