Family Collection: Volume 2 / Blackbeard

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Title: Family Collection: Volume 2
Original Title: Blackbeard's Ghost, One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, The Absent Minded Professor, Escape to Witch Mountain, The Gnome-Mobile, The Watcher in the Woods, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, The Spaceman and King Arthur, Condorman
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Blackbeard's Ghost   
One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing   
The Absent-Minded Professor   
Escape to Witch Mountain   
The Gnome-Mobile   
The Watcher in the Woods   
Freaky Friday   
The Parent Trap   
Unidentified Flying Oddball   
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: R2-UK
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Action
Release Date: 02-10-2006
Year: 1968, 1975, 1961, 1967, 1980, 1976, 1979, 1981
Aspect Ratio: Blackbeard's Ghost: 1.33:1
One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing: 1.66:1
The Absent-Minded Professor: 1.33:1
Escape to Witch Mountain: 1.78:1
The Gnome-Mobile: 1.33:1
The Watcher in the Woods: 1.85:1
Freaky Friday: 1.33:1
The Parent Trap: 1.85:1
Unidentified Flying Oddball: 1.77:1
Condorman: 2.35:1
Length: 935 Minutes
Packaging: Box with 10 keepcases
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 10
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, French, German, Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese
Mono: English, Spanish, German
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 8717418102029
Catalog Number: BUG0033501SC1A
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Blackbeard's Ghost
Peter ustinov stars in this hilarious fantasy as the ghost of the legendary pirate Blackbeard. Cursed to wander in limbo until he performs a good deed, Blackbeard gets his chance when he decides to help a local college track team that hasn't a ghost of a chance of winning.

One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing
An astronaut and his robot companion accidentally fly backwards in time and end up prisoners at the court of King Arthur. A jealous Merlin and Mordred plot to overthrow the king, but thanks to modern technology, the Knights of the Round Table are able to defeat the evil forces in a rousing climatic battle.

The Absent-Minded Professor
Delight in the fun when Professor Brainard (Fred macMurray) uses Flubber to put more bounce in the basketball team, fly a Model "T" jalopy over washington, D.C., and save Medfield College from financial ruin.

Escape To Witch Mountain
An evil millionaire attempts to exploit the powers of two young clairvoyants. While escaping from his mansion, they meet a friendly camper and unravel the mystery of their origin. But then someone with even greater powers takes over and leads the children into a dazzling and unexpected experience... one that is truly out of this world!

The Gnome-Mobile
Two young children encounter Jasper, a gnome and agree to help him find a bride for his 900-year-old grandfather. But an enterprising showman discovers the gnomes and masterminds a kidnapping plot that develops into a wild chase!

The Watcher In The Woods
When an American teenager joins her family in an English country house, she experiences strange and supernatural occurrences. The kindly caretaker knows the dark secret and prepares for the return of a young girl who died mysteriously some thirty years earlier!

Freaky Friday
When tomboyish Annabel (Jodie Foster) switches bodies with her mother Ellen, she suddenly finds herself responsible for running the household! And Ellen, now in her daughter's body, faces the challenges of school, including a typing test, field hockey practice and more.

The Parent Trap
Hayley Mills (Pollyanna) shines playing twin daughters of a divorced couple. The girls, who have long been seperated, meet accidentally for the first time at summer camp. After discovering they are long-lost twin sisters, they plan an outrageous scheme to switch places in an effort to get their parents back together.

Unidentified Flying Oddball
An astronaut and his robot companion accidentally fly backwards in time and end up prisoners at the court of King Arthur. A jealous Merlin and Mordred plot to overthrow the king, but thanks to modern technology, the Knights of the Round Table are able to defeat the evil forces in a rousing climatic battle.

