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Title: Newsies
Original Title: Newsies
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Country: Canada Canada
Region: R1-CA
Category: Live Action
Serie: Collector's Edition
Genre: Drama, Family, History
Release Date: 08-04-2003
Year: 1992
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, 16x9
Length: 121 Minutes
Packaging: Black keepcase
Insert: Yes
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: 22
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, English for the hearing impaired
Publisher: Touchwood Pacific Partners 1, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-3100-3
UPC: 786936162783
Catalog Number: 23688
Spine Number: ???
DVD: • DVD 9
• 7,38 GB
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Starring Academy Award®-winner Robert Duvall and screen favourite Ann-Margret, here's the true story of a courageous group of newsboys who became unlikely heroes when they team up to fight an unscrupulous newspaper tycoon. Determined to make their dream come true, they find the courage to challenge the powerful! Criiically acclaimed from coast to coast - if you're looking for must-see, feel-good entertainment, Newsies delivers on DVD!
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Christian Bale - Jack Kelly
David Moscow - David Jacobs
Luke Edwards - Les Jacobs
Max Casella - Racetrack Higgins
Gabriel Damon - Spot Conlon
Marty Belafsky - Crutchy
Arvie Lowe Jr. - Boots
Aaron Lohr - Mush
Trey Parker - Kid Blink
Dee Caspary - Snitch
Joseph Conrad - Jake
Dominic Maldonado - Itey
Matthew Schoenfeld - Snipeshooter (as Matthew Fields)
Mark David - Specs
Ivan Dudynsky - Dutchy
Robert Feeney - Snoddy
Michael A. Goorjian - Skittery
Dominic Lucero - Bumlets
David Sidoni - Pie-Eater
Kevin Alexander Stea - Swifty the Rake (as Kevin Stea)
Bill Pullman - Bryan Denton
Ann-Margret - Medda Larkson
Ele Keats - Sarah Jacobs
Jeffrey DeMunn - Mayer Jacobs
Deborra-Lee Furness - Esther Jacobs
Marc Lawrence - Kloppman
Kevin Smets - Ten-Pin (as Kevin Michaels)
Sylvia Short - Nun
Melody Santangello - Nun
Lois Young - Nun
Gregg Kent-Smith - Toby the Candy Butcher
David James Alexander - Gov. Theodore Roosevelt
Robert Duvall - Joseph Pulitzer
Michael Lerner - Weasel
Kevin Tighe - Snyder
Charles Cioffi - Seitz
Shon Greenblatt - Oscar Delancey
David Sheinkopf - Morris Delancey
Mark Lowenthal - Jonathan
William Boyett - Judge Movealong Monahan
Ryan MacDonald - Mayor Robert Van Wyck
Frank Girardeau - Chief of Police Devery
Shay Duffin - Captain McSwain
Terry Kohl - Bailiff
Tom Finnegan - Bunsen
I.M. Hobson - Gammon, Sun Publisher
Frank Novak - Policeman
Ogie Banks - Newsies Dancer (as Ogie Banks III)
David Evans - Newsies Dancer
Travis Payne - Newsies Dancer
Daxon Calloway - Newsies Dancer
Craig Raclawski - Newsies Dancer
Jim Raposa - Newsies Dancer
Scott Caudill - Newsies Dancer
Michael Rohrbacher - Newsies Dancer
Damon Butler - Newsies Dancer
D.J. Dellos - Newsies Dancer
Gregg Russell - Newsies Dancer
Chris Bonomo - Newsies Dancer (as Christopher Bonomo)
Chris Dupre - Newsies Dancer
Josh Keaton - Newsies Dancer (as Joshua Wiener)
Brett Dieball - Newsies Dancer
Dak Eubanks - Newsies Dancer
Jesus Fuentes - Newsies Dancer
Brian Friedman - Newsies Dancer
Tony Gonzalez - Newsies Dancer
Michael Irvin - Newsies Dancer
Todd Jenkins - Newsies Dancer
Robert Jaquez - Newsies Dancer
Eric Pesqueira - Newsies Dancer
Terry Lindholm - Newsies Dancer
Larry Jones - Newsies Dancer
Scott Thysell - Newsies Dancer
Alan James Luzietti - Newsies Dancer
Kevin Kruger - Newsies Dancer
Jeff Thysell - Newsies Dancer
Kevin McCasland - Newsies Dancer
David Larson - Newsies Dancer
Wes Veldink - Newsies Dancer
Dean McFliker - Newsies Dancer
Patrick Lars Olsen - Newsies Dancer
Michael Warwick - Newsies Dancer
James Earl Miller - Newsies Dancer
Jason Yribar - Newsies Dancer
Louise Bale - Medda's Helper (uncredited)
Shutchai Tym Buacharern - Newsies dancer (uncredited)
Lonnie Burr - O'Rourke (uncredited)
Jared Christensen - Newsie (uncredited)
Eric Clarke - Thug (uncredited)
Alli Danziger - Orphan (uncredited)
Nayib Estefan - Kingpin (uncredited)
Carrie Foster - Newsie (uncredited)
Mike Galaxy - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
Robby George - Newsie (uncredited)
Jimmy Grant - Tumble Boy (uncredited)
Allen Gregory - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
Jean-Paul Hellendall - Newsie (uncredited)
Halbert Hernandez - Newsie (uncredited)
Steven A. Hite - Newsie (uncredited)
Ron Kellum - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
Mareo-Ahmir Lawson - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
Paul McMichael - Newsie (uncredited)
Jim Rhine - Joyful Street Vendor (uncredited)
Del Mar Richardson - Newsie (uncredited)
Gavin Ryan - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
Marc Ian Sklar - Reporter (uncredited)
Frank Slaten - Fireman (uncredited)
Ralph Smith - Newsie (uncredited)
Mark Taormino - Newsie Dockworker (uncredited)
Sabrina Wiener - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
William Winckler - Newsie (uncredited)
Michael Woxland - Newsies Dancer (uncredited)
Richard Yett - Newsboy (uncredited)
• Audio Commentary With Filmmakers
• Newsies, Newsies See All About It
• Newsies The Inside Story
• The Strike! The True Story
• Theatrical Trailer #1
• Theatrical Trailer #2
• Storyboards-To-Scene Comparison Sequence
• Newsies Sing-Along
• Talkin' Newsies
1. Opening Titles / "Prologue"
2. "Carrying The Banner"
3. Headlines
4. Improving The Truth
5. "My Lovey Dovey Baby"
6. "Santa Fe"
7. Strike! / "The World Will Know"
8. Ambassadors
9. "Seize The Day"
10. The Refuge
11. "Seize The Day (Chorale)"
12. "King Of New York"
13. Sarah
14. "High Times, Hard Times"
15. Conspiracy
16. The Power Of The Press
17. "Santa Fe (Reprise)"
18. Loyalty
19. "Once And For All"
20. "The World Will Know (Reprise)"
21. It's Over!
22. "Carrying The Banner (Finale)" / End Credits
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