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Title: Jerry Bruckheimer
Original Title: The Rock, Armageddon, Con Air, Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide, Deja Vu, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Pearl Harbor
IMDb / Disneyinfo: The Rock   
Con Air   
Enemy of the State   
Crimson Tide   
Déjà Vu   
Gone in 60 Seconds   
Pearl Harbor   
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Serie: 8 Movie Collection
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Crime, Drama, History
Release Date: 08-07-2013
Year: 1996, 1998, 1997, 1995, 2006, 2000, 2001
Aspect Ratio: The Rock: 2.35:1, 16x9
Armageddon: 2.35:1, 16x9
Con Air: 2.35:1, 16x9
Enemy of the State: 2.35:1, 16x9
Crimson Tide: 2.4:1, 16x9
Déjà Vu: 2.40:1, 16x9
Gone in 60 Seconds: 2.35:1, 16x9
Pearl Harbor: 2.35:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 1076 Minutes
Packaging: Slipbox with 4 blue blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 8
Chapters: ???
DTS HD: Armageddon: English
DTS: Armageddon: French, German, Spanish
Con Air: French, Spanish
Enemy of the State: French, Spanish
Crimson Tide: French, Spanish
Déjà Vu: French, Spanish
Gone in 60 Seconds: French, Italian, German, Spanish
Pearl Harbor: French, Spanish
PCM 5.1: The Rock: English
Con Air: English
Enemy of the State: English
Crimson Tide: English
Déjà Vu: English
Gone in 60 Seconds: English
Pearl Harbor: English
Dolby Digital 5.1: The Rock: English
Con Air: English, French, Spanish
Enemy of the State: English, French, Spanish
Crimson Tide: English, French, Spanish
Déjà Vu: English, French, Spanish
Gone in 60 Seconds: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Pearl Harbor: English, French, Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: Armageddon: Hindi
PCM 2.0:
Subtitles: The Rock: English, English for the hearing impaired, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic
Armageddon: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch, Arabic
Con Air: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch
Enemy of the State: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch
Crimson Tide: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch
Déjà Vu: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch
Gone in 60 Seconds: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch
Pearl Harbor: English, English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch
Publisher: Hollywood Pictures, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Valhalla Motion Pictures, Digital Image Associates, Kouf/Bigelow Productions, Runway Pictures, Hiett Designs of Las Vegas, Scott Free Productions, No Such Productions, FortyFour Studios
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 8717418400873
Catalog Number: BUY0206701
Spine Number: Slipbox = SC1D BUY0206701 or Slipbox = SC1B BUY0206701
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The Rock
Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage star in this action-adventure blockbuster. Millions of lives hang in the balance after a military madman seizes control of the island prison Alcatraz and threatens to launch deadly poison gas missiles at San Francisco. With time ticking away, a chemical weapons expert (Nicolas Cage) and a cunning federal prisoner (Sean Connery), who happens to be the only man to have broken out of Alcatraz, must now break in and disarm the missiles.

When NASA's executive director, Dan Truman (Billy Bob Thornton), realises the Earth has 18 days before it's obliterated by a meteor the size of Texas, he has only one option — land a ragtag team of roughneck oil drillers on the asteroid and drop a nuclear warhead into its core. Spectacular special effects, great characters riveting storytelling and heartfelt emotion make Armageddon an exhilarating thrill ride you'll want to experience like there's no tomorrow.

Con Air
On an aircraft carrying some of the most notorious criminals of all time, the recently paroled Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) is hitching a ride home to his wife and daughter. But he suddenly finds himself embroiled in a mid-air skyjacking masterminded by Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom (John Malkovich). While Cameron fights to keep these savage convicts from massacring everyone on board as they career towards the famed Las Vegas Strip, a Government agent on the ground (John Cusack) battles to keep his overzealous superiors from blowing the plane into oblivion!

Enemy of the State
Robert Clayton Dean (Wil Smith) is a successful Washington, D.C., attorney who — without his knowledge — is given a video that ties a top official of the National Security Agency (Jon Voight) to a political murder! Instantly, every aspect of Dean's once-normal life is targeted by a lethal team of skilled NSA surveillance operatives, who wage a rlentless, ultra high-tech campaign to discredit him and retrieve the incriminating evidence!

Crimson Tide
No-nonsense combat veteran Captain Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman) and his newly-instated first officer Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington) are caught in the middle of a global crisis. On board a nuclear submarine, they're heading for Russia where radical nationalists are threatening to start World War III. But when they receive an verified message to launch their missiles. Ramsey and Hunter clash over the validity of the orders. With nuclear holocaust close at hand, mutiny erupts on the sub — pitting the entire crew against each other in a showdown that will decide the fate of the world.

Déjà Vu
Called in to recover evidence in the aftermath of a horrific explosion on a New Orleans ferry. Federal agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) gets pulled away from the scene and taken to a top-secret government lab that uses a time-shifting surveillance device to help prevent crime. But van it help Carlin change the past? Hold on to your seat for an explosive and intriguing thrill ride you'll want to experience again and again.

Gone in 60 Seconds
Legendary car booster Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicolas Cage) thought he'd left the fast lane behind — until he's forced out of retirement in a do-or-die effort to save his kid brother (Giovanni Ribisi) from the wrath of an evil mobster.

But with speed to turn and attitude to spare, Memphis hastily re-assembles his old crew — including Robert Duvall and Vinnie Jones — and floors it in a full-throttle race to pull off the ultimate car heist. This action-packed thrill ride comes out fast and never slows down.