A cartoonist adopts the identy of his own creation - Condorman - and suddenly, his life explodes into highflying adventure with more excitement than all of his comic strips. The special affects soar in a series of hair-raising chases and madcap plot twists in this crazy comedy where Condorman lives.
Original Other
Blackbeard's Ghost
Peter Ustinov - Captain Blackbeard
Dean Jones - Steve Walker
Suzanne Pleshette - Jo Anne Baker
Elsa Lanchester - Emily Stowecroft
Joby Baker - Silky Seymour
Elliott Reid - TV Commentator
Richard Deacon - Dean Wheaton
Norman Grabowski - Virgil
Kelly Thordsen - Motorcycle Officer
Michael Conrad - Pinetop Purvis
Herbie Faye - Croupier
George Murdock - Head Official
Hank Jones - Gudger Larkin
Ned Glass - Teller
Gil Lamb - Waiter
Alan Carney - Bartender
Ted Markland - Charles
Lou Nova - Leon
Charlie Brill - Edward
Herb Vigran - Danny Oly
William Fawcett - Mr. Ainsworth
Betty Bronson - Old Lady
Elsie Baker - Old Lady
Kathryn Minner - Old Lady
Sara Taft - Old Lady
Leon Alton - Auction Guest (uncredited)
Phil Arnold - Popcorn Vendor (uncredited)
Paul Bradley - Maitre'd (uncredited)
George Bruggeman - Gambler (uncredited)
Noble 'Kid' Chissell - Gambler (uncredited)
Richard Collier - Ticket Seller (uncredited)
Donna Danton - Kissing Booth Girl (uncredited)
Gertrude Flynn - Mrs. Starkey (uncredited)
Byron Foulger - Mr. Harrison (uncredited)
Paul Genge - Casino Manager (uncredited)
Rudy Germane - Croupier (uncredited)
George Golden - Auction Guest (uncredited)
Harry Harvey - Mr. Finch (uncredited)
Ed Haskett - Gambler (uncredited)
Jimmie Horan - Gambler (uncredited)
Ralph Montgomery - Reporter (uncredited)
Ray Reese - Godolphin Member - Track & Javelin (uncredited)
Clark Ross - Auction Guest (uncredited)
Bing Russell - Second Track Meet Official (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre - Croupier (uncredited)
Kleg Seth - Distance Runner at Track Meet (uncredited)
Norman Stevans - Reporter (uncredited)
Tim Taylor - Gambler (uncredited)
Eleanore Vogel - Old Lady (uncredited)

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing
Derek Nimmo - Lord Southmere
Hugh Burden - Haines
Bernard Bresslaw - Fan Choy
Helen Hayes - Hettie
Joan Sims - Emily
Deryck Guyler - Harris
Peter Ustinov - Hnup Wan
Clive Revill - Quon
Molly Weir - Scots Nanny
Andrew Dove - Lord Castleberry
Max Harris - Truscott
Max Wall - Juggler
Natasha Pyne - Susan
Joss Ackland - B.J. Spence
Arthur Howard - Thumley
Roy Kinnear - Superintendent Grubbs
Leonard Trolley - Inspector Eppers
Joe Ritchie - Cabbie
Percy Herbert - Mr. Gibbons
Joan Hickson - Mrs. Gibbons
John Laurie - Jock
Angus Lennie - Hamish
Jon Pertwee - Colonel
Kathleen Byron - Colonel's Wife
Lucy Griffiths - Amelia
Aimée Delamain - Millicent
John Bardon - Bookmaker
Jane Lapotaire - Miss Prescott
Richard Pearson - Sir Geoffrey
Michael Elwyn - Haycock
Anthony Sharp - Home Secretary
Wensley Pithey - Bromley
Frank Williams - Dr. Freemo
Peter Madden - Sanders
Erik Chitty - Museum Guard
Amanda Barrie - Mrs. B.J. Spence
Dave Cooper - Henchman (uncredited)
Chick Fowles - Curator (uncredited)
Victor Harrington - MP (uncredited)
Alan Harris - Policeman (uncredited)
Arthur Hewlett - Old Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Frederick Jaeger - German Radio Newcaster (uncredited)
Kristopher Kum - Henchman (uncredited)
Monique Potter - Little Girl (uncredited)
Joan Sanderson - 1st Park Nanny (uncredited)
Patsy Smart - Old Maid (uncredited)
Robert Stevenson - (uncredited)
Vincent Wong - Fake Chauffeur (uncredited)

