Der Prinze Und Der Drache

Films info
Title: Der Prinze Und Der Drache
Original Title: The Prince And The Dragon
Country: Germany Germany
Catalog Number: ???
Type: Super 8
Color / Black & White: ???
Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Category: Animation
Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy
Year: 1959
Release Date: ???
Publisher: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Movies
Length: ???
Aspect Ratio: ???
Sound: ???
Original Other
Mary Costa - Princess Aurora (voice)
Bill Shirley - Prince Phillip (voice)
Eleanor Audley - Maleficent (voice)
Verna Felton - Flora / Queen Leah (voice)
Barbara Luddy - Merryweather (voice)
Barbara Jo Allen - Fauna (voice)
Taylor Holmes - King Stefan (voice)
Bill Thompson - King Hubert (voice)
Bob Amsberry - Maleficent's Goon (voice) (uncredited)
Mel Blanc - Samson the Horse (uncredited)
Candy Candido - Maleficent's Goon (voice) (uncredited)
Pinto Colvig - Maleficent's Goon (voice) (uncredited)
Hans Conried - Lord Duke (uncredited)
James MacDonald - Dragon Maleficent's Roar (voice) (uncredited)
Dal McKennon - Owl / Diablo (voice) (uncredited)
Marvin Miller - Narrator (voice) (uncredited)