Tarzan: The Broadway Musical : I Need To Know

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Title: I Need To Know
Movie / DVD / Musical: Tarzan: The Broadway Musical
Songwriter(s): Phil Collins
Composer(s): Phil Collins
Performed By: Alex Rutherford
Year: 2006
Language: Engels
Will someone tell me where I belong
Where I should go?
Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong?
I need to know

Why would I hurt the ones I love?
Why would I hurt you?
If I can't be what he wants of me
What am I to do?

When will I be me
The son that he can't see?
There must be somebody who understands
Out there, somewhere

When will I find home
A place where I belong?
Surely there must be more like me
Out there, somewhere

There must be somebody just like me
Out there