Gus / Gus

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Title: Gus
Original Title: Gus
Country: United States United States
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Category: Live Action
Serie: The Don Knotts Collection
Genre: Comedy, Family, Sport
Year: 1976
Release Date: 21-04-1998
Length: 96 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: ???
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-1143-6
UPC: 786936060751
Catalog Number: 12986-1
Spine Number: ???
A cast of comedy pros, including the hilarious Don Knotts and Tim Conway, make this Disney classic a sure winner!

Low-raking football team The California Atoms are at a constant loss until they recruit a new player — a mule named Gus. It turns out that Gus is an amazing placekicker with a 100-yard field goal ability! Just as the Atoms begin to leave their losing streak in the dust, crooks attempt to kidnap their new star.

Whether it's a surefooted race to the goal posts or a riotous chase down supermarket aisles, the action in this Disney favorite is sure to make your family cheer!
Original Other
Edward Asner - Hank Cooper
Don Knotts - Coach Venner
Gary Grimes - Andy Petrovic
Tim Conway - Crankcase
Louise Williams - Debbie Kovac (as Liberty Williams)
Dick Van Patten - Cal Wilson
Ronnie Schell - Joe Barnsdale
Bob Crane - Pepper
Johnny Unitas - Self
Dick Butkus - Rob Cargil
Harold Gould - Charles Gwynn
Tom Bosley - Spinner
Titos Vandis - Papa Petrovic
Hanna Landy - Mama Petrovic (as Hanna Hertelendy)
Liam Dunn - Dr. Morgan
Virginia O'Brien - Reporter
Kenneth Tobey - Asst. Warden
Irwin Charone - Hotel Clerk
Timothy Brown - Calvin Barnes
Jackson Bostwick - Stjepan Petrovic
John Orchard - Pemberton Captain
Richard Kiel - Tall Man
Henry Slate - Fan
Larry McCormick - N.Y. Broadcaster
Larry Burrell - Locker Room Announcer
Danny Wells - Referee
James Almanzar - Coach Garcia
Milton Frome - Lukom
Iris Adrian - Fan's Wife
Bryan O'Byrne - Grocery Store Mgr
Jack Manning - Mayor
James Brown - Mammoth Coach
Warde Donovan - Butcher
Jeanne Bates - Nurse Barbara Boyd
Dick Enberg - Atoms' Announcer
George Putnam - TV Interviewer
Stu Nahan - L.A. Sportscaster
Don Ames - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
David Armstrong - Coach (uncredited)
John Arndt - Coach (uncredited)
Benjie Bancroft - Coach (uncredited)
Jack Berle - Dignitary (uncredited)
Robin Blake - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Ted Christy - Barfly (uncredited)
Vic Christy - Barfly (uncredited)
Marcello Clay - Dignitary (uncredited)
Ken Clayton - Dignitary (uncredited)
Ken Del Conte - Field Goal Kicker O'Brien (uncredited)
Ross Dollarhide - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Fred Dryer - Atoms player (sideline & showers) (uncredited)
Ken DuMain - Crew Member (uncredited)
Peter Paul Eastman - Man in Airport (uncredited)
Richard Elmore - Referee (uncredited)
Len Felber - Shopper (uncredited)
Fritz Ford - Coach (uncredited)
Leon Frederick - Football Player (uncredited)
Mel Gold - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Allan Graf - Player #70 (uncredited)
Dorothy Hack - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Bob Harks - Dignitary (uncredited)
Francine Henderson - Shopper (uncredited)
Robert Hitchcock - Dignitary (uncredited)
George Hoagland - Crew Member (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers - Barfly (uncredited)
Tex Lambert - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
John Hugh McKnight - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady - Commuter (uncredited)
Paul V. Picerni Jr. - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Joe Pine - Shopper (uncredited)
John Quijada - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Tony Regan - Announcer (uncredited)
Peter Renaday - Fan in Airport (uncredited)
Frieda Rentie - Dignitary (uncredited)
Al Roberts - Guard (uncredited)
Arnold Roberts - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Hank Robinson - Coach (uncredited)
Danny Sands - Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
George Simmons - Doctor (uncredited)
Tucker Smith - Football Player (uncredited)
Norman Stevans - Crew Member (uncredited)
Leland Sun - Commuter (uncredited)
Bob Templeton - Referee (uncredited)
Victor Toyota - Commuter (uncredited)
George Tracy - Barfly (uncredited)
Bowman Upchurch - Binocular man in pressbox (uncredited)
Paul Van - Coach (uncredited)
Carol Worthington - Atoms Cheerleader (uncredited)
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• Volume 4