Merlijn De Tovenaar : Cleaning

Songteksten info
Title: Cleaning
Movie / DVD / Musical: Merlijn De Tovenaar
Songwriter(s): Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Composer(s): Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Performed By: Karl Swenson [Merlin], Rickie Sorensen [Arthur, Wart]
Year: 1963
Language: Engels
For every high there is a low
For every to there is a fro
To and fro
Stop and go
That's what makes the world go round

Higitus figitus migitus mum
Skitun de bitun de batun de dum
I'm supposed to do it
No one will know the difference
Who cares, as long as the works gets done?
Rubbedy scrubbedy sweepety flo
Come on, son, let's go, let's go