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Title Date Reference
JapanMelody Time - メロディー・タイム 25-01-1987VHP78268
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Donald Duck21-07-1986VHP58024
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Minnie Mouse21-06-1986VHP58023
JapanMilestones for Mickey21-05-1986VHP58021
JapanReturn to Oz00-00-1986VHP88008
JapanPeter Pan21-11-1985VHP88005
JapanThat Darn Cat21-11-1985VHP78197
JapanWhite Wilderness21-11-1985VHP78196
JapanThe Living Desert21-10-1985VHP78192
JapanDonald Duck Goes West21-07-1985VHP78176
JapanThe Incredible Journey21-07-1985VHP78177
JapanSecrets of Life21-06-1985VHP78169
Japanアニメ フェスティバル [II]26-05-1985VHP78162
Japan三人の騎士 - The Three Caballeros21-05-1985VHP78163
JapanJungle Cat21-04-1985VHP78157
Japan20,000 Leagues Under the Sea24-03-1985VHP49175/6
JapanSong of the South21-03-1985VHP78152
JapanAlice In Wonderland21-02-1985VHP88002
Japanメリー・ポピンズ - Mary Poppins21-02-1985VHP49173/4
JapanThe African Lion00-00-1985VHP78182
JapanBehind the Scenes at Walt Disney Studio00-00-0000VHP78242
JapanThe Hunting Instinct00-00-0000VHP78181
Japan宝島 - Treasure Island00-00-0000VHP78180