Tom and Huck / Tom and Huck

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Title: Tom and Huck
Original Title: Tom and Huck
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Australia Australia
Region: 4-AU
Category: Live Action
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Release Date: 09-11-2004
Year: 1995
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, 16x9
Length: 88 Minutes
Packaging: Keep Case Ameray Transparant
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Dolby Digital 2.0: French, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Painted Fence Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 9398527036031
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Mark Twain's immortal characters Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn team up for the action-packed time of their lives in this rollicking, fun-filled adventure! Town mischief-maker Tom (Jonathan Taylor Thomas ? Man Of The House) and his rebellious pal Huck (Brad Renfro - The Client) must find a pirate's treasure map in order to save an innocent man from being wrongly convicted of a crime. Their daunting mission leads them to a haunted house, a mysterious cave and finally to the ultimate courtroom showdown with the villainous, knife-throwing Injun Joe! No two boys have ever landed in more outrageous predicaments, broken more rules?or learned more valuable lessons about friendship than in Disney's crowd-pleasing family adventure TOM AND HUCK.
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Tom Sawyer
Brad Renfro - Huck Finn
Eric Schweig - Injun Joe
Charles Rocket - Judge Thatcher
Amy Wright - Aunt Polly
Michael McShane - Muff Potter
Marian Seldes - Widow Douglas
Rachael Leigh Cook - Becky Thatcher
Lanny Flaherty - Emmett
Courtland Mead - Sid
Peter Mackenzie - Mr. Sneed
Heath Lamberts - Schoolmaster Dobbins
William Newman - Doc Robinson
Joey Stinson - Joe Harper
Blake Heron - Ben Rodgers
Jim Aycock - Defense Lawyer
Andy Stahl - Sheriff
Adrian Roberts - Welshman
Tiffany Lynn Clark - Suzy Harper
Kellen Hathaway - Billy Newton
Mark Cabus - Farmer
Bronwen Murray - Mary
Paul Kropfl - Impatient Trial Spectator (as Paul Anthony Kropfl)
Newell Alexander - Search Party
Tommy Lamey - Search Party
David Cowgill - Search Party
Stuart K. Robinson - Search Party
Mitch Carter - Taverner
Ike Eisenmann - Taverner
Mathew Valencia - Taverner
Blake McIver Ewing - Taverner (as Blake Ewing)
Rosemary Alexander - Townsperson
Sherry Hursey - Townsperson
Philece Sampler - Townsperson
Wendy Cutler - Townsperson
Tamara Mello - Townsperson (as Tamra Mellow)
Edie Mirman - Townsperson
Toby Scott Ganger - Townsperson (as Toby Ganger)
Austin Kottke - Townsperson
Courtney Peldon - Townsperson (as Courtney Pelton)
Katherine Zarimba - Townsperson
Emmy Collins - Townsperson (uncredited)
Adam Crosby - Funeral Boy (uncredited)
Ron Clinton Smith - Flatboatman (uncredited)
Wade Woods - Butcher (uncredited)
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