Rocketman / RocketMan

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Title: Rocketman
Original Title: RocketMan
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Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Release Date: 17-04-2007
Year: 1997
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1, 4:3
Length: 94 Minutes
Packaging: White keepcase
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Subtitles: English SDH
Production: Caravan Pictures, Gold/Miller Productions, Roger Birnbaum Productions, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-5911-0
UPC: 786936281620
Catalog Number: 40002-3
Spine Number: ???
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Blast off for outrageously funny space travel in this screwball comedy that spins wildly out of control all the way to Mars! Though he's a wiz with computers, accident-prone astro-nut Fred Randall (comedian Harland Williams — Dumb And Dumber) is the last guy on Earth you'd want on the first manned mission to Mars. But as bad luck and poor timing would have it, that's exactly what happens, and Fred undergoes rigorous, if not hilarious, training at NASA. After that it's t-minus a reality check as Fred blasts off with the rest of the space shuttle crew: a cocky, no-nonsense commander, a sexy mission specialist, and a mischievous space chimp named Ulysses. From the dizzying preflight foolishness to the even loonier landing, Rocketmanis the out-of-this-world hit comedy that's more than go for launch ... it's go for laughs!
Original Other
Harland Williams - Fred Z. Randall
Jessica Lundy - Julie Ford
William Sadler - 'Wild Bill' Overbeck
Jeffrey DeMunn - Paul Wick
James Pickens Jr. - Ben Stevens
Beau Bridges - Bud Nesbitt
Peter Onorati - Gary Hackman
Don Lake - Flight Surgeon
Bill Jenkins - Mission Controller (as William Arthur Jenkins)
Ken Farmer - Mission Controller
Blake Boyd - Gordon A. Peacock
Brandon Kaplan - Young Fred
Paxton Whitehead - British Reporter
Don Armstrong - Anchorman
Pamela West - Nun
Marjorie Carroll - Nun
Claire Birnbaum - School Kid #1
Sean Tweedley - NASA Lab Tech
Cindy Hogan - Reporter
Felicia Griffin - Reporter
Lidia Porto - Gary's Nurse
Richard Dillard - The President
Gil Glasgow - Bartender
Edie Mirman - Chimp Voice (voice) (as Edie Mir)
Raven - Ulysees (chimpanzee astronaut)
Charlotte Biggs - Astronaut / Bar Patron (uncredited)
Franklin Chang-Diaz - NASA Scientist (uncredited)
Dale Wade Davis - NASA Colonel (uncredited)
Shelley Duvall - Mrs. Randall (uncredited)
Jose Guillermo Figueroa - Journalist (uncredited)
Al Hayter - Nasa Tech (uncredited)
Michael Honig - Mission Control (Extra) (uncredited)
C. Anthony Jackson - Mission Controller (uncredited)
Gene Kato - Nasa Technician (uncredited)
Alan Martin - Stand In (uncredited)
Bryan Lee McGlothin - Mission Controler (uncredited)
Brent Mitchell - NASA Lab Tech (uncredited)
Tony Myrick - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Gailard Sartain - Mr. Randall (uncredited)
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