Bedtime Stories

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Title: Bedtime Stories
Original Title: Bedtime Stories
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Country: Canada Canada
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Release Date: 05-04-2009
Year: 2008
Aspect Ratio: ???
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: ???
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Happy Madison Productions, Gunn Films, Offspring Entertainment
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Adam Sandler - Skeeter Bronson
Keri Russell - Jill
Guy Pearce - Kendall
Russell Brand - Mickey
Richard Griffiths - Barry Nottingham
Teresa Palmer - Violet Nottingham
Lucy Lawless - Aspen
Courteney Cox - Wendy
Jonathan Morgan Heit - Patrick
Laura Ann Kesling - Bobbi
Jonathan Pryce - Marty Bronson
Nick Swardson - Engineer
Kathryn Joosten - Mrs. Dixon
Allen Covert - Ferrari Guy
Carmen Electra - Hot Girl
Tim Herlihy - Young Barry Nottingham
Thomas Hoffman - Young Skeeter
Abigail Droeger - Young Wendy (as Abigail Leone Droeger)
Melany Mitchell - Young Mrs. Dixon
Andrew Collins - Young Mr. Dixon
Aisha Tyler - Donna Hynde
Julia Lea Wolov - Hokey Pokey Woman
Dana Goodman - Hokey Pokey Woman (as Dana Min Goodman)
Sarah Buxton - Hokey Pokey Woman (as Sarah G. Buxton)
Catherine Kwong - Hokey Pokey Woman
Lindsey Alley - Hokey Pokey Woman
Blake Clark - Biker
Bill Romanowski - Biker
Paul Dooley - Hot Dog Vendor
Johntae Lipscomb - Birthday Party Kid
James Burdette Cowell - Birthday Party Kid
Mikey Post - Angry Dwarf
Sebastian Saraceno - Gremlin Driver
Seth Howard - Cubby the Home Depot Guy
Jackie Sandler - Lady Jacqueline
Sadie Sandler - Sweetest Medieval Girl of All Time
Valerie Gervickas - Teacher
Debbie Lee Carrington - Booing Goblin (as Debbie Carrington)
Billy Tyler - Big Hairy Guy on Beach
Lorna Scott - Secretary
Annalise Basso - Tricia Sparks
Shu Lan Tuan - Luau Waitress
Jonathan Loughran - Party Guest
Robert Harvey - Party Guest (as Bob Harvey)
Mike Andrella - Truck Driver
J.D. Donaruma - Nottingham Pool Waiter
Jon Schueler - Nobleman
Denverly Grant - Lady at Fountain
Rob Schneider - Chief Running Mouth / Pickpocket
Justin Aguila - Justin (uncredited)
JT Alexander - Pedestrian (uncredited)
Nahid Azami - Protesting Mom (uncredited)
Leann Bankowski - Little Person Alien (uncredited)
Veronica Bennett - Greek Goddess (uncredited)
Pete Brown - Claudius Falisimus (uncredited)
Amanda Burrill - Jogger (uncredited)
Gina Cantrell - West Side Story Showgirl #2 (uncredited)
Betsy Hammer - Tambourine Player Medieval Band (uncredited)
Taylor Hardick - Student (uncredited)
Nick Hermz - Paparazzi (uncredited)
Rodrick Hersh - Rabbi (uncredited)
Austin Honaker - A Spaceball (uncredited)
Mark Hunter - Daft Alien (uncredited)
Dani Jacoby - Western Girl (uncredited)
Danni Katz - Party Girl (uncredited)
Alina Kaufman - Party Guest (uncredited)
Waymond Lee - Coliseum / Space Station Vendor (uncredited)
Heather Morris - Dancer (uncredited)
John Radcliff - Kendall's Assistant (uncredited)
Louis Riviere - Roman Peasant (uncredited)
Nicole Sciacca - Damn Yankees Girl (uncredited)
Arne Starr - Nottingham Employee / Senator / Cowboy / Spaceman (uncredited)
Tai - Elephant (uncredited)
Alex Tyler - Showgirl (uncredited)
Kevin Vyce - Businessman #1 (uncredited)
Brian Waller - Record Producer (uncredited)
Shawna Wesley - Greek Goddess (uncredited)
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