Gone Baby Gone

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Title: Gone Baby Gone
Original Title: Gone Baby Gone
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: France France
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Release Date: 21-02-2012
Year: 2007
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Video: 1080p
Length: 114 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Miramax, The Ladd Company, LivePlanet
Distribution: ???
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Casey Affleck - Patrick Kenzie
Michelle Monaghan - Angie Gennaro
Morgan Freeman - Jack Doyle
Ed Harris - Remy Bressant
John Ashton - Nick Poole
Amy Ryan - Helene McCready
Amy Madigan - Bea McCready
Titus Welliver - Lionel McCready
Michael Kenneth Williams - Devin
Edi Gathegi - Cheese
Mark Margolis - Leon Trett
Madeline O'Brien - Amanda McCready
George Carroll - Bubba (as Slaine)
Trudi Goodman - Roberta Trett
Matthew Maher - Corwin Earle
Jill Quigg - Dottie
Sean Malone - Skinny Ray Likanski
Brian Scannell - Lenny
Jay Giannone - Steve Penteroudakis
William Lee - Big Dave
William Marlowe - Fillmore Regular
Daniel DeMiller Jr. - Fillmore Regular
Kenneth Butler Jr. - Fillmore Regular
Stephen Curran - Fillmore Regular
Michael T. Blythe - Fillmore Regular
Bob J. Leary - Fillmore Regular
Mike Pusateri - Fillmore Regular
Paul Sullivan - Fillmore Regular
John McColgam - Fillmore Regular
Nicholas Donovan - Kid on Bike
Joseph Thomas-O'Brien - Kid on Bike
Jimmy LeBlanc - Chris Mullen (as James LeBlanc)
Mary Bounphasaysonh - Cheese's Girl
Fanshen Cox - Doyle's Secretary
Kippy Goldfarb - Francine Doyle
Elizabeth Duff - Mrs. Bressant
Cathie Callanan - Mrs. Poole
Cameron Henry - Johnny Pietro (as Cameron G. Henry)
Bobby Curcuro - Bobby
Kevin Molis - Officer in Procession
Robert Wahlberg - Interrogating Officer
Tom Kemp - Police Captain
Matt Podolske - Officer Riley
Joseph Flaherty - Murphy's Law Bartender
Carla Antonino - Murphy's Law Waitress
Peg Holzemer - Woman at Bar (as Peg Saurman Holzemer)
Chelsea Ladd - Boston Girl
Josh Marchette - Dart Player
Tom McNeeley - Teamster at Bar
Paul Horn - Newscaster
Rena Maliszewski - Newscaster
Suzanne Schemm - Newscaster
Lonnie Farmer - Newscaster
Richard Snee - Newscaster
Dale Place - Newscaster
Gary Tanguay - Newscaster
Ted Reinstein - Field Reporter
Celeste Oliva - Field Reporter
Patrick Shea - Field Reporter
Lewis D. Wheeler - Field Reporter
Michele Proude - Field Reporter
Tim Estiloz - Field Reporter
Karen Scalia - Field Reporter (as Karen Eris)
John Belche - Field Reporter
Raymond Alongi - West Beckett Police Officer
Joey Vacchio - State Trooper
Eamon Brooks - State Trooper (as Eamon M. Brooks)
Vincent H. Carolan - State Trooper
Frank G. Sullivan - State Trooper (as Frank Sullivan)
Karen Ahern - Reunited Police Officer (as Karen T. Ahern)
Ellen Becker-Gray - Gossipy Funeral Mourner (uncredited)
Shana Carr - Restaurant Patron / Family Member at Funeral (uncredited)
Mark S. Cartier - Pantsless Reporter (uncredited)
Chemi Che-Mponda - Restaurant Customer (uncredited)
Desiree April Connolly - Mourner in Police Funeral (uncredited)
Alan Dary - Detective (uncredited)
Elizabeth Dings - Police Officer (uncredited)
Frank Durant - Neighbor (uncredited)
John Franchi - Funeral attendee (uncredited)
Jonathon Frost - Police Detective (uncredited)
Tom Gilligan - Boston P.D. (uncredited)
Mackenzie Hawe - Neighborhood Child (uncredited)
Robert Masiello - Hospital Guest (uncredited)
Alex Milne - Child at Playground (uncredited)
Nicholas Purcell - Punk (uncredited)
Alan Resnic - Mourner at Funeral (uncredited)
Floyd Richardson - Funeral Mourner (uncredited)
Stephanie Ross - Nurse (uncredited)
Eric Ryan - Boston Pedestrian (uncredited)
Steve Scarfo - Police Officer (uncredited)
Billy Silvia - Boston Police Officer (uncredited)
John Wayland Somers - Camera Man (uncredited)
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