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Title: I'll Be Home for Christmas
Original Title: I'll Be Home for Christmas
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Country: Australia Australia
Region: 4-AU
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Family
Release Date: 04-11-2004
Year: 1998
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1, 16x9
Length: 83 Minutes
Packaging: Keep Case Transparant
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English (Dolby Digital 5.0), Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: French, Portugese
Subtitles: Danish, Dutch, English, English For The Hearing Impaired, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Mandeville Films, Kyra Productions, Leo Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 9398525167034
Catalog Number: E51670
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
In the holiday tradition of The Santa Clause, DIsney presents a hilarious comedy that celebrates the believer in all of us. Jake Wilkinson (teen star JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS), a wheeling and dealing, self-centered college student, has one thing on his mind - get home for Christmas dinner or forfeit the vintage Porsche his father Promised him. Just days before his deadline, Jake awakens in the California desert - stranded and penniless, wearing a Santa suit and a white beard glued to his face! Desperate to claim his gift, he flies, crawls, cons, races, bullies and even sleighs his way east. But his nonstop mission turns into a nonstop comedy of errors as a multitude of weird and offbeat strangers look to 'Santa' for help and kindness. The closer Jake gets to home, the closer he gets to the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS is a trip your entire family will enjoy taking all year long!
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Jake
Jessica Biel - Allie
Adam LaVorgna - Eddie
Gary Cole - Jake's Dad
Eve Gordon - Carolyn
Lauren Maltby - Tracey
Andy Lauer - Nolan (as Andrew Lauer)
Sean O'Bryan - Max
Lesley Boone - Marjorie
Amzie Strickland - Tom Tom Girl Mary
Natalie Barish - Tom Tom Girl Darlene
Mark de la Cruz - Esteban (as Mark De La Cruz)
Kathleen Freeman - Tom Tom Girl Gloria
Jack Kenny - Gabby
Celia Kushner - Tom Tom Girl Mama
Blair Slater - Ian
P.J. Prinsloo - The Brandt-Man (as P.J. Prinslow)
Kevin Hansen - The Murph-Man
James Sherry - The Ken-Man
Alexandria Mitchell - Little Girl In Hospital (as Alexandra Mitchell)
Eric Pospisil - Little Boy At Bus Station
Cathy Weseluck - Wendy Richards (as Cathy Weseluk)
Peter Kelamis - Conway The Bus Driver
Betty Linde - Older Lady On The Bus
Awaovieyi Agie - Service Man
Brendan Beiser - Bellhop
Graeme Kingston - Pizza Eating Santa
Ian Robison - Mayor Wilson
Ernie Jackson - Kenyan Santa
Kurt Max Runte - Taxi Driver
Nicole Oliver - Ticket Agent
Tasha Simms - Parade Manager
Dmitry Chepovetsky - Angel
Dolores Drake - Fraulein Maid (as Delores Drake)
Christine Willes - Race Official (as Chris Willis)
Nick Misura - Groundskeeper
Mark Acheson - Sandwich Passenger
Bart Anderson - Turf 'n Turf Customer #1
J.B. Bivens - Port-A-Potty Santa (as J.B. Biven)
Annette Reilly - Nose Strip Girl (as Annette Dreeshen)
Manami Hara - Edelbruck Clerk (as Manami Hari)
Tom Heaton - Turf 'n Turf Customer #2
Sarah May - Sierra
Alexander Milani - Wet Lap Boy
Ron Timms - Party Guy
David Neale - Running Santa
Paul Norman - Hick on Bus
Michael P. Northey - Freight Handler
Eileen Pedde - Turf 'n Turf Customer #3
Melissa Barker Sauer - Teenage Mom on Bus
Mike Battie - Santa on Stilts
Elizabeth Friedman - Friend (uncredited)
Paul McMichael - Student (uncredited)
Bonnie Smart - Yelling Nun (uncredited)
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