Ed Wood

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Title: Ed Wood
Original Title: Ed Wood
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Country: United States United States
Reference: 2758 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Year: 1994
Release Date: 27-06-1995
UPC: 765362758067
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 2758-1
Price: 39,99 USD
Manufactured By: Mitsubishi
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Video
Length: 127 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sides: 3
Chapter(s): 32
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 2758AS A 01 M A50E09818
2758AS B 01 M B50E09834
2758AS C 01 M C50E14022
Original Other
Johnny Depp - Ed Wood
Martin Landau - Bela Lugosi
Sarah Jessica Parker - Dolores Fuller
Patricia Arquette - Kathy O'Hara
Jeffrey Jones - Criswell
G.D. Spradlin - Reverend Lemon
Vincent D'Onofrio - Orson Welles
Bill Murray - Bunny Breckinridge
Mike Starr - Georgie Weiss
Max Casella - Paul Marco
Brent Hinkley - Conrad Brooks
Lisa Marie - Vampira
George 'The Animal' Steele - Tor Johnson
Juliet Landau - Loretta King
Clive Rosengren - Ed Reynolds
Norman Alden - Cameraman Bill
Leonard Termo - Makeup Man Harry
Ned Bellamy - Dr. Tom Mason
Danny Dayton - Soundman
Ross Manarchy - Camera Assistant (as John Ross)
Bill Cusack - Tony McCoy
Aaron Nelms - Teenage Kid
Biff Yeager - Rude Boss
Joseph R. Gannascoli - Security Guard
Carmen Filpi - Old Crusty Man
Lisa Malkiewicz - Secretary #1
Melora Walters - Secretary #2
Conrad Brooks - Bartender
Don Amendolia - Salesman
Tommy Bertelsen - Tough Boy
Reid Cruickshanks - Stage Guard
Stanley DeSantis - Mr. Feldman (as Stanley Desantis)
Lionel Decker - Executive #1
Edmund L. Shaff - Executive #2
Gene LeBell - Ring Announcer
Jesse Lizarraga - Wrestling Opponent (as Jesse Hernandez)
Bobby Slayton - TV Show Host
Gretchen Becker - TV Host's Assistant
John Rice - Conservative Man
Catherine Butterfield - Conservative Wife
Mary Portser - Backer's Wife
King Cotton - Hick Backer
Don Hood - Southern Backer
Frank Echols - Doorman
Matthew Barry - Valet
Ralph Monaco - Waiter
Anthony Russell - Busboy
Tommy Bush - Stage Manager
Gregory Walcott - Potential Backer
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. - Another Backer
Rance Howard - Old Man McCoy
Vasek Simek - Professor Strowski (as Vasek C. Simek)
Alan Martin - Vampira's Assistant
Salwa Ali - Vampira's Girlfriend
Rodney Kizziah - Vampira's Friend
Korla Pandit - Indian Musician
Hannah Eckstein - Greta Johnson
Luc De Schepper - Karl Johnson
Vinny Argiro - TV Horror Show Director
Patti Tippo - Nurse
Ray Baker - Doctor
Louis Lombardi - Rental House Manager
Jim Boyce - Theatre Manager (as James Reid Boyce)
Ben Ryan Ganger - Angry Kid
Ryan Holihan - Frantic Usher
Marc Revivo - High School Punk
Charlie Holliday - Tourist
Adam Drescher - Photographer #1
Ric Mancini - Photographer #2
Daniel Riordan - Pilot / Strapping Young Man
Mickey Cottrell - Hammy Alien
Christopher George Simpson - Organist
Robert Binford - Choir Member
Herbert Boche - Choir Member
Linda Rae Brienza - Choir Member
Marlene Cook - Choir Member
Sylvia Coussa - Choir Member
Audrey Cuyler - Choir Member
Joseph Golightly - Choir Member
Carrie Starner Hummel - Choir Member
Ramona Kemp-Blair - Choir Member
Carolyn Kessinger - Choir Member
Nancy Longyear - Choir Member
Matthew Nelson - Choir Member
Robert Nuffer - Choir Member
William Michael Short - Choir Member
Susan Eileen Simpson - Choir Member
George F. Sterne - Choir Member
Charles Alan Stephenson - Choir Member
Cheri A. Williams - Choir Member
Cynthia Ann Wilson - Choir Member
Bill Anderson - Wrestling Referee (uncredited)
Lena Banks - Sexy Pedestrian (uncredited)
Bill Blair - Carny (uncredited)
Mike Breyer - Photographer (uncredited)
Susan Claridge - Party Goer (uncredited)
Patrick Cranshaw - Editor on Studio Lot (uncredited)
Ryal Haakenson - Wedding Guest / Theatre Goer (uncredited)
Zachary Keats - Trick-or-Treating Kid (uncredited)
Susan Knego - Girl in Theater Lobby (uncredited)
Navya La Shay - Secretary (uncredited)
Maurice LaMarche - Orson Welles (voice) (uncredited)
Tanya Marten - Secretary (uncredited)
Johnny Meyer - Kid At Movie Theater (uncredited)
John Michael Quinn - Minister (uncredited)
Danny Ramirez - Wrestler Trainer (uncredited)
Shawn J. Shoulders - Moviegoer (uncredited)
Jeff Shrewsbury - Theater Patron (uncredited)
Ada Tai - Vampira's Friend (uncredited)
Arlene Tai - Vampira's Friend (uncredited)
Lars Woods - Car Vandal (uncredited)
Side 1
1. Program Start
2. Opening Credits
3. Special Qualifications
4. A New Friend
5. An Evening With Bela
6. A little Surprise For Dolores
7. Scene 17: Glenda Looks In The Window
8. Mr. Lugosi On The Set
9. At Mr. Feldman's Office
10. Tor Johnson

Side 2
11. A Call For Help
12. Live TV/Mr. Criswell
13. Loretta King
14. An Angry Girlfriend
15. And Action...And Cut!
16. An Officer to Vampira
17. Mr. McCoy's Fifty Grand
18. Night Shoot: Octopus Scene
19. A New Final Speech
20. Al The Wrap Party
21. Desperate Measures

Side 3
22. Visitors For Bela
23. First Date With Kathy
24. Shooting Bela Solo
25. Movie Premiere
26. A Special Moment For Bela
27. Ed Pitches His Landlord
28. Baptism
29. "Grave Robbers" Shooting Begins
30. Meeting Orson Welles
31. Let's Finish This Picture!
32. This Film Is For Bela
Extra Info
• Black & White
• Mastered by Pioneer Japan