Pearl Harbor
Featuring Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale in a tremendous all-star cast. As the lives and loves of a generation are tragically swept into the greatest conflict modern man has ever known — World War II — the events at Pearl Harbor become a supreme test for the strength of the human spirit. Also starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Alec Baldwin, Jon Voight and Tom Sizemore, this Breathtaking story of love, loss and heroism is a must-see event.
Original Other
The Rock
Sean Connery - John Patrick Mason
Nicolas Cage - Stanley Goodspeed
Ed Harris - General Francis X. Hummel
John Spencer - F.B.I. Director Womack
David Morse - Major Tom Baxter
William Forsythe - Ernest Paxton
Michael Biehn - Commander Anderson
Vanessa Marcil - Carla Pestalozzi
John C. McGinley - Marine Captain Hendrix (as John C. Mc Ginley)
Gregory Sporleder - Captain Frye
Tony Todd - Captain Darrow
Bokeem Woodbine - Sergeant Crisp
Jim Maniaci - Private Scarpetti
Greg Collins - Private Gamble
Brendan Kelly - Private Cox
Steve Harris - Private McCoy
Danny Nucci - Lieutenant Shepard
Claire Forlani - Jade Angelou
Celeste Weaver - Stacy Richards
Todd Louiso - Marvin Isherwood
David Bowe - Dr. Ling
Raquel Krelle - Agent Margie Wood
Dennis Chalker - Seal Boyer
Marshall R. Teague - Seal Reigert (as Marshall Teague)
Duffy Gaver - Seal Dando
Steve Decker - Navy Seal
Joseph Hawes - Navy Seal
Mike Mahrer - Navy Seal
Carlos Sandoval - Navy Seal
Rick Toms - Navy Seal
Billy Devlin - Navy Seal
Jack Yates - Hummel Marine 'A'
Juan A. Riojas - Hummel Marine 'B'
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Hummel Marine 'C'
Ingo Neuhaus - Marine That Dies
John Laughlin - General Peterson
Harry Humphries - Navy Admiral
Howard Platt - Louis Lindstrom
Willie Garson - Francis Reynolds
John Nathan - F.B.I. Radar Technician
Robert M. Anselmo - F.B.I. Radar Technician
Jack Ford - Military Official
Thomas J. Hageboeck - F.B.I. Agent Cord (as T. J. Hageboeck)
Dwight Hicks - F.B.I. Agent Star
Ralph Peduto - F.B.I. Agent Hunt
Anthony Clark - Paul the Hotel Barber
Andy Ryan - Lab Technician
Hans Georg Struhar - Valet
Robert C. Besgrove - F.B.I. Agent
Sean Skelton - Kid on Motorcycle
Raymond O'Connor - Park Ranger Bob
Jane Sanguinetti - Female Tourist
Luenell - Female Tourist
John W. Love Jr. - Male Tourist
Sam Whipple - Larry Henderson
Tom Towles - Alcatraz Park Ranger
Ronald Simmons - Alcatraz Park Ranger
Robert Ben Rajab - Alcatraz Park Ranger
Leonard McMahan - Cable Car Conductor (as Leonard Mc Mahan)
Anthony Guidera - Lead F-18 Pilot
Jim Caviezel - Rear F-18 Pilot (as James Caviezel)
John Enos III - Sea Stallion Pilot
Ken Kells - Spotter
Fred Salvallon - Chef
Buck Kartalian - Reverend
Stanley Anderson - The President (uncredited)
Xander Berkeley - Lonner (uncredited)
Richard Conti - Detective (uncredited)
Raymond Cruz - Sergeant Rojas (uncredited)
Leah Diamond II - Woman (uncredited)
Ric Drasin - Supporting (uncredited)
David Marshall Grant - Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair (uncredited)
Matt Gulbranson - U.S. Marine (uncredited)
Philip Baker Hall - Chief Justice (uncredited)
Michael Rose - FBI Agent (uncredited)
Pat Skipper - Navy Lt. Commander (uncredited)
Anthony Snow - Apache Load Master (uncredited)
Theodore Carl Soderberg - Police Officer (uncredited)
Jeronimo Spinx - F.B.I. Radar Technician (uncredited)
Ezra J. Stanley - Tourist (uncredited)
Erick Vinther Erick Vinther - Prisoner (uncredited)
Kevin Weisman - Tourist (uncredited)
Stuart Wilson - General Al Kramer (uncredited)

