The Mighty Ducks / D2: The Mighty Ducks / The Mighty Ducks, D2: The Mighty Ducks

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Title: The Mighty Ducks / D2: The Mighty Ducks
Original Title: The Mighty Ducks, D2: The Mighty Ducks
IMDb / Disneyinfo: The Mighty Ducks   
D2: The Mighty Ducks   
Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Serie: 2-Movie Collection
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Release Date: 18-05-2008
Year: 1992, 1994
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 2
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Avnet/Kerner Productions, Touchwood Pacific Partners 1, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 786936765847
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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The Mighty Ducks
Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay
Joss Ackland - Hans
Lane Smith - Coach Reilly
Heidi Kling - Casey
Josef Sommer - Gerald Ducksworth
Joshua Jackson - Charlie Conway
Elden Henson - Fulton Reed (as Elden Ratliff)
Shaun Weiss - Goldberg
M.C. Gainey - Lewis
Matt Doherty - Les Averman
Brandon Quintin Adams - Jesse Hall (as Brandon Adams)
J.D. Daniels - Peter
Aaron Schwartz - Dave Karp
Garette Ratliff Henson - Guy Germaine
Marguerite Moreau - Connie
Jane Plank - Tammy
Jussie Smollett - Terry Hall
Vincent LaRusso - Adam Banks (as Vincent A. Larusso)
Danny Tamberelli - Tommy
Michael Ooms - McGill
Casey Garven - Larson
Hal Fort Atkinson III - Philip Banks
Basil McRae - Northstar Player #1
Michael Modano - Northstar Player #2
John Beasley - Mr. Hall
Stephen Dowling - Referee (Hawks)
Brock Pierce - Gordon at 10 Years Old
Robert Pall - Gordon's Father
John Paul Gamoke - Mr. Tolbert
Steven Brill - Frank Huddy
George Coe - Judge Weathers
Dale Dunham - Jury Foreman
Barbara Davidson - Jeannie
Brad Peterson - Cardinals Coach
Gerry Bean - Cardinals Goal (as John Oliver)
Jacqueline Kim - Jane
Garth Schumacher - Arresting Cop
Joe Howard - Court Clerk
Scott Bryan - Cardinal #1
Peter L. Mullin - Referee (Flames)
Mark Bradley - Science Teacher
Bill Schoppert - Official (Hawks)
Claudia Wilkens - Principal
Jack White - Utility Ref
Peter Syvertsen - Paramedic
Bob Miller - Announcer
Kevin Deon - Juror (uncredited)
Jeannie Epper - Woman in Mall (uncredited)
Anthony Fitzgerald - Screaming Fan (uncredited)
Ryan J. Gilmer - North Star Fan Scenes (uncredited)
Steven Gilmer - North Star Fan Scenes (uncredited)
Mark Har - Cookie Guy (uncredited)
Kyle Pittman - Kid (uncredited)
Teal Redmann - Girl Number 1 (uncredited)
Laurie A. Sinclair - Driver (uncredited)
Lane Smith Jr. - Fan (uncredited)
Jimmy Star - Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Andrei Sterling - Angry Game Fan (uncredited)
Katie Wahlquist - Figure Skater (uncredited)

D2: The Mighty Ducks
Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay
Kathryn Erbe - Michele
Michael Tucker - Tibbles
Jan Rubes - Jan
Carsten Norgaard - Wolf
Maria Ellingsen - Marria
Joshua Jackson - Charlie
Elden Henson - Fulton (as Elden Ryan Ratliff)
Shaun Weiss - Goldberg
Matt Doherty - Averman
Brandon Quintin Adams - Jesse (as Brandon Adams)
Garette Ratliff Henson - Guy
Marguerite Moreau - Connie
Vincent LaRusso - Banks (as Vincent A. Larusso)
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine - Julie (as Colombe Jacobsen)
Aaron Lohr - Portman
Ty O'Neal - Dwayne
Kenan Thompson - Russ
Mike Vitar - Luis
Justin Wong - Ken
Scott Whyte - Gunnar
Kai Lennox - Olaf
Vicellous Shannon - James (as Vicellous Reon Shannon)
Noah Verduzco - Hector
Marcus Klemp - Fanger
Jon Karl Hjelm - Norbert
Michael Ooms - McGill
Casey Garven - Larson
Brock Pierce - Young Gordon
Robert Pall - Young Gordon's Father
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Celebrity at Party
Cam Neely - Celebrity at Party
Chris Chelios - Celebrity at Party
Luc Robitaille - Celebrity at Party
Greg Louganis - Celebrity at Party
Kristi Yamaguchi - Celebrity at Party
Steven Brill - Celebrity at Party
Leah Lail - Terry at Party
Wayne Gretzky - Wayne Gretzky
Jeannette Kerner - Woman at Boutique
Mary Brill - Woman at Boutique
Jack White - Referee at Games
Michael Francis Kelly - Referee at Games
Bob Miller - Game Announcer
Joe Fowler - Reporter at Anaheim
Harve Cook - Trinidad Coach
Rodney Louis Johnson - 'Mr. Alley Oop'
Laura Lombardi - Photo Shoot A.D.
Nancy Stephens - Coliseum Reporter
Tajsha Thomas - Coliseum Reporter
Kevin Wommack - Doo-Wop Singer
Bryant Woodert - Doo-Wop Singer
Adam A. Labaud Jr. - Doo-Wop Singer
Lena Banks - Beach Babe (uncredited)
Mike Butters - Norwegian Player (uncredited)
Laura Collins - One of the people on the roller coaster (uncredited)
Stephen Dowling - Hockey Referee (uncredited)
Larissa Lowthorp - Student (uncredited)
Constance McCashin - Shopkeeper (uncredited)
Rachel Oliva - Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Nathan West - Iceland Goalie (uncredited)
Michael Yanz - Candy Store Kid #1 (uncredited)
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