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Title: Secretariat
Original Title: Secretariat
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Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Genre: Biography, Drama, Family
Release Date: 23-02-2011
Year: 2010
Aspect Ratio: 16X9
Video: ???
Length: 122 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Fast Track Productions, Mayhem Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 8717418295233
Catalog Number: Z7 BHY1052588
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Diane Lane - Penny Chenery
John Malkovich - Lucien Laurin
Dylan Walsh - Jack Tweedy
Margo Martindale - Miss Ham
Nelsan Ellis - Eddie Sweat
Otto Thorwarth - Ronnie Turcotte
Fred Thompson - Bull Hancock (as Fred Dalton Thompson)
James Cromwell - Ogden Phipps
Scott Glenn - Chris Chenery
Michael Harding - E.V. Benjamin (as Mike Harding)
Richard Fullerton - Robert Kleburg
Tim Ware - John Galbreath
Nestor Serrano - Pancho Martin
Keith Austin - Laffit Pincay
Kevin Connolly - Bill Nack
Eric Lange - Andy Beyer
Drew Roy - Seth Hancock
Carissa Fowler - Sarah Tweedy (as Carissa Capobianco)
AJ Michalka - Kate Tweedy
Sean Michael Cunningham - Chris Tweedy (as Sean Cunningham)
Jacob Rhodes - John Tweedy
Dylan Baker - Hollis Chenery
Graham McTavish - Earl Jansen
Tom Foley - Jimmy Gaffney
Grant Whitacre - Paul Feliciano
Forry Smith - Obnoxious Owner
Tom Clark - CBS Anchor
Ken Strunk - Dr. Manuel Gilman
H. Jazz Undy - Fan #1 (as Jazz Undy)
Michael Guthrie - Fan #2
Cullen Wallace - Che Wannabe
Mike Battaglia - Derby Official
Wynn Reichert - Pastor
Tony Renaud - Reporter #1
Jennifer Trier - Receptionist
Tim Layden - Reporter #2
William Nack - Reporter #3 (as Bill Nack)
Pam Pryor - Waitress (as Pamela Pryor)
Kate Ward - Belmont Guest
Andrew Wallace - Belmont Singer
Rusty Hendrickson - Burger Joint Cook
Michael Boyd - Golfer #1
Michael Mills - Golfer #2
Albert Duhon - Berated Stable Hand
Audrey P. Scott - 6-Year-Old Penny (as Audrey Scott)
Slaid Parker - New York Taxi Driver
Joe Chrest - Sports Broadcaster
Jason Schwartz - Spectator
Reid Cherner - Hack Pack
Hank Goldberg - Hack Pack
Dick Jerardi - Hack Pack
John McClain - Hack Pack
Jay Privman - Hack Pack
Tricia Aguirre - Cheering fan (uncredited)
Matthew W. Allen - Horse Owner (uncredited)
Apollo Bacala - Churchill Upper (uncredited)
Neil S. Bagadiong - ROTC Cadet (uncredited)
Billy W. Blackwell - Upperclass Secretariat Fan (uncredited)
Allen Boudreaux - Churchill Downs Fan (uncredited)
John Broussard - Extra (uncredited)
Perry A. Brown - Father of Little Girl with Camera (uncredited)
Sonny Burnette - Gentlemen's Club Member (uncredited)
Boon Businelli - Hippie (uncredited)
Brennan James Callan - Churchill Downs--Upperclass Secretariat Fan / Photo Journalist / Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
Kat Carney - Upper Class Stand Fan (uncredited)
Grant Case - Kentucky National Guard (uncredited)
Penny Chenery - Preakness Spectator (uncredited)
Lonell R. Childred - Belmont Press Reporter (uncredited)
Bob C. Cooke - Race Fan - Belmont (uncredited)
Kari Cornwell - Upperclass Racing Fan (uncredited)
Russ Croley - Golfer (uncredited)
Bernard Curioso - Upper Saratoga (uncredited)
Sonya Delormier - Belmont Hippie (uncredited)
Michael Dempsey - National Guardsman (uncredited)
Tim Ditmore - Churchill Downs Press Member (uncredited)
Megan Chelf Fisher - Hippie Lower Class Belmont Fan (uncredited)
Christina Gabrielle - Upper Race Fan (uncredited)
Lori Gabrielle - Horse Owner (uncredited)
Blain Grubbs - Extra (uncredited)
Michael Hack - Race track patron (uncredited)
Samantha Hack - Race track patron (uncredited)
Russell Haynes - Jockey (uncredited)
Andrew Henson - Caddy (uncredited)
Sarah Hess - Crowd Goer (uncredited)
Bret Hopkins - Reporter at Belmont Park (uncredited)
Chad C. Hundley - Hippie Belmont Fan (uncredited)
Toni Karpinski - Mother of Girl with Camera (uncredited)
Sarah Lonsert - Fan (uncredited)
Stefania Marcone - Saratoga Fan (uncredited)
Lisette Markham - Churchill Downs Race Fan (uncredited)
Terri May - Jockey Assistant (uncredited)
Chelsea McLean - Horse Owner (uncredited)
John Mendell - Horse Trainer (uncredited)
Claude Miles - Upperclass Belmont Extra (uncredited)
Lindsay Miller - Hippie Fan (uncredited)
Michael Mills - Golfer #2 (uncredited)
Jeff Mitchell - Saratoga Spectator (uncredited)
Joe Monroe - Upperclass Racing Fan (uncredited)
Vin Morreale Jr. - Race Track Usher (uncredited)
Joe Mullins - Mayor (uncredited)
Keith Nicholson - Upper Class Fan (uncredited)
Lisa Nicholson - Upperclass Derby Fan (uncredited)
Cassidy Rae Owens - Belmont Extra (uncredited)
Jim Owens - Man along track (uncredited)
Kayla Perkins - Upperclass Belmont Fan (uncredited)
LaDonna Pettijohn - Upper Class Fan (uncredited)
David Pittinger - Horse Owner (uncredited)
Thomas Prinzo - Horse Owner at the Derby (uncredited)
Mark Rayner - School principal (uncredited)
David Rivera - Photo journalist (uncredited)
Jim Robertson - Press Reporter (uncredited)
Fernando Rubio - Usher (uncredited)
Jason Saint - Guy in Conversation (uncredited)
Rhonda Schaubert - Horse Owner (uncredited)
James Scogin - Upperclass Belmont Fan (uncredited)
Mike Scogin - Upperclass Belmont Fan (uncredited)
Natalia Sezer - Racetrack Fan (uncredited)
Tom Shafer - Nassau County Police (uncredited)
Rhyan Sinclair - Little Girl with Camera (uncredited)
Chaz Smith - Race Official (uncredited)
Jeffrey Wayne Smith - Horse Owner (uncredited)
Logan Douglas Smith - Horse Owner (uncredited)
Roger D. Smith - Multifarious Stature (uncredited)
Sandy Gwen Smith - Horse Owner (uncredited)
T.C. Stallings - Upper Class Fan (uncredited)
Stephen Stanton - Triple Crown Race Announcer (uncredited)
Cary Sudduth - Race track employee. (uncredited)
Casey Tackett - Upperclass Belmont Fan (uncredited)
James Tackett - Upper Class Race Fan (uncredited)
Jerry L. Wallace - Churchill Downs Reporter (uncredited)
James White - Upscale Fan Churchill Downs blue suit jacket alfro gold glasses (uncredited)
Gianna Wolf - Horse Track Fan (uncredited)
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