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Title: Invincible
Original Title: Invincible
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Country: United States United States
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Category: Live Action
Serie: Disney Movie Club
Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport
Year: 2006
Release Date: 20-03-2007
Length: ??? Minutes
Aspect Ratio: ???
Language: English
Subtitle: English SDH
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Mayhem Pictures, Who's Nuts Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
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Mark Wahlberg - Vince Papale
Greg Kinnear - Dick Vermeil
Elizabeth Banks - Janet
Kevin Conway - Frank Papale
Michael Rispoli - Max
Kirk Acevedo - Tommy
Dov Davidoff - Johnny
Michael Kelly - Pete
Sal Darigo - Mick
Nicoye Banks - TJ Banks
Turron Kofi Alleyne - Ronnie Sampson
Cosmo DeMatteo - Dean German
Stink Fisher - Denny Franks
Michael Mulheren - AC Craney
Michael Nouri - Mr. Tose
Jack Kehler - Wade Chambers
Lola Glaudini - Sharon Papale
Paige Turco - Carol Vermeil
Tristan Phillips - Richie Vermeil
Morgan Turner - Susan Vermeil
Lynn Cohen - Mrs. Spegnetti
James Murtaugh - Principal
Dominick Cicco - South Philly Man
Randy Couture - 'Toruci' Player #1
Earle Masciulli - 'Toruci' Player #2
Jeffrey Lee Gibson - 'Tanker' Opposing Player #1
Patrick M. Walsh - 'Tanker' Opposing Player #2 (as Pat Walsh)
Rick Reilly - Disgruntled Fan
Franklin Ojeda Smith - Les
Patrick McDade - The Turk (as Patrick F. MaDade)
Frederick Strother - Eagles Coach #1 (as Frederick Strother Jr.)
Timothy F. Crowley - Eagles Coach #2 (as Timothy Crowley)
Brian Hayes Currie - Eagles Coach #3
Kerry Shawn Duffy - Eagles PR Man
Paul LaQuerre - Kneeling Veteran (as Paul Laquerre)
Kevin Ingram - Giant Kick Returner
Michael McCarthy - Giant Defender
Tony Luke Jr. - Cape-Clad Fan
Mark Simms - Weekend Warrior
Francis J. Ferrara - Tryout Hopeful (as Frank Ferrara)
Bryan Donoghue - Hopeful
Jimmy Palumbo - Philly Fan #1
Johnny Alves - Philly Fan #2
Pete DeStefano - Philly Fan #3 (as Pete DiStefano)
Pride Grinn - Philly Fan #4
Daniel Spink - Philly Fan #5
Jimmy Graham III - Dour Fan (as Jimmy Graham)
Anthony Lawton - Pressroom Reporter
John Leslie Wolfe - TV Anchor
Tim Lamendola - TV Cameraman
Susan Moses - Teacher
Michael P. Hayes - Student #1
Justin Goncalves - Student #2
Michael Brainard - Eagles Coach #4 (as Michael S. Brainard)
Joe Thompson - Ref
Frank Kosman - Ref
Charles Pendelton - Frank's Friend (as Charles Pendleton)
James A. Carr - Frank's Friend
Joseph Guglielmucci - Umpire
Anthony R. Duncan - Eagles Coach
Harry Donahue - Play by Play Announcer
Merrill Reese - Voice of the Eagles (voice)
Mike Quick - Voice of the Eagles (voice)
Michael Ahl - Coach (uncredited)
Clyde Anthony - Bob Picard (uncredited)
Frank Aptacy - Football Player (uncredited)
Sasha Azevedo - Tea Party Guest (uncredited)
Michael Baczor - Football Player (uncredited)
Daniel Bartkewicz - Philadelphia Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Mark Bartosic - Gilette (uncredited)
Regina Deavitt Beaucheane - Football Game Attendee (uncredited)
Scott Allen Bell - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Dragos Berghia - Football fan (uncredited)
Mark Bitner - NY Giants Coach (uncredited)
Robert Bizik - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Jamarian Bridges - Dallas Fan (uncredited)
Rod Britton - Wade Key (uncredited)
Benjamin R. Brown III - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Antwain Brown - Tryouts (uncredited)
Tennille Byrd - Football Fan (uncredited)
Sharon Carpenter-Rose - Laughing Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Riley Chambers - Dallas Cowboys Vendor (uncredited)
Marques Chaney - New York Giants Linemen (uncredited)
Steve M. Clark - Dallas Press / Photographer (uncredited)
Brett Joseph Cohen - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
David Collihan - Colombo's Patron (uncredited)
Nikki Collins - Football Player's Wife (uncredited)
