The English Patient

LaserDisc info
Title: The English Patient
Original Title: The English Patient
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United States United States
Reference: 12356 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Year: 1996
Release Date: 12-11-1997
UPC: 786936053982
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 12356-1
Price: 59,99 USD
Manufactured By: Pioneer USA
Publisher: Miramax, Tiger Moth Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Video
Length: 162 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sides: 3
Chapter(s): 31
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
DTS: English
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 59-052A1-003 D0180427
59-052B1-018 D0280910
59-052C1-001 D0170303
07-400B1-060 D0251854-BLANK
Original Other
Ralph Fiennes - Almásy
Juliette Binoche - Hana
Willem Dafoe - Caravaggio
Kristin Scott Thomas - Katharine Clifton
Naveen Andrews - Kip
Colin Firth - Geoffrey Clifton
Julian Wadham - Madox
Jürgen Prochnow - Major Muller
Kevin Whately - Hardy
Clive Merrison - Fenelon-Barnes
Nino Castelnuovo - D'Agostino
Hichem Rostom - Fouad
Peter Rühring - Bermann
Geordie Johnson - Oliver
Torri Higginson - Mary
Liisa Repo-Martell - Jan
Raymond Coulthard - Rupert Douglas
Philip Whitchurch - Corporal Dade
Lee Ross - Spalding
Anthony Smee - Beach Interrogation Officer
Matthew Ferguson - Young Canadian Soldier
Jason Done - Kiss Me Soldier
Roger Morlidge - Sergeant, Desert Train
Simon Sherlock - Private, Desert Train
Sebastian Schipper - Interrogation Room Soldier
Fritz Eggert - Interrogation Room Soldier
Sonia Mankaï - Arab Nurse (as Sonia Mankai)
Rim Turki - Aicha
Sebastian Rudolph - Officer In Square
Thoraya Sehill - Interpreter In Square
Sondos Belhassen - Woman With Baby In Square (as Sondess Belhassen)
Dominic Mafham - Officer, El Taj
Gregor Truter - Corporal, El Taj
Salah Miled - Bedouin Doctor
Abdellatif Hamrouni - Ancient Arab
Samy Azaiez - Kamal
Habib Chetoui - Al Auf
Philippa Day - Officer's Wife (as Phillipa Day)
Amanda Walker - Lady Hampton
Paul Kant - Sir Ronald Hampton
Extra Info
• The opening DTS/THX intros are not sync'ed correctly with the sound. The rest of the movie is fine
• First batch had the THX black sticker on the wrapping. Second batch had only a corrective sticker reading:
- Side 2 shoud read:
Chapter 21: Drunken Spectable
- Side 3 should begin
Chapter 22: A Volume Of Light
and end
Chapter 31: Fatal Injection
• Chapter listing appears on the inside of the gatefold jacket