Coyote Ugly / Coyote Ugly

UMD info
Title: Coyote Ugly
Original Title: Coyote Ugly
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United States United States
Region: 1
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Serie: The Extended Cut
Release Date: 16-08-2005
Year: 2000
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Length: 107 Minutes
Subtitles: ???
Sound: ???
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distribution: ???
UPC: 786936302523
Catalog Number: ???
Original Other
Piper Perabo - Violet Sanford
Adam Garcia - Kevin O'Donnell
John Goodman - Bill
Maria Bello - Lil
Izabella Miko - Cammie
Tyra Banks - Zoe
Bridget Moynahan - Rachel
Melanie Lynskey - Gloria
Del Pentecost - Lou
Michael Weston - Danny
LeAnn Rimes - LeAnn Rimes
Jeremy Rowley - William Morris Receptionist
Ellen Cleghorne - Music Publishing Receptionist
John Fugelsang - Richie the Booker
Bud Cort - Romero
Robert Ahlers - Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Orlando Sims - Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Barry Michael Duff - Finale Club Back-Up Musician
William Ritter III - Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Chanda Bailey - Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Freez Luv - Fiji Mermaid Club Bouncer (as Freeze Luv)
Alex Band - Fiji Mermaid Club Band
Miles Mosley - Fiji Mermaid Club Band
Aaron Kamin - Fiji Mermaid Club Band
Victor Vanacore - Fiji Mermaid Club Band (as Vic Vanacore)
Greg Pitts - Fiji Mermaid Waiter
Whitney Dylan - Fiji Mermaid Worker
Marvin Krueger - Surgeon
Victor Argo - Pete
Peter Appel - Pizza Customer
John Mondin - Pizza Customer
Frank Medrano - Walt
Elizabeth Beckwith - Management Office Receptionist
Diane Hudock - Open Mic Woman
Tara MacLean - Open Mic Singer (as Tara McLean)
Eric Ritter - Arlene's Grocery Audience Member
Thomas R. Martin - Arlene's Grocery Audience Member
Ken Hudson Campbell - Biker (as Ken Campbell)
Jorgen de Mey - Coyote Ugly Customer
Jimmy Shubert - Coyote Ugly Drunk
Greg Ginther - Coyote Ugly Drunk
Jeff Michalski - Fire Marshall
Kaitlin Olson - Bidding Customer (as Kaitlin Olsen)
JJ Snyder - Bidding Customer (as Jennifer Jean)
Susan Yeagley - Bidding Customer
Jill Gettelson - Bidding Customer
Jack McGee - Pitcher
Paul Davis-Miller - Sam Ash Salesman
Johnny Zander - Roy The Busboy
Wali Collins - Critch
Scott Russo - Elbow Room Band Member
Rob Brewer - Elbow Room Band Member
Steve Morris - Elbow Room Band Member
Wade Youman - Elbow Room Band Member
Patrick Kim - Elbow Room Band Member
Natasha Reulet - Girl at the Surprise Party
Sarah Jane Morris - Girl at the Surprise Party (as Sarah Morris)
Jennifer Day - Girl at the Surprise Party
Nava Plotski - Girl at the Surprise Party (as Nava Plotsky)
Alicia Lorén - Girl at the Surprise Party (as Alicia Sorell)
Jennifer Manalo - Girl at the Surprise Party
Nicole Ghastin - Lyndsay Morgan
Jonathan Klein - Manager
Alexandra Balahoutis - Hostess
Johnny Knoxville - College Guy
Chris Wylde - College Guy
Mandy Amano - Dancing Girl in Bar
Carla Alapont Carla Alapont - Dancing Girl in Bar (as Carla Alaponte)
Stephanie Hodge - Dancing Girl in Bar
Allison Ford - Dancing Girl in Bar
Kathy Nowrey - Dancing Girl in Bar
Michael Bay - Photographer
Chip Chinery - Cop
Nick Vallelonga - Cop
Joseph Patrick Kelly - Coyote Ugly Bar Patron
Greg Collins - Coyote Ugly Bar Patron
Stephen Snedden - Customer - Fancy Drinks
Chris Soldevilla - Man Ordering Shots
Joe Bucaro III - Finale Club Drunk (as Joseph Bucaro III)
James T. Sale - Finale Club Drunk
Heather Shannon Ryan - Sorority Girl
Biljana Filipovic - Bar Fight Girlfriend
Jiyune Ahn - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Dan Andreiu - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Eddie Anisko - Finale Club Lead-In Band (uncredited)
Alex Borstein - Bidding Customer (uncredited)
Michael R Bowman - Coyote Ugly Bar Patron (uncredited)
Adam Carrera - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Ryan Cavanaugh - Groomsman (uncredited)
Tony Collucci - High Five Guy (uncredited)
Rebeca Cristian - Bar patron (uncredited)
Claudia Cummings - Violet (uncredited)
Brian Diederich - Best Man (uncredited)
Timothy Huang - Pedestrian (uncredited)
James Huffman - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Tara Nicole Hughes - Dancer (uncredited)
Jason Jacobs - Finale Club Lead-In Band (uncredited)
Sofia Karstens - Dancer #4 (uncredited)
Sandra Leggio - Bar Dancer (uncredited)
Cat Ling - Chinese Woman (uncredited)
Corey Lubak - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Rana Morrison - Gigi-Girl Dancing on Bar (uncredited)
Calvi Pabon - Sexy Dancer (uncredited)
Jeannette Papineau - Bar / Night Club Girl (uncredited)
Melody Perkins - New Coyote (uncredited)
Rachel Puchkoff - Dancing Girl in Bar (uncredited)
John Simmit - Property of Violet's Bar (uncredited)
Jimmy Star - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Carol Ann Susi - Bidding Costumer (uncredited)
Patty Tobin - The Red-Headed Nurse (uncredited)
Lisa Marie Waishes - Shannon (uncredited)
Brad Yoder - College Guy (uncredited)
Patrick Yonally - Finale Club Lead-In Band (uncredited)
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