Lionel Anthony Cook - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Catherine Copplestone - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Shaun Paul Costello - James McAlister (uncredited)
Gerardo Davila - Dallas Press / Photographer (uncredited)
Sloan DeForest - Cowboys Fan (uncredited)
Christopher Descano - Cook (uncredited)
Christian Dorsey - Fan (uncredited)
Akai Draco - Extra (uncredited)
Bill Duff - Footballer (uncredited)
Harold G. Eder II - Football Fan (uncredited)
Alexander Emmert - Eagles Player #13 (uncredited)
Mark Falvo - Eagles' Fan (uncredited)
Brian Scott Fitzgerald - Randy Hughes (uncredited)
Michael Griffith - Photographer (uncredited)
Darryl Hammond - Harold Carmichael (uncredited)
Brad Hartliep - Cameraman (uncredited)
Josh Hepola - Coach (uncredited)
Nicole Holt - Dallas Fan (uncredited)
Zachary Hopkins - Sideline Reporter (uncredited)
Darius Johnson - Football Player / Fan (uncredited)
Michael Wingate Jones - Sports Photographer (uncredited)
Brittany Joyner - Cowboys Fan (uncredited)
Cory Kastle - Eagles hopeful (uncredited)
William James Kelly - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Basil Kershner - Bar Patron (uncredited)
David Kiiskinen - Fan (uncredited)
Kyle Klaus - Eagles Ball Boy (uncredited)
Atif Lanier - #67 Eagles Player (uncredited)
Barbara Lessin - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Christina Mahon - Eagles Wife (uncredited)
Dan Mahoney - Man at tryout (uncredited)
Raymond Mamrak - Football Player (uncredited)
Nicholas Alexander Martino - Schoolyard Boy (uncredited)
Joe McCarthy - Philadelphia Eagles Fan (uncredited)
John McClain - Sportswriter (uncredited)
Heath McGough - Philadelphia Eagles #67 (uncredited)
Naina Michaud - Philly Fan #6 (uncredited)
Bridgette Mishelle - Cowboy's Fan (uncredited)
Robert Flash Mitchell - Football Player (uncredited)
Steven Moreti - Vince Papale's Neighbor (uncredited)
Jeffrey Mowery - Hopeful Tryout (uncredited)
Keith Moyer - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Rocky Myers - Larry Marshall (uncredited)
Scottie Nic - Football player (uncredited)
Rosa Nichols - Dallas Fan (uncredited)
Mina Pahlevan - Philadelphia Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Vince Papale - Eagles Coach (uncredited)
David Pearl - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Joseph F. Petrone - Eagles Training Camp Fan (uncredited)
Mark Pricskett - Football Fan (uncredited)
Joseph Queroli - Philly Fan (uncredited)
Daniel Rayome - Eagle Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Vincent Riviezzo - Cameraman (uncredited)
David C. Roehm Sr. - Barfly (uncredited)
Kurt Runkle - Football Fan (uncredited)
Chuck Schanamann - Eagles Assistant Coach (uncredited)
Yale Schwartz - A Face in the Crowd (uncredited)
Richard Serlen - Reporter (uncredited)
Kenny Shapiro - Eagle's Fan (uncredited)
Keyon Smith - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Jared Soden - Footballer (uncredited)
Samantha Steffen - Street Girl (uncredited)
Nate Stephens - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Justin Stern - Student (uncredited)
John R. Strange - Sports Photographer (uncredited)
Anthony Thomas - Herb Lusk (uncredited)
Frank Traynor - School Administrator (uncredited)
Ryan Tygh - Eagles Ball Boy (uncredited)
Dan Van Wert - Football Player (uncredited)
Gary Vaught - Cameraman (uncredited)
Sonny Vellozzi - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
John Venable - Dallas Policeman (uncredited)
Kimberly Villanova - Neighbor (uncredited)
David Von Roehm - Field Photographer (uncredited)
Jill Waterston - Photographer (uncredited)
Fabian Watkins - Eagles Football Player (uncredited)
Don Whatley - Philadelphia Cop (uncredited)
Devin Williamson - Sports Photographer (uncredited)
Jordan Willis - Photographer (uncredited)
John Wooten - Football Player (uncredited)
Scott Yannick - Max's Bar Regular (uncredited)
Ron T. Young - Police Officer (uncredited)
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