The Island at the Top of the World

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Title: The Island at the Top of the World
Original Title: The Island at the Top of the World
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Country: United States United States
Reference: 054 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Serie: Walt Disney's Film Collection
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Year: 1974
Release Date: 24-08-1994
UPC: 012257054064
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 054-1
Price: 34.99 USD
Manufactured By: Mitsubishi
Production: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Video
Length: 94 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.75:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 20
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Stereo: English
Mono: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 054AS A 01 A40G03270
054AS B 01 B40G03261
Walt Disney's Studio Film Collection represents a very special era in motion picture history. reflecting the creative vision of a man who believed deeply in the youthful hopes and dreams inside us all, the unique quality of these timeless films will forever touch our hearts.

An American archaeologist (David Hartman) joins a rich English businessman, an eccentric French inventor, and an Eskimo trapper (Mako, from Rising Sun), on an awe-inspiring expedition to the Arctic. They're looking for a missing son, but they discover a world forgotten by time — a world of 10th-century Vikings, erupting volcanoes, and the legendary whales' graveyard!

The Island at the Top of the World is in the grand fantasy adventure tradition of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, with all the spectacle and beauty, romance and comedy, that make the Disney films such timeless classics, and so appealing to all audiences.
Original Other
David Hartman - Prof. Ivarsson
Donald Sinden - Sir Anthony Ross
Jacques Marin - Captain Brieux
Mako - Oomiak
David Gwillim - Donald Ross
Agneta Eckemyr - Freyja
Gunnar Öhlund - The Godi (as Gunnar Ohlund)
Lasse Kolstad - Erik
Erik Silju - Torvald
Rolf Søder - The Lawspeaker
Torsten Wahlund - Sven
Sverre Anker Ousdal - Gunnar (as Sverre Ousdal)
Niels Hinrichsen - Sigurd
Denny Miller - Town Guard
Brendan Dillon - The Factor
James Almanzar - French Engineer
Ivor Barry - The Butler
Lee Paul - Chief of Boat Archers
Ian Abercrombie - Train Conductor (uncredited)
Jackson Bostwick - Pilot (uncredited)
Herman Poppe - Sentry (uncredited)
Side 1
1. Program Start
2. Opening Credits
3. Captain Brieux And His Airship
4. Departure
5. Midair Propeller Change
6. Fort Conger Arrival
7. Abducting Oomiak
8. Whales
9. Into The Cloud

Side 2
10. Incredible Discovery
11. An Explanation
12. Meeting With The Viking Council
13. Freyja To The Rescue
14. Father-Son Talk
15. Ancient Volcanoes
16. Through The Mouth Of Hell
17. Sea Beasts!
18. The Hyperion Rises Once Again
19. Wind Change
20. An Exchange For Freedom
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