Bruce Willis - Harry S. Stamper
Billy Bob Thornton - Dan Truman
Ben Affleck - A.J. Frost
Liv Tyler - Grace Stamper
Will Patton - Chick
Steve Buscemi - Rockhound
William Fichtner - Colonel Willie Sharp
Owen Wilson - Oscar
Michael Clarke Duncan Michael Clarke Duncan - Bear
Peter Stormare - Lev Andropov
Ken Hudson Campbell - Max (as Ken Campbell)
Jessica Steen - Co-Pilot Jennifer Watts
Keith David - General Kimsey
Chris Ellis - Flight Director Clark
Jason Isaacs - Ronald Quincy
Grayson McCouch - Gruber
Clark Heathcliff Brolly - Noonan (as Clark Brolly)
Marshall R. Teague - Colonel Davis (as Marshall Teague)
Anthony Guidera - Co-Pilot Tucker
Greg Collins - Halsey
J. Patrick McCormack - General Boffer
Ian Quinn - Astronaut Pete Shelby
Christopher J. Worret - Operator #1
Adam Smith - Operator #2 (as Adam C. Smith)
John Mahon - Karl
Grace Zabriskie - Dottie
K.C. Leomiti - Samoan
Eddie Griffin - Bike Messenger
Deborah Nishimura - Client #1
Albert Wong - Client #2
Jim Ishida - Client #3
Stanley Anderson - President
James Harper - Admiral Kelso
Ellen Cleghorne - Helga the Nurse
Udo Kier - Psychologist
John Aylward - Dr. Banks
Mark Curry - Stu the Cabbie
Seiko Matsuda - Asian Tourist - Female
Harry Humphries - Chuck Jr.
Dyllan Christopher - Tommy
Judith Hoag - Denise
Sage Allen - Max's Mom
Steven Ford - Nuke Tech
Christian Clemenson - Droning Guy
Andy Ryan - Greenpeace Guy
Duke Valenti - Roughneck #1
Michael Taliferro - Roughneck #2 (as Michael 'Bear' Taliferro)
Billy Devlin - Roughneck #3
Kathleen Matthews - Newscaster #2
J.C. Hayward - Newscaster #3
Andrew Glassman - Newscaster #4
Shawnee Smith - Redhead
Dwight Hicks - FBI Agent #1
Odile Corso - Geo Tech #1 (as Odile Broulard)
Vic Manni - Loanshark
Jim Maniaci - Biker Customer
Layla Roberts - Molly Mounds
Jack guitarist Allen - Kennedy Launch (as Joe Allen)
Bodhi Elfman - Math Guy
Alexander Johnson - Newscaster
Kathy Neff - Reporter #1
Victor Vinson - Sector Director
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Marine #1
Peter White - Secretary of Defense
Rudy Mettia - G-Man
Frank van Keeken - NASA Planner #1
Frederick Weller - NASA Tech
Jeff Austin - NASA Tech
Googy Gress - NASA Tech
Matt Malloy - NASA Tech
H. Richard Greene - NASA Tech
Brian Brophy - NASA Tech
Peter Murnik - NASA Tech
Brian Hayes Currie - NASA Tech
Andrew Heckler - NASA Tech
Andy Milder - NASA Tech
Michael Kaplan - NASA Tech
Patrick Richwood - Dr. Nerd
Brian Mulligan - Dr. Nerd
John H. Johnson - Pad Director
Charles Stewart - Vacuum Chamber Tech
Scarlet Forge - Young Grace
Michael Tuck - American Newscaster
Patrick Lander - British Newscaster
Anne Varèze - French Newscaster (as Anne Vareze)
Fritz Mashimo - Japanese Newscaser
Dina Morrone - Italian Newscaster
Ruben Olague - Spanish Newscaster (as Ruben O'Lague)
Wolfgang Muser - German Newscaster
Jim Fitzpatrick - NORAD Technician (as James Fitzpatrick)
Franky - Dog / Little Richard
Charlton Heston - Narration by
Grant Baciocco - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Michael Bay - NASA Scientist (uncredited)
Judi Beecher - Presidential Cabinet Member (uncredited)
Aj Billions - NASA Tech (uncredited)
Mark Boone Junior - New Yorker (uncredited)
Le Ann Cheri' - Angry Crowd Member (uncredited)
David Crago - Self - Swat Team (uncredited)
Joe Cucinotti - Soldier #1 (uncredited)
Judith Drake - Grap's Nurse (uncredited)
Michele Edison - NASA Techs (uncredited)
Mark J. Ferreri - Hot Dog Vender (uncredited)
Ronald Fox - SWAT Team Member (uncredited)
John Frazier - Priest (uncredited)
Andy Gill - Shuttle Commander in Opening (uncredited)
Will Green - National Guard (uncredited)
Ashida Kim - Air Force General (uncredited)
Thomas Kopache - NASA Tech (uncredited)
Jeff Linnartz - Air Force Colonel (uncredited)
Shannon Lucid - Woman in Underwater Simulation (uncredited)
Kevin McGuire - NASA Worker (uncredited)
Cazimir Milostan - Air Force Guard (uncredited)
Aaron J. Patton - NASA Ground Crew Member (uncredited)
Gustavo Perez - Reporter (uncredited)
Pope John Paul II - Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Angelina Riposta - Kennedy Space Center Extra (uncredited)
Gary A. Rogers - CBS Reporter (uncredited)
Mary Ann Schmidt - Injured Girl (uncredited)
Frank Silva - Man (uncredited)
William T. Smith - F-16 Pilot (uncredited)
Erik Per Sullivan - Kid with Rocket Ship (uncredited)
Rando Thomas - Nasa Technician (uncredited)
Lawrence Tierney - Eddie 'Gramp' Stamper (uncredited)
Greg Warmoth - KSC News Reporter (uncredited)
Gedde Watanabe - Asian Tourist (uncredited)
John Wilkie - Special Forces Agent (uncredited)