The Absent Minded Professor
Fred MacMurray - Professor Ned Brainard
Nancy Olson - Betsy Carlisle
Keenan Wynn - Alonzo P. Hawk
Tommy Kirk - Biff Hawk
Leon Ames - President Rufus Daggett
Elliott Reid - Professor Shelby Ashton
Edward Andrews - Defense Secretary
David Lewis - General Singer
Jack Mullaney - Air Force Captain
Belle Montrose - Mrs. Chatsworth
Wally Brown - Coach Elkins
Wally Boag - TV Newsman
Don Ross - Lenny
Forrest Lewis - Police Officer Kelley
James Westerfield - Police Officer Hanson
Alan Carney - First Referee
Charlie Briggs - Sig
Gage Clarke - Reverend Bosworth
Alan Hewitt - General Hotchkiss
Raymond Bailey - Admiral Olmstead
Wendell Holmes - General Poynter
Leon Tyler - Basketball Player #18
Ed Wynn - Fire Chief
Carroll Adams - Basketball Player (uncredited)
Leon Alton - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Don Anderson - Assistant Cameraman (uncredited)
Bill Baldwin - News Reporter (uncredited)
Paul Bradley - Military Officer (uncredited)
Paul E. Burns - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Robert Burton - Sam Wheeler (uncredited)
Charlie - Dog (uncredited)
Ralph Clanton - O.J. Turnbull (uncredited)
Gary Clarke - Boy at Dance (uncredited)
Bill Cord - Admiral's assistant (uncredited)
Don Dillaway - Defense Department Secretary (uncredited)
Sam Edwards - Military Radio Dispatcher (uncredited)
Bess Flowers - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Charles Fogel - Citizen (uncredited)
Paul Frees - Loudspeaker Voice / Air Force Dispatcher (voice) (uncredited)
Mike Fryer - Basketball Player (uncredited)
Gordon Jones - Rutland Basketball Coach (uncredited)
Colin Kenny - Citizen (uncredited)
Harriet E. MacGibbon - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Gordon Martin - Basketball Player (uncredited)
Marlin McKeever - Football Player (uncredited)
Mike McKeever - Football Player (uncredited)
William Meader - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Henry Norell - Assistant Fire Chief (uncredited)
Gregg Palmer - Communications Man (uncredited)
Hank Patterson - Fisherman Spectator (uncredited)
Robert Perry - Basket Ball Player (uncredited)
Paul Power - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Maudie Prickett - Woman in Street Interviewee (uncredited)
Tony Regan - Reporter (uncredited)
John Rice - Citizen (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre - Man Throwing Rice at Wedding (uncredited)
Ray Teal - Man in Street Interviewee (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey - Basketball Game Spectator (uncredited)
Carole Wells - Girl (uncredited)
Tom Wilson - Fisherman Spectator (uncredited)
Ned Wynn - Boy (uncredited)

