That Darn Cat

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Title: That Darn Cat
Original Title: That Darn Cat!
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Japan Japan
Category: Live Action
Reference: VHP78197
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Family
Year: 1965
Release Date: 21-11-1985
UPC: ???
Price: 7800 JPY
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Video
Length: 116 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: ???
Sides: ???
Chapters: ???
Packaging: VHD Caddy
Subtitles: Japanese in picture
Original Other
Hayley Mills - Patti Randall
Dean Jones - Zeke Kelso
Dorothy Provine - Ingrid Randall
Roddy McDowall - Gregory Benson
Neville Brand - Dan
Elsa Lanchester - Mrs. MacDougall
William Demarest - Mr. MacDougall
Frank Gorshin - Iggy
Richard Eastham - Supervisor Newton
Grayson Hall - Margaret Miller
Tom Lowell - Canoe Henderson
Richard Deacon - Drive-in-Mgr.
Iris Adrian - Landlady Mrs. Tabin
Liam Sullivan - Graham
Don Dorrell - Spires
Gene Blakely - Cahill
Karl Held - Kelly
Ed Wynn - Mr. A. Hofstedder
Larry J. Blake - Police Officer (uncredited)
Syn Cat - D.C. the Cat (uncredited)
John Cliff - FBI Agent Hart (uncredited)
Ben Lessy - Drive-In Concessionaire (uncredited)
Clark Ross - Agent (uncredited)
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