Con Air
Colm Meaney - Agent Duncan Malloy
Mykelti Williamson - 'Baby-O' O'Dell
Nick Chinlund - William 'Billy Bedlam' Bedford
Renoly Santiago - Sally-Can't Dance (as Renoly)
John Malkovich - Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom
Ving Rhames - Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones
Dave Chappelle - 'Pinball' Parker
Rachel Ticotin - Guard Sally Bishop
Steve Eastin - Guard Falzon
Steve Buscemi - Garland Greene - 'The Marietta Mangler'
Danny Trejo - Johnny-23
M.C. Gainey - Swamp Thing
Landry Allbright - Casey Poe
John Cusack - Agent Vince Larkin
Monica Potter - Tricia Poe
Nicolas Cage - Cameron Poe
Brendan Kelly - Conrad
Jesse Borrego - Francisco Cindino
Carl Ciarfalio - Con #1 (as Carl N. Ciarfalio)
Mongo Brownlee - Ajax (as Jerry Mongo Brownlee)
José Zúñiga - DEA Agent Willie Sims (as Jose Zuniga)
Ned Bellamy - Chopper Pilot
John Marshall Jones - Gator
John Roselius - Deputy Marshal Skip Devers
Fredric Lehne - Pilot (as Fredric Lane)
Marty McSorley - Co-Pilot (as Martin McSorley)
Dylan Haggerty - Deputy Marshal Starkey
Dan Bell - Fuel Jockey
Bob Stephenson - Ted - Small Plane Pilot (as Robert Stephenson)
Scott Ditty - Bus Guard
Tommy Bush - Fresno Sheriff Ted Grasso
Lauren Pratt - Debbie - 6 Yrs Old
Steve Hulin - Ronnie
Don Charles McGovern - Smoke
Angela Featherstone - Ginny
Doug Hutchison - Donald
Jeris Poindexter - Watts
David Ramsey - Londell
Conrad Goode - Viking
Emilio Rivera - Carlos
Mario Roberts - Mongoose - Stunt
Ty Granderson Jones - Blade (as Tyrone Granderson Jones)
Earl Billings - Guard
Greg Collins - Guard
Billy Devlin - Guard
Mark Ginther - Guard
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Guard
Jeff Olson - Uncle Bob - Tour Pilot
Dawn Bluford - Female Baggage Handler
Charlie Paddock - Transportation Officer #1
Randee Barnes - Stickman
Don S. Davis - Fresno Man in Car (as Don Davis)
Barbara Sharma - Fresno Woman in Car
Thomas Rosales Jr. - Cindino Gunman - Stunt (as Tommy Rosales)
Eddie Perez - Cindino Gunman - Stunt
Scott McCoy - Cindino Gunman - Stunt
Brian Hayes Currie - Cop in Vegas
Ashley Smock - Huey Pilot
Charles Lynn Frost - DEA Agent
Joey Miyashima - Tech Guy
Scott Burkholder - Air Traffic Controller
Kevin Cooney - Judge
Gérard L'Heureux - Guard Renfro (as Gerard L'Heureux)
Pete Antico - Guard Garner
John Robotham - Guard Ryan
Gilbert Rosales - Ramirez - Stunt
Richard L. Duran - Warlock 'Cochise' - Stunt (as Richard Duran)
George Randall - Old Con on Plane
Jamie Bozian - Benson - Con (as James Bozian)
Harley Zumbrum - Popovich - Con
Doug Dearth - Karls - Con
David Roberson - Supervisor
Alexandra Balahoutis - Waitress
Dick 'Skip' Evans - Airplane Pilot
Sheldon Worthington - Co-Pilot
Robert Taft - Soldier
Robert White - Soldier
Chris Ellis - BOP Official Grant
John Campbell - BOP Bus Driver
Brian Willems - Paramedic
Bill Cusack - Paramedic
Dabbs Greer - Old Man Under Truck
Marco Kyris - Cindino's Pilot
Sam Arnold - LVPD Officer (Mike Danley) (uncredited)
Stephen J. Austin - Prisoner (uncredited)
Matthew Barry - Chambers (uncredited)
Powers Boothe - Officer at Leaving Ceremony (voice) (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
John Branch - Police Officer (uncredited)
Sherry Brown - Extra - Sands Hotel (uncredited)
Dennis Burkley - Dale - Bartender (uncredited)
Kira Burt - Police Officer (uncredited)
Christopher William Chamberlin - Extra (uncredited)
John Diehl - Poe's Lawyer (uncredited)
Marty Fresca - Bald Prisoner (uncredited)
Kevin Gage - Billy Joe - Bar Harasser (uncredited)
Christopher Robin Hood - Crash Witness (uncredited)
Walter Ludwig - Firefighter (uncredited)
Bob Pepper - Crash Victim (uncredited)
Mark Rodney - Vegas Cop (uncredited)
Scott Rosenberg - Craps Dealer (uncredited)
Dan Rudert - Army Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Nikky Smedley - Attendant (uncredited)
Jay So - Tourist (uncredited)
Lance Wallick - Crash Witness (uncredited)

