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Title Category
- Unknown -Almost MidnightSnowglobes
United StatesAmerican Mouse JukeboxCookie Jar
United StatesAmigo DonaldWDCC
United StatesAmigo JoseWDCC
United StatesAmigo PanchitoWDCC
United StatesAmong Friends'' LE GicléeFramed Art
United StatesAn Uninvited GuestWDCC
United StatesAnd Away To His Castle We Go & Forever I Know...WDCC
NetherlandsAndy's SpeelgoedkistMisc.
- Unknown -Animal FriendsStickers
- Unknown -Animal FriendsStickers
- Unknown -Animal Friends (Glitters)Stickers
- Unknown -Animal Friends (Raamdecoratie)Stickers
United StatesAnita DaahlingWDCC
- Unknown -Another Chilly Holiday Harmony Kingdom BoxFigurines
United StatesAnything For You Mary PoppinsWDCC
United StatesAquariumCookie Jar
United StatesAriel Deluxe Musical Jewelry BoxFine Decor
United StatesAriel Magical Musical Jewelry BoxFine Decor
- Unknown -Ariel PoppenkastpopMisc.
- Unknown -Ariel's Seahorse Chariot SnowglobeSnowglobes
United StatesAriel's Wish LE SericelFramed Art
- Unknown -ArielleMisc.
United StatesAristocats - Sofa BaseWDCC
United StatesAslan & White Witch Book EndsFine Decor
- Unknown -Assepoester LithoMisc.
- Unknown -Assepoester PersmapMisc.
- Unknown -Assepoester PoppenkastpopMisc.
- Unknown -Assepoester: Terug In De Tijd / Frank En Frey: Special Edition / Frank En Frey 2 persmapMisc.
United StatesAt His FingertipsWDCC
United StatesAt Home For ChristmasWDCC
United StatesAurora Deluxe Musical Jewelry BoxFine Decor
United StatesAurora Musical Jewelry BoxFine Decor
- Unknown -Aurora's Birthday DressSnowglobes
- Unknown -Autographes BookMisc.
United StatesAw Shucks!WDCC
United StatesAway We GoWDCC
United StatesAwful AnastasiaWDCC
United StatesBabby Of MineWDCC
- Unknown -Baby ElefantMisc.
United StatesBack You VillianWDCC
NetherlandsBagheera PopMisc.
United StatesBagheera, Mowgli & Baloo LE SerigraphFramed Art
- Unknown -BaghiraMisc.
NetherlandsBaloe PopMisc.
- Unknown -BalooMisc.
- Unknown -BalooMisc.
- Unknown -BambiMisc.
- Unknown -Bambi & Mother Harmony Kingdom BoxFigurines