The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

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Title: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
Original Title: The Freddie Mercury Tribute: Concert for AIDS Awareness
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Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Reference: PLMPD 01151
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action, Music
Genre: TV Special, Documentary, Music
Year: 1992
Release Date: 00-00-1996
UPC: 5022626011517
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: ???
Price: ???
Manufactured By: Pioneer Japan
Production: Fugitive Productions, Hollywood Music Video, Quinn Martin Productions (QM)
Distribution: Pioneer LDCE Ltd.
Length: 207 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Sides: 4
Chapter(s): 36
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Stereo: English
Subtitles: None
Mint Marks Sample: PLMPD01151-A01-P 0272C121
PLMPD01151-B01-P 0279C121
PLMPD01151-C01-P 0226C121
PLMPD01151-D01-P 0249C121
Original Other
Freddie Mercury - Self (archive footage)
Queen - Themselves
David Bowie - Self
Gary Cherone - Self
Phil Collen - Self
Cindy Crawford - Self
Roger Daltrey - Self
Def Leppard - Themselves
Spike Edney - Self
Joe Elliott - Self
Christopher Guest - Nigel Tufnel
Guns N' Roses - Themselves
Ian Hunter - Self
Tony Iommi - Self
Elton John - Self
Annie Lennox - Self
Joshua Macrae - Self (as Josh Macrae)
Michael McKean - David St. Hubbins
Metallica - Themselves
George Michael - Self
Liza Minnelli - Self
Mike Moran - Self
Robert Plant - Self
Mick Ronson - Self
Maggie Ryder - Self
Seal - Self
Harry Shearer - Derek Smalls
Lisa Stansfield - Self
Miriam Stockley - Self
Elizabeth Taylor - Self
Chris Thompson - Self
Paul Young - Self
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