Enemy of the State
Will Smith - Robert Clayton Dean
Gene Hackman - Edward Lyle
Jon Voight - Thomas Brian Reynolds
Lisa Bonet - Rachel F. Banks
Regina King - Carla Dean
Stuart Wilson - Congressman Sam Albert
Laura Cayouette - Christa Hawkins
Loren Dean - Hicks
Barry Pepper - David Pratt
Ian Hart - Bingham
Jake Busey - Krug
Scott Caan - Jones
Jason Lee - Daniel Zavitz
Gabriel Byrne - Brill
James Le Gros - Jerry Miller
Dan Butler - Shaffer
Jack Black - Fiedler
Jamie Kennedy - Jamie
Bodhi Elfman - Van (as Bodhi Pine Elfman)
Jacob Chambers - Davis
Alexandra Balahoutis - Martha
Anna Gunn - Emily Reynolds
Jascha Washington - Eric Dean
Rebeca Silva - Marie the Nanny (as Rebecca Silva)
Bobby Boriello - Dylan (as Bobby Borriello)
Carl Mergenthaler - Mike - Law Firm
Mattias Kraemer - Gas Station Cashier
Lillo Brancato - Young Worker
John Capodice - Older Worker #1
Vic Manni - Vic - Old Mobster
T.R. Richards - Cook
Ivana Milicevic - Ruby's Sales Clerk (as Ivana Milavich)
Patsy Grady Abrams - Accident Bystander
Beatriz Mayoral - Reynolds' Nanny
Kasey Lynn Quinn - Reynolds' Daughter
Elizabeth Berman - Ruthie
Donna W. Scott - Jenny (as Donna Scott)
Allison Sie - Hotel Desk Clerk
Michael Andolini - Sal (as Mike Andolini)
Arthur J. Nascarella - Frankie (as Arthur Nascarella)
Grant Heslov - Lenny
John Cenatiempo - Young Mobster #1
Joyce Flick Wendl - Waitress
Frank Medrano - Bartender
Dennis Sean Fahey - Cop with Ambulance (as Dennis S. Fahey)
Albert Wong - Mr. Wu
Christopher Lawrence - Paramedic (as Christopher B. Lawrence)
John Haynes Walker - Fireman #1
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Fireman #2 (as Joe Patrick Kelly)
Lennox Brown - Tunnel Maintenance Worker
Martin Bosworth - Bike Messenger
Nancy Yee - Mrs. Wu
Troy A. Cephers - ANA Hotel Security (as Troy Anthony Cephers)
Carlos Gómez - FBI Agent (as Carlos Gomez)
Robert Gersicoff - FBI Agent
Arnie Alpert - FBI Agent
Greg Collins - FBI Supervisor
Doug Roberts - Hijacked Car Driver
Larry King - Larry King
Warren Olney - TV Anchor #1
Penny Griego - TV Anchor #2
Eric Keung - Mambo Kitchen Worker #1
David Han - Mambo Kitchen Worker #2
Mandy Kriss - Reporter #1
Noel Werking - Reporter #2
Sam De Crispino - Reporter #3
Wayne A. Larrivey - Doorman
Rhonda Overby - Field Reporter #1
Lillie Shaw Hamer - Field Reporter #2
Brenna McDonough - Field Reporter #3
Callison Slater - Child #1
Colin Brodie - Child #2
Daniel Cano - Hallway Lawyer
Joy Ehrlich - Mom in Diner
Eric Olson - Aide #1
Marcus Troy - Aide #2 (as Thomas Troy)
Adam Karkowsky - Aide #3
Steve Uhrig - Electronics Store Employee
Robyn Killian - Model #1
Laura E. Wood - Model #2 (as Laura Eizenia)
Angelica Pamintuan - Model #3
Vene L. Arcoraci - Model #4 (as Vené Arcoraci)
Charlie Curtis - Model #5
Raichle Watt - Becky
Michael James Walker - Union Official (as Michael J. Walker)
Jackilyn Ward - Pintero's Sister (as Jackilynn Ward)
Jason Welch - Pintero Kid #1
Joshua Ward - Pintero Kid #2
Pete Sutton - Dean House Cop
Tom Quinn - Tunnel Technician (as Thomas M. Quinn)
Robert O'Rourke - FBI Observer #1
John Allendorfer - FBI Observer #2
Henry Sandler - FBI Observer #3
Chris Holt - Chris Holt
Crystal L. Bass - Stand-In (uncredited)
Jim Beatty - FBI Agent (uncredited)
Doug Blimline - Bellhop (uncredited)
Lee Boria - Teacher (uncredited)
Mark Byrne - Police Officer (uncredited)
Brittany L. Carmichael - Daughter (uncredited)
Michael Chong - Shaffer's reunion man (uncredited)
Clary Davison - Ferry Person (uncredited)
Mark Falvo - NSA Technician (uncredited)
Pamela Fischer - Police Officer (uncredited)
Nancy Gassner-Clayton - ANA Hotel Maid (uncredited)
Nasi Glekas - Witness (uncredited)
Steve Gonzales - Mr. O'Brien (uncredited)
Seth Green - Selby (uncredited)
Gilley Grey - Firefighter #3 (uncredited)
Philip Baker Hall - Attorney Mark Silverberg (uncredited)
Eddie Hargitay - Paper Boy (uncredited)
Phil Hawn - NSA Civilian Technician (uncredited)
Paul Herman - Carlos (uncredited)
James Hunter - Computer Programmer (uncredited)
Jeff Laass - Businessman in Hotel (uncredited)
David Lewin - Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Paul Majors - Doorman (uncredited)
Brian Markinson - Attorney Brian Blake (uncredited)
David L. Marston - Electronic Store Clerk (uncredited)
Alexis McCombs - Hotel Patron (uncredited)
Jason Robards - Congressman Phillip Hammersley (uncredited)
Tom Sizemore - Boss Paulie Pintero (uncredited)
Philip Stamper - (uncredited)
Jimmy Star - FBI Agent (uncredited)
Adrienne Townes - Hotel Patron (uncredited)
Eric Alan Wendell - Police Officer (uncredited)
Rodney West - Bystander (uncredited)
Jade Wu - Model (uncredited)
Steven Zlotnick - NSA Technician (uncredited)

Crimson Tide
Denzel Washington - Hunter
Gene Hackman - Ramsey
Matt Craven - Zimmer
George Dzundza - Cob
Viggo Mortensen - Weps
James Gandolfini - Lt. Bobby Dougherty
Rocky Carroll - Lt. Westergaurd
Jaime Gomez - Ood Mahoney (as Jaime P. Gomez)
Michael Milhoan - Hunsicker
Scott Burkholder - TSO Billy Linkletter
Danny Nucci - Danny Rivetti
Lillo Brancato - Russell Vossler (as Lillo Brancato Jr.)
Eric Bruskotter - Bennefield
Ricky Schroder - Lt. Paul Hellerman (as Rick Schroder)
Steve Zahn - William Barnes
Marcello Thedford - Lawson
R.J. Knoll - Marty Sotille
Billy Devlin - Navigator
Matthew Barry - Planesman (as Matt Barry)
Christopher Birt - Helmsman
Jim Boyce - Diving Officer
Jacob Vargas - Sonarman #2
Kai Lennox - Sonarman #3
Michael D. Weatherred - Radioman #1 (as Michael Weatherred)
Tommy Bush - Admiral Williams
Earl Billings - Rick Marichek
Mark Christopher Lawrence - Head Cook Rono
Michael Chieffo - Chief Kline
Ashley Smock - Guard #1
James Lesure - Guard #2
Trevor St. John - Launcher
Dennis Garber - Fire Control Technician
Vanessa Bell Calloway - Julia Hunter
Brenden Jefferson - Luke
Ashley Calloway - Robin
Daniel von Bargen - Vladimir Radchenko
Richard Valeriani - Richard Valeriani
Warren Olney - Anchorman
Rad Daly - Lt. Comdr. Nelson
Sean O'Bryan - Phone Talker
Victor Togunde - Sailor with Oba
Troy A. Cephers - Sailor #1
Armand Watson - Seaman Davis
Brent Goldberg - Phone Talker #2 (as Brent Michael Goldberg)
Scott Grimes - Petty Officer Hilaire
Ryan Phillippe - Seaman Grattam
Dale Andre Lee Everett - Firing Key Runner
Angela C. Tortu - Ramsey Aide
Ronald Ramessar - Mr. Westergard
Robin Faraday Robin Faraday - Mrs. Westergard
Bob Stone - Bob the Magician
Henry Mortensen - Henry Ince
Chris Ellis - Additional Magician
Skip Beard - Board of Inquiry Member (uncredited)
Lennox Brown - Smiling Sailor (uncredited)
John Daniels - Sailor (uncredited)
Gerald Emerick - (uncredited)
Mo Gallini - Seaman Kuhne (uncredited)
Steve Gonzales - Soldier (uncredited)
Annette Goodman - Naval Officer (uncredited)
Marianne Hettinger - Board of Inquiry Member (uncredited)
Jason Robards - Rear Admiral Anderson, Board of Inquiry President (uncredited)
Lars Woods - Ensign (uncredited)

