Basil The Great Mouse Detective

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Title: Basil The Great Mouse Detective
Original Title: The Great Mouse Detective
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Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: B
Category: Animation
Serie: Classics
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Release Date: 09-11-2015
Year: 1986
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 90 Minutes
Packaging: Slipcover and blue blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1: English
Dolby Digital 5.1: Latin Spanish, French
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, Latin Spanish, French
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners II, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Buena Vista Sound Studios
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 8717418471309
Catalog Number: BUY0258501
Spine Number: ???
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The clues are in. The pressure is on. The case of a lifetime is about to unfold in Disney's greatest mystery Classic. From the cobblestone streets of turn-of-the-century London to the inner clockworks of towering Big Ben, you'll delight in all the fact-finding fun of this nonstop musical adventure.

A popular toymaker is missing. And there's only one mouse for the job, the famous supersleuth, Basil of Baker Street. With his trusty assistant Dr. Dawson at his side, Basil discovers that his arch-enemy Professor Ratigan is behind the disappearance. Now, it'll take his finest detective work ever to locate the toymaker and reunite him with his daughter Olivia.

All evidence points to fun for the whole family in this Disney favourite filled with mystery, colourful animation and endearing characters — The Great Mouse Detective!
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Vincent Price - Professor Ratigan (voice)
Barrie Ingham - Basil of Baker Street / Bartholomew (voice)
Val Bettin - Dr. David Q. Dawson / Thug Guard (voice)
Susanne Pollatschek - Olivia Flaversham (voice)
Candy Candido - Fidget (voice)
Diana Chesney - Mrs. Judson (voice)
Eve Brenner - The Mouse Queen (voice)
Alan Young - Hiram Flaversham (voice)
Basil Rathbone - Sherlock Holmes (archive sound)
Laurie Main - Watson (voice)
Shani Wallis - Lady Mouse (voice)
Ellen Fitzhugh - Bar Maid (voice)
Walker Edmiston - Citizen / Thug Guard (voice)
Wayne Allwine - Thug Guard (voice)
Tony Anselmo - Thug Guard (voice)
Melissa Manchester - Miss Kitty Mouse (voice)
Bill Farmer - Thug Guard (uncredited)
Charles Fleischer - (voice) (uncredited)
Frank Welker - Toby the Dog / Felicia the Cat (voice) (uncredited)
William Windom - Thug Guard (uncredited)
• So You Think You Can Sleuth?
• "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" Sing-Along Song
• The Making Of "The Great Mouse Detective"
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• Basil The Great Mouse Detective Classics 26