Confessions of a Shopaholic / Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Title: Confessions of a Shopaholic
Original Title: Confessions of a Shopaholic
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Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: 23-06-2009
Year: 2009
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 2
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Production: Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 786936792744
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Isla Fisher - Rebecca Bloomwood
Hugh Dancy - Luke Brandon
Krysten Ritter - Suze
Joan Cusack - Jane Bloomwood
John Goodman - Graham Bloomwood
John Lithgow - Edgar West
Kristin Scott Thomas - Alette Naylor
Fred Armisen - Ryan Koenig
Leslie Bibb - Alicia Billington
Lynn Redgrave - Drunken Lady at Ball
Robert Stanton - Derek Smeath
Julie Hagerty - Hayley
Nick Cornish - Tarquin
Wendie Malick - Miss Korch
Clea Lewis - Miss Ptaszinski
Stephen Guarino - Allon
Tuomas Hiltunen - Jani Virtanen
Yoshiro Kono - Ryuichi
John Salley - D. Freak
Lennon Parham - Joyce
Christine Ebersole - TV Show Host
Michael Panes - Russell
Kaitlin Hopkins - Event Planner
Katherine Sigismund - Clare
Alexandra Balahoutis - Prada Manager
Elisabeth Riley - Prada Store Shopper
Madeleine Rockwitz - 8-Year-Old Rebecca
Tommy Davis - Jani's Colleague
Andy Serwer - Mr. Lewis
Kelli Barrett - Girl in Black / Talking Mannequin
Kristen Connolly - Girl in Pink
Paloma Guzmán - Svelte Manhattanite #1
Ilana Levine - Svelte Manhattanite #2
Lenora May - Suze's Mom
Ed Crescimanni - Suze's Dad
Susan Blommaert - Charity Store Orla
Jenn Harris - Christy
Matt Servitto - Head Waiter
Jennifer Kim - Denny & George Clerk
Ginifer King - Woman Candidate
Steve Greenstein - Hot Dog Vendor
Bill Corsair - Hot Dog Stand Patron
Heidi Kristoffer - Alette Girl
Kate Simses - Alette Girl #2
Claire Lautier - Sample Sale Competitor
Brandi Burkhardt - Sample Sale Worker
Denicia Marie Jefferson - Sample Sale Security #1
Renee Victor - Bag Lady
Scott Evans - Chad, the Mail Clerk
Asmeret Ghebremichael - Alette Receptionist
Chris P. Bachman - Mail Room Clerk (as Chris Bachman)
Peter Kapetan - Gin and Tonic Guy (as Peter M. Kapetan)
Jim Holmes - Comintex CEO
Claudia Rocafort - Businesswoman
Molly Regan - Smeath Assistant
Rose Rosconi - Swap Meet Vendor
Robin E. Billson - Swap Meet Vendor #2
Richard G. Batista - Swap Meet Vendor #3
Maeve Yore - Wedding Planner
Ptolemy Slocum - Borders Assistant #1
Jenny Powers - Borders Assistant #2
Vinci Alonso - Prada Salesperson
Jennifer Smith - Sara
Gonzalo Escudero - Alette's Date
Tim Ware - Fund Manager
Anjali Bhimani - Girl #1
Jonathan Tisch - Bank Lender
Shonn Wiley - Good-Looking Guy
Brad Aldous - Alicia's Friend at Party (as Brad T. Aldous)
Annie Chadwick - Edgar West's Wife
Laurie Cole - Ryan Koenig's Girlfriend
Kara Jackson - Woman Hit with Fish
Yadira Santana - Fan Vending Lady
Charles De La Rosa - Barman
Jordyn Taylor Wilsea - Little Girl at Borders
Harvey Waldman - Advertising Exec
Howard Samuelsohn - Advertising Exec
Marceline Hugot - Saleswoman
Abby Lee - Bridesmaid
Caitlin McColl - Bridesmaid
Marie-Pierre Beausejour - Bridesmaid
Bea Miller - Shoestore Girl (as Beatrice Miller)
Peyton List - Shoestore Girl (as Peyton Roi List)
Izzy Palmieri - Shoestore Girl (as Isabelle Palmieri)
Alison Sarah Adams - Teenage Shopaholic (uncredited)
January Adams - Guest (uncredited)
Mike Agresta - Street Vendor (uncredited)
Almudena Alcazar - Conference Attendee (uncredited)
Paul Aldanée - Business Exec. (uncredited)
Joseph Basile - Tattooed Man (uncredited)
Ashley Bates - Sample Sale Shopper (uncredited)
Natascha Bessez - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Robert Bizik - Flea Market Customer (uncredited)
John Borras - Waiter (uncredited)
Gail Bruno - Businesswoman / Demo Attendee (uncredited)
Lee Burkett - Movie Producer (uncredited)