Escape to Witch Mountain
Eddie Albert - Jason
Ray Milland - Aristotle Bolt
Donald Pleasence - Deranian
Kim Richards - Tia
Ike Eisenmann - Tony
Walter Barnes - Sheriff Purdy
Reta Shaw - Mrs. Grindley
Denver Pyle - Uncle Bene
Alfred Ryder - Astrologer
Lawrence Montaigne - Ubermann
Terry Wilson - Biff Jenkins
George Chandler - Grocer
Dermott Downs - Truck
Shepherd Sanders - Guru
Don Brodie - Gasoline Attendant
Paul Sorensen - Sgt. Foss
Tiger Joe Marsh - Lorko
Harry Holcombe - Capt. Malone
Sam Edwards - Mate
Dan Seymour - Psychic
Eugene Daniels - Cort
Al Dunlap - Deputy
Rex Holman - Hunter No.1
Tony Giorgio - Hunter No. 2
Bruno The Bear - Bear (uncredited)
Mervin W. Frates - Bolt's Butler (uncredited)
Richard Hale - Bolt's Servant (uncredited)
Lance Kerwin - Boy in Blue-Striped Shirt (uncredited)
Ott - Thunderhead / Horse (uncredited)
Kyle Richards - Young Tia (uncredited)
Al Rossi - Police Officer (uncredited)

The Gnome-Mobile
Walter Brennan - D.J. Mulrooney / Knobby
Matthew Garber - Rodney Winthrop
Karen Dotrice - Elizabeth Winthrop
Richard Deacon - Ralph Yarby
Tom Lowell - Jasper
Sean McClory - Horatio Quaxton
Ed Wynn - Rufus
Jerome Cowan - Dr. Ramsey
Charles Lane - Dr. Scoggins
Norman Grabowski - Male Nurse
Gil Lamb - Gas Attendant
Maudie Prickett - Katie Barrett
Cami Sebring - Violet
Virginia Aldridge - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Jackie Andre - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Parley Baer - The Owl (voice) (uncredited)
Ernestine Barrier - Nell (uncredited)
Hal Baylor - Male Nurse (uncredited)
Karin Blake - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Carla Borelli - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Bill Borzage - Gnome (uncredited)
Rudy Bowman - Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Frank Cady - Charlie Pettibone (uncredited)
Dee Carroll - Secretary (uncredited)
Robert Carson - Attendant at Five Oaks (uncredited)
Marianna Case - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Amadee Chabot - Married Gnome (uncredited)
John Cliff - Night Watchman (uncredited)
Ellen Corby - Etta Pettibone (uncredited)
Jack Davis - Manson (uncredited)
Dorothy Duffy - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Minta Durfee - Hotel Guest (uncredited)
William Fawcett - Chauffeur (uncredited)
Jesslyn Fax - The Bluejay (voice) (uncredited)
Susan Flannery - Airline Stewardess (uncredited)
Kathy Foley - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Byron Foulger - Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Kathee Francis - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Pamela Gail - Snapdragon (uncredited)
Susan Gates - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Sandra Lee Gimpel - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Nancy Gould - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Barbara Halpern - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Karl Held - Paul (uncredited)
Bunny Henning - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Susan Henning - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Pamela Howard - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Mickey Martin - Bellboy (uncredited)
Mathew McCue - Gnome (uncredited)
Joyce Menges - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Carol Merrill - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Alvy Moore - Gas Station Mechanic (uncredited)
Jimmy Murphy - The Raccoon (voice) (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien - Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Toni O'Connor - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Carol O'Kane - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Brenda Power - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Jacqueline Ray - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Pat Ann Reid - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Dyane Robins - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Jeanne Shipman - Married Gnome (uncredited)
Charles Smith - Attendant at Airport (uncredited)
Lee Stanley - Singing Gnome (uncredited)
Cindy Taylor - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel - Uniformed Guard (uncredited)
Judy Van Worner - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)
Mimi Zerbini - Gnome Maiden (uncredited)

The Watcher in the Woods
Bette Davis - Mrs. Aylwood
Lynn-Holly Johnson - Jan Curtis
Kyle Richards - Ellie Curtis
Carroll Baker - Helen Curtis
David McCallum - Paul Curtis
Benedict Taylor - Mike Fleming
Frances Cuka - Mary Fleming
Richard Pasco - Tom Colley
Ian Bannen - John Keller
Katharine Levy - Karen Aylwood
Eleanor Summerfield - Mrs. Thayer
Georgina Hale - Young Mrs. Aylwood
Ina Clare - Motorbike Race Spectator (uncredited)
Dominic Guard - Young John Keller (uncredited)
Derek Lyons - Motorbike Race Spectator (uncredited)

