Luck of the Irish / The Luck of the Irish

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Title: Luck of the Irish
Original Title: The Luck of the Irish
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Country: United States United States
Beta / VHS: VHS
Category: Live Action
Genre: TV Movie, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Year: 2001
Release Date: 05-03-2002
Length: 86 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: ???
Language: English
Subtitle: ???
Production: Just Singer Entertainment
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Video
ISBN: None
UPC: 786936162714
Catalog Number: 23682-1
Spine Number: 23682
Kyle Johnson (Ryan Merriman, Ring Of Endless Light) is leading a charmed life. His basketball team is in the finals, he's a magnet for girls, and he's always finding money by chance. But when the gold coin necklace he wears every day is stolen, Kyle's luck suddenly runs out. That's because he's just discovered he comes from a family of leprechauns and the necklace's magical powers have been keeping him, his mother, and his grandfather (Henry Gibson, Magnolia) human. Only by having the Luck Of The Irish does Kyle stand a chance of retrieving the necklace from the one who took it — an evil step-dancing leprechaun named Seamus McTiernan.
Original Other
Ryan Merriman - Kyle Johnson
Henry Gibson - Reilly O'Reilly
Alexis Lopez - Bonnie Lopez
Glenndon Chatman - Russell Halloway
Marita Geraghty - Kate O'Reilly Johnson / Kate Smith
Paul Kiernan - Bob Johnson / Robert Smith
Timothy Omundson - Seamus McTiernen
Dane Stevens - Patrick (as Duane Stephens)
Charles Halford - McDermott
Ashley Chapman - Cheerleader
Brett Yoder - Drake Whitley
Emberson Bill - Native American Boy
Thurl Bailey - Mr. Holloway
Dustin Harding - Boy #1
Curley Green - History Teacher
Nora McCaa - Concession Attendant
Jack Mergist - Boy (as John Kenneth Mergist)
Stan Ellsworth - Coach
Trevor Wright - Boy #2
Sandra Shotwell - Science Teacher
Tom Jacobson - O'Malley
Julie-Anne Liechty - Eileen
Bronzell Miller - Referee
Julio Arciniega - Mr. Lopez
Holly Alderman - Student #1
Brooke Alderman - Student #2
Billy Judkins - Security Guard
Bill McIntosh - Security Guard
Alisse Allen - Irish Step Dancer #5 (crowd)
Candace Allen - Irish Step Dancer #4 (crowd)
Christine Barlow - Irish Step Dancer #8 (crowd)
Blaine Bassett - Milk Truck driver
Megan Burgin - Irish Step Dancer #9 (crowd)
Katie Donnelly - Irish Step Dancer #2 (crowd)
Scott Hanks - Brian - Henchman
Marshall Hilliard - Eddie McGuire
Deborah Johnson - Irish Step Dancer #3 (crowd)
Charisse Miller - High Scool Fairground Attendent 1
Sydney Mohesian - Cheerleader
Heather Newbold - Irish Step Dancer #6 (crowd)
Aaron Radl - Sean
Amanda Ruth - Irish Step Dancer #7 (crowd)
Sam Saletta - 'Vocals' Kyle Johnson
Natacia Sussdorff - Cheerleader
Kim Taylor - Irish Step Dancer #10 (crowd)
James Bereece - Young Achiever (uncredited)
Elizabeth Miklavcic - Office Worker (uncredited)
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