Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

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Title: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Original Title: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Serie: 4K Ultra HD, Limited Edition, Steelbook, Zavvi Exclusive
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: 07-09-2020
Year: 1999
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1, 16x9
Video: Ultra HD: 2160p
Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 136 Minutes
Packaging: Steelbook
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 3
Chapters: ???
Dolby Atmos: Ultra HD: English
DTS Master Audio 7.1: Blu-ray: English
Dolby Digital Plus: Ultra HD: German, French
Blu-ray: French
DTS: Ultra HD: Italian
Blu-ray: Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: Ultra HD: Audio Described English
Blu-ray: Audio Described English, English
Subtitles: Ultra HD: English for the hearing impaired, Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, French
Blu-ray: English for the hearing impaired,Dutch, Spanish, French
Publisher: Lucasfilm
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 8717418572341
Catalog Number: BUQ0318701
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn rescue Queen Amidala, ruler of a peaceful planet invaded by dark forces. On their escape, they discover nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, a child prodigy who is unusually strong in The Force.
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Liam Neeson - Qui-Gon Jinn
Ewan McGregor - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Natalie Portman - Queen Amidala / Padmé
Jake Lloyd - Anakin Skywalker
Ian McDiarmid - Senator Palpatine
Pernilla August - Shmi Skywalker
Oliver Ford Davies - Sio Bibble
Hugh Quarshie - Captain Panaka
Ahmed Best - Jar Jar Binks
Anthony Daniels - C-3PO (voice)
Kenny Baker - R2-D2
Frank Oz - Yoda (voice)
Terence Stamp - Chancellor Valorum
Brian Blessed - Boss Nass (voice)
Andy Secombe - Watto (voice) (as Andrew Secombe)
Ray Park - Darth Maul
Lewis Macleod - Sebulba (voice)
Warwick Davis - Wald / Pod race spectator / Mos Espa Citizen
Steve Speirs - Captain Tarpals
Silas Carson - Nute Gunray / Ki-Adi-Mundi / Lott Dodd / Republic Cruiser Pilot
Jerome St. John Blake - Mas Amedda / Orn Free Taa / Oppo Rancisis / Rune Haako / Horox Ryyder / Graxol Kelvynn / Mik Regrap (as Jerome Blake)
Alan Ruscoe - Daultay Dofine / Plo Koon / Bib Fortuna
Ralph Brown - Ric Olié
Celia Imrie - Fighter Pilot Bravo 5
Benedict Taylor - Fighter Pilot Bravo 2
Clarence Smith - Fighter Pilot Bravo 3
Samuel L. Jackson - Mace Windu
Dominic West - Palace Guard
Karol Cristina da Silva - Rabé (as Cristina da Silva)
Liz Wilson - Eirtaé (as Friday 'Liz' Wilson)
Candice Orwell - Yané
Sofia Coppola - Saché
Keira Knightley - Sabé (as Kiera Knightley)
Bronagh Gallagher - Republic Cruiser Captain
John Fensom - TC-14
Greg Proops - Fode (voice)
Scott Capurro - Beed (voice)
Margaret Towner - Jira
Dhruv Chanchani - Kitster
Oliver Walpole - Seek
Katie Lucas - Amee (as Jenna Green)
Megan Udall - Melee
Hassani Shapi - Eeth Koth
Gin Clarke - Adi Gallia (as Gin)
Khan Bonfils - Saesee Tiin
Michelle Taylor - Yarael Poof
Michaela Cottrell - Even Piell
Dipika O'Neill Joti - Depa Billaba
Phil Eason - Yaddle
Mark Coulier - Aks Moe
Lindsay Duncan - TC-14 (voice)
Peter Serafinowicz - Darth Maul / Battle Droid Commander / Gungan Scout (voice)
James Taylor - Rune Haako (voice)
Chris Sanders - Daultay Dofine (voice)
Marc Silk - Aks Moe / Sil Unch (voice)
Toby Longworth - Sen. Lott Dodd / Gragra (voice)
Amanda Lucas - Tey How / Diva Funquita (voice) (as Tyger)
Sacha Alexander - Graf Zapalo - Advisor to Queen Amidala (uncredited)