Deja Vu
Denzel Washington - Doug Carlin
Paula Patton - Claire Kuchever
Val Kilmer - Agent Pryzwarra
Jim Caviezel - Carroll Oerstadt
Adam Goldberg - Denny
Elden Henson - Gunnars
Erika Alexander - Shanti
Bruce Greenwood - Jack McCready
Rich Hutchman - Agent Stalhuth
Matt Craven - Minuti
Donna W. Scott - Beth (as Donna Scott)
Elle Fanning - Abbey
Brian Howe - Medical Examiner
Enrique Castillo - Claire's Father
Mark Phinney - Agent Donnelly
Shondrella Avery - Kathy - Secretary
John McConnell - Sheriff Reed
Dane Rhodes - Ferry Captain
Clay Steakley - Ferry Worker
Lorry Houston - Cop at Disaster
Polly Craig - Elderly Woman at Disaster
Ted Manson - Crying Man at Disaster
Yvonne Landry - Shellshocked Woman
Brian F. Durkin - National Guard Officer (as Brian Durkin)
Kenneth Lee - Priest
Ron Flagge - Mayor
Scott Alan Smith - Trauma Doctor
Nadia Shazana - Trauma Nurse
Lew Temple - Paramedic
Charles Hirsch - Paramedic (as Charlie Hirsch)
Justin Colvin - Sailor
Brandi Gerard - Sailor (as Brandi Coleman)
J. Todd Smith - Sailor
Jonathan Majoue - Sailor
Jerrod Paige - Sailor
John Will Clay - Sailor
Bart Hansard - Ed Elkins
Scott Klace - Police Lieutenant #1
David Pease - Port Authority
Andy Umberger - NTSB Investigator
Patt Noday - News Reporter
Ritchie Montgomery - Agent #1
Jack Daniel Stanley - Criminalist
Maureen Brennan - Harbor Cop
Randy Austin - Harbor Cop
J.W. Williams - Harbor Cop
Rio Hackford - Beth's Boyfriend
Gary Grubbs - Police Lieutenant #2
Frank Duffy - Agent #3 (as Frankie Lynch)
Bill Ladd - Coast Guardsman
Lara Grice - Reporter
Lowell Perry - Reporter
Michael Arata - Reporter
Sylvia Jefferies - Reporter
Carol Sutton - Eyewitness / Survivor
Julia Lashae - Eyewitness / Survivor (as Julia LaShae)
Chris Rose - Coroner at Disaster
Douglas M. Griffin - Dock Worker
Margaret Lawhon - Channel 8 Reporter
Roy McCrerey - National Guardsman at Disaster
Freddy Mitchell - SAR Diver
David Jensen - Ferry Official
Jerry Rudden - Fire Chief Rudden
John Johnson - Fire Chief
Ronald Mason - EMT Paramedic
Shawn Michael Patrick - ATF Agent
James Huang - ATF Agent
Jennifer Weston - M.D. / Technical Advisor
Angela Daun - Ambulance Bay Nurse (as Angela D. Hoenig)
Gregg Kawecki - Hospital Security Guard (as H. Gregg Kawecki)
Ann Turkel - Technician
Christopher Scholl - Newspaper Reporter
Charmaine Neville - Singer at Funeral
Bruce Barnes - Zydeco Singer at Funeral (as Bruce 'Sunpie' Barnes)
Nolan North - Ex-Fiance (voice)
Brandon Scot Adams - Navy Soldier (uncredited)
Julia Adams - Ferry Survivor (uncredited)
Michele Adams - Fire Fighter (uncredited)
Dale Beasley - ATF Agent (uncredited)
Blake Nelson Boyd - Salvage Worker (uncredited)
Brady Calhoun - Onlooker / New Orleans Police Officer / Coast Guardsman (uncredited)
Jeff Copas - Time Window Lab Technician (uncredited)
Edward Cummings - Bum at Mission (uncredited)
James J. Duhon - Sailor (uncredited)
Debby Gaudet - FBI Analyst (uncredited)
Wilfurt Hildabrandt - Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
Mark Holmes - Forklift Driver (uncredited)
Rhonda Huete - Chrissie - Schoolteacher (uncredited)
Jackie Jenkins Jr. - Greg (uncredited)
Shawn McDonald - Carl / Swat Unit (uncredited)
Jason McLaughlin - FBI Agent (uncredited)
Lorin Moore - Family Father (uncredited)
Wayne Douglas Morgan - Agent Hendricks (uncredited)
Jay Oliver - Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
Daniel Rhyder - Time Window Lab Tech #7 (uncredited)
Johnny Cley Rivers - Patron at Palace Cafe (uncredited)
Logan Douglas Smith - Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
Clif St. Laurent - Bus Boy (uncredited)
Daniel Vincent - Navy C.S.I. (uncredited)
Troy Waters - Harbor Cop (uncredited)
William Shannon Williams - Ferry Boat Pilot (uncredited)
Shane Daniel Wood - SWAT (uncredited)

