Ein Toller Käfer

Films info
Title: Ein Toller Käfer
Original Title: The Love Bug
Country: Germany Germany
Catalog Number: 8798
Type: Super 8
Color / Black & White: ???
Movie: The Love Bug
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Family, Sport
Year: 1968
Release Date: ???
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Revue Film
Length: ???
Aspect Ratio: ???
Sound: ???
Original Other
Dean Jones - Jim Douglas
Michele Lee - Carole Bennett
David Tomlinson - Peter Thorndyke
Buddy Hackett - Tennessee Steinmetz
Joe Flynn - Havershaw
Benson Fong - Tang Wu
Joe E. Ross - Detective
Barry Kelley - Police Sgt.
Iris Adrian - Carhop
Andy Granatelli - Association President
Ned Glass - Toll Booth Attendant
Robert Foulk - Bice
Gil Lamb - Policeman at Park
Nicole Jaffe - Girl In Dune-buggy
Wally Boag - Flabbergasted Driver
Russ Caldwell - Boy Driving Dune-buggy
Max Balchowsky
Peter Renaday - Policeman on Bridge (as P.L Renoudet)
Brian Fong - Chinese Carrying Herbie
Alan Fordney
Stan Duke
Gary Owens - Announcer
Chick Hearn - Announcer
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez - Mexican Driver (as Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez)
Dale Van Sickel - Driver
Regis Parton - Driver (as Reg Parton)
Regina Parton - Driver
Tom Bamford - Driver
Bob Drake - Driver
Marion J. Playan - Driver
Hall Brock - Driver
Bill Hickman - Driver
Rex Ramsey - Driver
Hal Grist - Driver
Lynn Grate - Driver
Larry Schmitz - Driver
Dick Warlock - Driver (as Richard Warlock)
Dana Derfus - Driver
Everett Creach - Driver
Gerald Jann - Driver
Bill Couch - Driver
Ted Duncan - Driver
Bob Hoy - Driver (as Robert Hoy)
Gene Roscoe - Driver
Jock Mahoney - Driver (as Jack Mahoney)
Charles Willis - Driver
Richard Brill - Driver
Roy Butterfield - Driver
Rudy Doucette - Driver
J.J. Wilson - Driver
Jim McCullough Sr. - Driver (as Jim McCullough)
Bud Ekins - Driver
Glenn R. Wilder - Driver (as Glenn Wilder)
Gene Curtis - Driver
Robert James - Driver
John Timanus - Driver
Bob Harris - Driver
Fred Krone - Driver
Dick Geary - Driver (as Richard Geary)
Jesse Wayne - Driver
Jack Perkins - Driver
Fred Stromsoe - Driver
Ronnie Rondell Jr. - Driver (as Ronnie Rondell)
Kim Brewer - Driver
Herbie - Itself
Leon Alton - Official (uncredited)
Tom Anfinsen - Race Spectator (uncredited)
Larry J. Blake - Track Timekeeper (uncredited)
Robert Buckingham - Official (uncredited)
Donald Chaffin - Official (uncredited)
Dick Cherney - Official (uncredited)
John Cliff - Track Official (uncredited)
Harold Fong - Mr. Wu's Manager (uncredited)
Ben Frommer - Mexican Official (uncredited)
George Holmes - Official (uncredited)
Allen Jung - Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Carey Loftin - Driver (uncredited)
Kathryn Minner - Flower Saleswoman (uncredited)
Paul Ravel - Official (uncredited)
Bing Russell - Track Starter (uncredited)
Eddie Smith - Race Spectator (uncredited)
Herb Vigran - Policeman on Bridge (uncredited)
- 45m sw / ton.