Freaky Friday
Barbara Harris - Mrs. Andrews
Jodie Foster - Annabel
John Astin - Mr. Andrews
Patsy Kelly - Mrs. Schmauss
Dick Van Patten - Harold Jennings
Vicki Schreck - Virginia
Sorrell Booke - Mr. Dilk
Alan Oppenheimer - Mr. Joffert
Ruth Buzzi - Opposing Coach
Kaye Ballard - Coach Betsy
Marc McClure - Boris Harris
Marie Windsor - Mrs. Murphy
Sparky Marcus - Ben Andrews
Ceil Cabot - Miss McGuirk
Brooke Mills - Mrs. Gibbons
Karen Smith - Mary Kay Gilbert
Marvin Kaplan - Carpet Cleaner
Al Molinaro - Drapery Man
Iris Adrian - Bus Passenger
Barbara Walden - Mrs. Benson
Shelly Juttner - Hilary Miller
Charlene Tilton - Bambi
Lori Rutherford - Jo-Jo
Jack Sheldon - Lloyd
Laurie Main - Mr. Mills
Don Carter - Delivery Boy
Fuddle Bagley - Bus Driver
Fritz Feld - Mr. Jackman
Dermott Downs - Harvey Manager
James Van Patten - Cashier (as Jimmy Van Patten)
Allan Hunt - Car Cop (uncredited)
Robert Karvelas - Diner Customer (uncredited)
Jack Perkins - Car Cop (uncredited)
David Pollock - Student (uncredited)
Dick Winslow - Man in Pool (uncredited)

The Parent Trap
Hayley Mills - Susan Evers / Sharon McKendrick
Maureen O'Hara - Maggie McKendrick
Brian Keith - Mitch Evers
Charles Ruggles - Charles McKendrick (as Charlie Ruggles)
Una Merkel - Verbena
Leo G. Carroll - Rev. Dr. Mosby
Joanna Barnes - Vicky Robinson
Cathleen Nesbitt - Louise McKendrick
Ruth McDevitt - Miss Inch (as Ruth Mc Devitt)
Crahan Denton - Hecky
Linda Watkins - Edna Robinson
Nancy Kulp - Miss Grunecker
Frank De Vol - Mr. Eaglewood
Kay Cole - Betsy - Sharon's Camp Inch Roommate (uncredited)
Dave Goelz - Teenager (uncredited)
John Mills - Mitch Evers' Golf Caddy (uncredited)
Irene Tedrow - Miss Lockness - the Housekeeper (uncredited)
Lynette Winter - Ursala - Camp Inch Roomate (uncredited)

The Spaceman and King Arthur
Dennis Dugan - Tom Trimble
Jim Dale - Sir Mordred
Ron Moody - Merlin
Kenneth More - King Arthur
John Le Mesurier - Sir Gawain (as John le Mesurier)
Rodney Bewes - Clarence
Sheila White - Alisande
Robert Beatty - Senator Milburn
Cyril Shaps - Dr. Zimmerman
Kevin Brennan - Winston
Ewen Solon - Watkins
Pat Roach - Oaf
Reg Lye - Prisoner
Bruce Boa - Air Force Officer (uncredited)
Al Lampert - NASA Technician (uncredited)
Derek Suthern - NASA VIP (uncredited)

Michael Crawford - Woody Wilkins
Oliver Reed - Krokov
Barbara Carrera - Natalia
James Hampton - Harry Oslo
Jean-Pierre Kalfon - Morovich
Dana Elcar - Russ Devlin
Vernon Dobtcheff - Russian Agent
Robert Arden - CIA Chief
Gérard Buhr - (uncredited)
David Pontremoli - (uncredited)
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