Gone in Sixty Seconds
Nicolas Cage - Memphis Raines
Giovanni Ribisi - Kip Raines
Angelina Jolie - Sara 'Sway' Wayland
T.J. Cross - Mirror Man (as TJ Cross)
William Lee Scott - Toby
Scott Caan - Tumbler
James Duval - Freb
Will Patton - Atley Jackson
Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
Timothy Olyphant - Detective Drycoff
Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
Robert Duvall - Otto Halliwell
Christopher Eccleston - Raymond Calitri
Vinnie Jones - The Sphinx
Grace Zabriskie - Helen Raines
Michael Owen - Kid in Rice Burner (as Mike Owen)
Jaime Bergman - Blonde in Drag Race
Holiday Hadley - Waitress (as Holiday Hopke)
Harry Van Gorkum - Forge
Frances Fisher - Junie
Grace Una - Jenny
Jesse Corti - Cop - At Quality Café
Stephen Shellen - Exotic Car Salesman
Alexandra Balahoutis - DMV Clerk
Rainbow Borden - Car Jacker #1
Vic Manni - Worker (as Victor Manni)
Sanjay - Glass House Guy (as Sanjay Pandya)
Doria Anselmo - Glass House Girl
Lois Hall - Old Woman
Dean Rader-Duval - Hype (as Dean Rader Duval)
C.J. Picerni - Go Cart Kid
Kevin Weisman - Intern 2
Anthony Boswell - Buddy
Billy Devlin - Detective Jurgens
Bodhi Elfman - Fuzzy Frizzel
Arye Gross - James Lakewood
Greg Collins - San Pedro Cop
Cosimo Fusco - Adjacent Mechanic
Eddie Mui - Billy Moony
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Snake G.R.A.B.
Scott Burkholder - Rent a Cop
Margaret Kontra Palmer - Televangelist Wife
Charlene Bloom - Swimming Girl
Kevin West - Intern 1
Billy 'Sly' Williams - Cop
Alex Walters - Fireman
Lombardo Boyar - Paramedic
Angela Tassoni - Accident Victim
Scott Rosenberg - Private Doctor
Steve Danton - G.R.A.B. Officer #2
Tyler Patton - Security Guard
Carmen Argenziano - Detective Mayhew
Dan Hildebrand - Saul
King Alexander - Bar Dude
Nick Meaney - Thug
Michael Peña - Ignacio (as Michael A. Pena)
Juan Pina - Gang Banger #2
Tim DeZarn - Shotgun Guy (as Tim Dezarn)
John Carroll Lynch - Impound Manager
Douglas Bennett - Wrecker Driver 'Mel' (as Doug Bennett)
Bob Sattler - C.H.P.
Dan Andreiu - Driver (uncredited)
Greg Bronson - Paramedic (uncredited)
Rebeca Cristian - Girl in Bar (uncredited)
David 'Shark' Fralick - Car Thief (uncredited)
Cecily Gambrell - Accident Victim (uncredited)
Michael Gerald - Officer (uncredited)
Trevor Goddard - Don (uncredited)
Brad William Henke - (uncredited)
Ken Jenkins - Televangelist (uncredited)
Janis Jones - Dock Worker (uncredited)
Master P - Johnnie B. (uncredited)
Brian McNamara - Parking Garage Attendant (uncredited)
George Meyers - Fireman On Bridge (uncredited)
Bob Pepper - Mechanic (uncredited)
Drew Renkewitz - Toolie the Bartender (uncredited)
Kenneth Swartz - Stoner #1 (uncredited)
Vincent Terzian - Dock Worker (uncredited)