Angelica Cadena - Business Journalist (uncredited)
Nancy Cohen - Museum Curator (uncredited)
Annelise Collette - Business Woman (uncredited)
Anthony Correa - Bussiness Man (uncredited)
Roger Crandall - Auction Attendee (uncredited)
Ryan Curtis - Shopper (uncredited)
Kent Davis - Writer #2 (uncredited)
Tom Deakman - Male Shareholder (uncredited)
Elisangela DiAlencar - Agent Collector (uncredited)
Jared Blake DiCroce - Waiter (uncredited)
Eric Ditman - Business Executive (uncredited)
Laura Hunter Drago - Shopaholic (uncredited)
Corey Dykes - Businessman in Shareholder Meeting Room (uncredited)
Vaneik Echeverria - Spanish Man (uncredited)
Janine Ellis - Angry Business Woman (uncredited)
Jennifer Engle - Secretary (uncredited)
Mallory Escott - TV Audience Member (uncredited)
Jim Fitzpatrick - Wedding Priest (uncredited)
Kevin Fitzpatrick - Debt Collector (uncredited)
Eduardo M. Freyre - Businessman (uncredited)
Julia Frisoli - Mother of Spoiled Child (uncredited)
Cassidy Gard - Shopaholic (uncredited)
Warrington Gillette - Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Suzanne Gillies - Security Guard (uncredited)
Danielle Glick - Shopper (uncredited)
Gerrit Goossen - Clothes Rack Guy (uncredited)
Philip Greene - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Andy Guze - Elevator Passenger #1 (uncredited)
Johnathan Hallgrey - Sample Sale Customer (uncredited)
Ed Helms - Garret E. Barton (uncredited)
Randy Herman - Salsa Street Dancer (uncredited)
Cristina Huang - Shopper (uncredited)
Joe Huu - Successful Saving Magazine Writer (uncredited)
Molly Jade - Business Woman (uncredited)
Edgar Jimz - Miami Street Dancer (uncredited)
Alexis Johnson - Special Shopper (uncredited)
Tracie Jules - Upscale Shopper (uncredited)
Stephane Kay - Elevator Guy (uncredited)
Edward M. Kelahan - Buisness Date (uncredited)
Tanda Kerín - Henri Bendel Sales Rep (uncredited)
Emily Kincaid - Girl at Talk Show (uncredited)
Bobbi Jo Kitchen - Ballroom Invester (uncredited)
Debbie Klaar - Floor Manager (uncredited)
Ashley Klein - Shopper (uncredited)
Ruya Koman - Fashion Magazine Employee (uncredited)
Steve Lantz - Shareholder (uncredited)
Caroline Lawton - Editor #2 (uncredited)
Michelle Luchese - Stationary Store Assistant (uncredited)
John Archer Lundgren - Hotel Guest: Miami (uncredited)
Jared Masters - Ballroom Waiter #2 (uncredited)
Nana Masuda - Sample Sale Shopper (uncredited)
Jennifer Merrill - Svelte Manhattanite (uncredited)
Frances Mignano - Shopaholic (uncredited)
Chris Moss - Taxicab Driver (uncredited)
Kristin Popelka - Shopper (uncredited)
Heidi Rae - German Girl (uncredited)
Terry L. Reed - Share Holder (uncredited)
John G. Rice Jr. - Board Member (uncredited)
Yahaira Rodriguez - Rabid Sale Shopper (uncredited)
Ika Santamaria - Salsa Dancer (uncredited)
James Schram - Groomsman (uncredited)
Kathy Searle - California Customer (uncredited)
Chris Shaw - Shareholder (uncredited)
She - Bikini Babe (uncredited)
Kent Sladyk - Publisher (uncredited)
Jimmy Star - Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Tom Stratford - Friend of the Bride (uncredited)
Karen Summerton - 1980s Credit Card Girl (uncredited)
Maria Swisher - Shopaholic (uncredited)
Melanie Tillbrook - Businesswoman (uncredited)
Haleigh Toner - Model (uncredited)
Paola Tonini - Miami Street Dancer (uncredited)
Charles Van Dyke - Tan Suit Businessman (uncredited)
Danicah Waldo - Sample Sale Shopper (uncredited)
Darly Wanatick - Sample Sale Shopper (uncredited)
Nancy Wetzel - Pucci Boots Girl (uncredited)
Neville White - Reception Host (uncredited)
Ralph A. Wilburn Jr. - Businessman (uncredited)
Chase Wilmot - Young Rebecca Bloomwood (uncredited)
Sharon D. Wilson - Convention Attendee (uncredited)
Lynn Witty - Jane's Friend (uncredited)
Erin Wyatt - Shopaholic #1 (uncredited)
Beau Yotty - Resort Guest (uncredited)
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