Simon Allen - Flag Bearer (uncredited)
Richard Armitage - Naboo Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Paul Bannon - Pod Racer Mechanic (uncredited)
Don Bies - Pod Race Mechanic (uncredited)
Trisha Biggar - Orn Free Taa's Aide (uncredited)
Michonne Bourriague - Aurra Sing (uncredited)
Douglas Bunn - Naboo Guard (uncredited)
Ben Burtt - Naboo Courier (uncredited)
Doug Chiang - Flag Bearer (uncredited)
Rob Coleman - Pod Race Spectator in Jabba's Private Box (uncredited)
John Coppinger - Graxol Kelvynn / Senator Yarua (uncredited)
Roman Coppola - Senate Guard (uncredited)
Sean Cronin - Coruscant Senate Guard (uncredited)
Zsuzsanna Cseh - Pod Race Spectator (uncredited)
Matt Daniel-Baker - Naboo Foot Soldier (uncredited)
Russell Darling - Naboo Royal Security Guard (uncredited)
Philip Delancy - Naboo Starship Pilot (uncredited)
Sebastian Dewing - Senate Guard (uncredited)
Andrew Doucette - Pod Race Spectator (uncredited)
C. Michael Easton - Pod Race Spectator (uncredited)
Andrew Elias - Naboo Royal Guard (uncredited)
John Ellis - Pod race spectator (uncredited)
Catherine Ernster - Naboo Civilian (uncredited)
Salo Gardner - Thug (uncredited)
Andrew Gersh - Pod Race Spectator (uncredited)
Patrice Girod - Naboo Citizen (uncredited)
Ned Gorman - Naboo Citizen (uncredited)
Joss Gower - Naboo Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Raymond Griffiths - GONK Droid (uncredited)
Nathan Hamill - Pod Race Spectator / Naboo Palace Guard (uncredited)
Tim Harrington - Naboo Security Guard (uncredited)
Alan Harris - Valorum (uncredited)
Sally Hawkins - Villager (uncredited)
Jack Haye - Pod Race Spectator in Jabba's Private Box (uncredited)
Nifa Hindes - Ann Gella (uncredited)
Nishan Hindes - Tann Gella (uncredited)
Frank Huseyin - Jenn Smeel (uncredited)
Alexi Kaye Campbell - Naboo Guard (uncredited)
David Knight - Aqualish Alian (uncredited)
John Knoll - Lt. Rya Kirsch - Bravo 4 / Flag Bearer (uncredited)
Kamay Lau - Sei Taria - Senators Aide (uncredited)
Andrew Lawden - Naboo Foot Soldier (uncredited)
John M. Levin - Naboo Fighter Pilot / Naboo Citizen / Senator (uncredited)
Dan Madsen - Kaadu Handler (uncredited)
Iain McCaig - Orn Free Taa's Aide (uncredited)
Rick McCallum - Naboo Courier (uncredited)
João Costa Menezes - Naboo Fighter Pilot (uncredited)
Arnold Montey - Naboo Royal Security Guard (uncredited)
Jim Morris - Orn Free Taa's Aid (uncredited)
Taylor Murphy - Battle Droid (uncredited)
Jeff Olson - Pod Race Spectator in Jabba's Private Box (uncredited)
Lorne Peterson - Mos Espa Citizen (uncredited)
Andrew Raven - Naboo Soldier (uncredited)
Neil Riddaway - Gungan Guard (uncredited)
Robby the Robot - Robot In Wald's Parts (uncredited)
Steve Sansweet - Naboo Courier (uncredited)
Mike Savva - Naboo Royal Guard (uncredited)
Christopher Scarabosio - Neumodian Senator (voice) (uncredited)
Jeff Shay - Pod race spectator (uncredited)
Christian Simpson - Lt. Gavyn Sykes - Bravo 6 (uncredited)
Paul Martin Smith - Naboo Courier (uncredited)
Scott Squires - Naboo Speeder Driver (uncredited)
Howard Swindell - Toonbuck Toora (uncredited)
Tom Sylla - Battle Droid (voice) (uncredited)
Bill Tlusty - Chokk, Jabba's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Danny Wagner - Mawhonic (uncredited)
Matthew Wood - Bib Fortuna / Ody Mandrell (voice) (uncredited)
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• Filmmaker And Cast Audio Commentary
• Cast And Crew Archival Audio Commentary
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• Conversations: Doug Chiang Looks Back
• Discoveries From Inside: Models & Miniatures
• Documentary: The Beginning
• Extended And Deleted Scenes
• And Much More!
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