Pearl Harbor
Ben Affleck - Rafe McCawley
Josh Hartnett - Danny Walker
Kate Beckinsale - Evelyn Johnson
William Lee Scott - Billy
Greg Zola - Lt. Anthony Fusco
Ewen Bremner - Red
Alec Baldwin - Doolittle
Jaime King - Betty (as James King)
Catherine Kellner - Barbara
Jennifer Garner - Sandra
Jon Voight - President Roosevelt
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Doris 'Dorie' Miller
Michael Shannon - Lt. Gooz Wood
Matthew Davis - Joe (as Matt Davis)
Mako - Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto
John Fujioka - Nishikura
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - Genda
Colm Feore - Admiral Kimmel
Dan Aykroyd - Captain Thurman
Reiley McClendon - Young Danny
Jesse James - Young Rafe
William Fichtner - Danny's Father
Steve Rankin - Rafe's Father
Brian Haley - Training Captain
David Hornsby - Flyer with Murmur
Scott Wilson - Gen. George C. Marshall
Graham Beckel - Adm. Chester W. Nimitz
Howard Mungo - George
Randy Oglesby - Strategic Analyst
Ping Wu - Japanese Officer
Stan Cahill - Pentagon Lieutenant
Kevin Wensing - Executive Officer - USS West Virginia
Tom Everett - Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox
Tomas Arana - Vice Admiral
Beth Grant - Motherly Secretary
Sara Rue - Martha
Sung Kang - Listener
Raphael Sbarge - Kimmel's Aide
Marty Belafsky - Louie, Sailor
Yuji Okumoto - Japanese Shy Bomber
Josh Green - Pvt. Ellis, Radar Operator
Ian Bohen - Radar Operator #2
Michael Milhoan - Army Commander
Peter Firth - Capt. Mervyn Bennion - USS West Virginia
Tom Sizemore - Earl
Marco Gould - Pop-Up Sailor
Andrew Bryniarski - Joe The Boxer
Nicholas Downs - Terrified Sailor
Tim Choate - Navy Doctor
John Diehl - Senior Doctor
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Medic (as Joe Kelly)
Ron Harper - Minister
Ted McGinley - Army Major
Madison Mason - Adm. Raymond A. Spruance
Kim Coates - Jack Richards
Andrew Baley - Hornet Radio Op
Glenn Morshower - RAdm. William F. 'Bull' Halsey Jr.
Paul Francis - Doolittle Co-Pilot
Scott Wiper - Gunner
Eric Christian Olsen - Gunner
Rod Biermann - Navigator
Noriaki Kamata - Japanese Soldier
Garret Sato - Japanese Soldier (as Garret T. Sato)
Eiji Inoue - Japanese Soldier
Precious Chong - Nursing Supervisor
Jeff Wadlow - Next Guy in Line #1
Will Gill Jr. - Train Conductor
Seth Sakai - Japanese Tourist
Curtis Andersen - 18-Year-Old Typist (as Curtis Anderson)
Blaine Pate - Orderly in Aftermath
John Pyper-Ferguson - Naval Officer in Hospital (as John Pyper Ferguson)
Michael Shamus Wiles - Captain Marc Andrew Mitscher
Brett Pedigo - Next Guy in Line #2
Toru Tanaka Jr. - Samoan Bouncer (as Toru M. Tanaka Jr.)
Sean Gunn - Traction Sailor
Josh Ackerman - Wounded Sailor #1 (as Joshua Ackerman)
Matt Casper - Wounded Sailor #2
David Kaufman - Young Nervous Doctor
Lindsey Ginter - Captain Low (as L.L. Ginter)
Joshua Aaron Gulledge - Buster
Guy Torry - Teeny Mayfield
Leland Orser - Major Jackson
Peter James Smith - Mission listener
Mark Noon - Medic
Pat Healy - Newsreel Guy
Thomas Wilson Brown - Young Flier
Chad Morgan - Pearl Harbor Nurse
James Saito - Japanese Aide #1
Angel Sing - Japanese Aide #2
Tak Kubota - Japanese Aide #3
Robert Jayne - Sunburnt Sailor
Vic Chao - Japanese Doctor
Michael Gradilone - Screaming Sailor
Frederick Koehler - Wounded Sailor #3 (as Fred Koehler)
John Padget - Hospital Chaplain
Ben Easter - Baja Sailor #1
Cory Tucker - Baja Sailor #2
Abe Sylvia - Baja Sailor #4
Jason Liggett - Baja Sailor #5
Mark Panasuk - Baja Sailor #6
Bret Roberts - Baja Sailor #7
John Howry - Lieutenant in Boat
Rufus Dorsey - Dorie's Friend
Patrice Martinez - French Fisherman
Rodney Bursiel - Sailor with Dog
Rob McCabe - Rescue Sailor
Brandon Lozano - Baby Danny
Seiki Moriguchi - Akagi Communication Officer
Brian D. Falk - Helmsman #1
Estevan Gonzalo - Bombing Sailor
Christopher Stroop - Helmsman #2
Sean Faris - Danny's Gunner
Vincent J. Inghilterra - Preacher
Nicholas Farrell - RAF Squadron Leader
Tony Curran - Ian
Will Bowden - British Pilot (Supporting) (as Viv Weatherall)
Benjamin Farry - Pilot #2 (as Ben Farry)
Daniel Mays - Pilot #3
Toshi Toda - Dentist
Jaymee Ong - Dental Assistant
Ken Goth - Army 2nd Lieutenant
Hank Harris - Young Harbor Patrolman (scenes deleted)
Christopher Allison - USS Arizona Sailor (uncredited)
Job Alonso - Orderly (uncredited)
Sam Arnold - Lieutenant Miller (uncredited)
Ford Austin - Doolittle Pilot (uncredited)
Greg Baine - Young Sailor (uncredited)
Douglas Blakeslee - Doolittle Pilot (uncredited)
J Michael Briggs - Injured Marine (uncredited)
Wally Burr - Newsreel Voice (uncredited)
Matt Cable - Doolittle Pilot (uncredited)
Jake Camboia - MP (uncredited)
Camille Carida - Nurse (uncredited)
Andrew Chen - Japanese Pilot (uncredited)
Winston Churchill - Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Devin Corey - American Pilot (uncredited)
Mark Correy - Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Nya Daigo - Hawaiian Bar Girl (uncredited)
David de Vos - Medical Orderly (uncredited)
Tanya Dempsey - Nurse (uncredited)
Jeremy Denzlinger - Sailor (uncredited)
Ross Donnelly - Sailor (uncredited)
Timothy Dvorak - Dolittle Pilot (uncredited)
Chaz Fatur - Pilot #1 (uncredited)
Jeremy Gilbreath - Toothbrush Sailor (uncredited)
Geoffrey Gould - Dental Patient (uncredited)
William Joseph Hill - Doolittle Raider (uncredited)
Adolf Hitler - Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Patrick A. Horton - White House Cabinet Member (uncredited)
Manu Intiraymi - Officer in Water Shouting "P-40's" (uncredited)
Frieda Jane - Nurse (uncredited)
Saburo Kurusu - Self - in Washington with Nomura (archive footage) (uncredited)
Cherisse Lamoureux - Nurse (uncredited)
Sherwin Lau - Japanese Sailor (uncredited)
Elizabeth Leaff - Nurse (uncredited)
Scott Levy - Sergeant (uncredited)
Beau Lotterman - Naval Inteligence Officer (uncredited)
Francis Maikai - Hawaiian Bartender (uncredited)
Tate McGhee - Medal Ceremony Soldier (uncredited)
Cameron McHarg - Mourning Marine (uncredited)
Augie McLamb - Sailor (uncredited)
Kinsey McLean - Soldier in Theater (uncredited)
Bryan Metoyer - Sailor (uncredited)
Jill Meyers - Nurse (uncredited)
Matt Moore - Gooz Dude (uncredited)
Kayre Morrison - Nurse #6 (uncredited)
Kathleen Mullan - Stearn Nurse (uncredited)
Sean A. Mulvihill - Diner Patron (uncredited)
Robert C. Nelson - Army Officer (uncredited)
Kichisaburo Nomura - Self - in Washington with Kurusu (archive footage) (uncredited)
Lin Oeding - Japanese Sailor (uncredited)
Pete Romano - Soldier in the Water (uncredited)
Lisa Ross - Nurse (uncredited)
David Rountree - Navy Pilot (uncredited)
Bryan Ryan - Sailor (uncredited)
Heather Ryon - Nurse (uncredited)
Matthew Saxe - Doolittle Gunner (uncredited)
Barbara Scolaro - Josephine Doolittle (uncredited)
Simon Shelton - Sgt. Jeepers (uncredited)
Bobby Silva - Sailor (uncredited)
Ross Stasik - Extra (uncredited)
Max Thayer - Bit Part (uncredited)
Jack Truman - Train Conductor (uncredited)
Clyde Tull - Army Officer (uncredited)
Sam Upton - Sailor (uncredited)
Larry Wegger - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Mark Weiler - Naval Messenger (uncredited)
Chip Wood - Sailor (uncredited)
Samas Wu - Japanese Officer #2 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jeff Yaworski - Sailor (uncredited)
Melissa Anne Young - Nurse (uncredited)
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