The Last Duel / The Last Duel

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Title: The Last Duel
Original Title: The Last Duel
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Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Region: R2-NL
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Drama, History
Release Date: 21-01-2022
Year: 2021
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: DVD Keepcase
Insert: Nee
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: 20th Century Studios, Pearl Street Films, Scott Free Productions, TSG Entertainment
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
UPC: 8717418601034
Catalog Number: Nee
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Matt Damon - Sir Jean de Carrouges
Adam Driver - Jacques Le Gris
Jodie Comer - Marguerite de Carrouges
Harriet Walter - Nicole de Carrouges
Ben Affleck - Pierre d'Alençon
Alex Lawther - King Charles VI
Marton Csokas - Crespin
William Houston - Herald at the Duel
Oliver Cotton - Jean de Carrouges III
Aurélien Lorgnier - Carrogues' Priest
Nathaniel Parker - Sir Robert de Thibouville
Tallulah Haddon - Marie
Bryony Hannah - Alice
Thomas Silberstein - Palace of Justice Clerk
Adam Goodwin - Rider
Ian Pirie - Henri
Daniel Horn - Argentan Herald
Michael McElhatton - Bernard de Latour
Sam Hazeldine - Thomin Dubois
Clive Russell - King's Uncle
Julian Firth - King's Uncle
Sylvain Lablée - Palace of Justice Bailiff
Zoé Bruneau - Lady Marie Chamaillart
Chloé Lindau - Pierre's Mistress
Adam Nagaitis - Adam Louvel
Elise Caprice - Woman at Orgy
Fiona Maherault Valinski - Woman at Orgy
Tassia Martin - Woman at Orgy
Camille Mutin - Woman at Orgy
Caoimhe O'Malley - Elizabeth
John Kavanagh - Le Gris' Priest
Zeljko Ivanek - Le Coq
Simone Collins - Agatha
Clare Dunne - Celia
Christian Erickson - Louis the Old Farmer
Alex Blanchard - Tailor
Gin Minelli - Noble Lady
Cecilia Steiner - Noble Lady (as Cécilia Steiner)
Serena Kennedy - Queen Isabeau
Quentin Ogier - Clergy
Paul Bandey - Clergy
Martin Vaughan Lewis - Clergy
Brontis Jodorowsky - Magistrate
Peter Hudson - Magistrate
Alexander Pattie - Sergeant at Arms
Dimitri Michelsen - Treasury Bureaucrat
Stephen Brennan - Physician
Colin David Reese - Carrouges' Gate Keeper
Bosco Hogan - Priest at Duel
Kyle Hixon - Pierre's Tailor
Florian Hutter - Dowry Lawyer
Sam Chemoul - Teenager Carrouges' Estate
Jim Roche - Orgy Spectator
Martin Gogarty - Orgy Spectator
Ronan Leonard - Orgy Spectator
Shane Lynch - Orgy Spectator
Peter Kirkby - Orgy Spectator
Kevin McGahern - Clueless Vassal
Lorris Chevalier - Singing Soldier
Mark Atkin - English soldier (uncredited)
Corinne Delacour - French voice (ADR) (uncredited)
Kyle English - Crespin Nobleman (uncredited)
Chloe Harris - Peasant Woman 31 (uncredited)
Karl Hogan - Crespin Guard (uncredited)
Tyrone Kearns - Male peasant (uncredited)
Brian Manning - Male peasant (uncredited)
Brian F. Mulvey - Phillippe (uncredited)
Jérome Verney - The Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Gabriel Youngs - Deacon (uncredited)
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