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United StatesThe Great Locomotive Chase00-00-0000110-1
United StatesBabes in Toyland00-00-0000119-2
United StatesDarby O'Gill and the Little People00-00-0000038-3
United StatesJohnny Tremain00-00-0000144-1
United StatesEscape to Witch Mountain00-00-0000013-1
United StatesAround the World with Mickey and Friends00-00-0000None
United StatesWhere the Toys Come From00-00-0000702-1
United StatesThe Absent Minded Professor00-00-0000None
United StatesFive Mile Creek: Volume 1000-00-0000346-1
United StatesHappy Holidays with Darkwing Duck and Goofy!00-00-00001926-1
United StatesArmageddon00-00-000015416-1
United StatesJohnny Tremain00-00-0000144-1
United StatesThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad00-00-000015659-1
United StatesAlice in Wonderland00-00-0000036-5
United StatesThe Jungle Book00-00-00001122-1
United StatesThe Sword in the Stone00-00-0000229-1
United StatesFantasia00-00-00001132-1
United StatesThe Thief and the Cobbler00-00-00004631-1