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Title: Freaky Friday
Original Title: Freaky Friday
Country: United States United States
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 28-11-2007
Year: 2003
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: 97 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Subtitles: ???
Chapters: ???
Sound: ???
Distribution: ???
ISBN: 0-7888-7723-2
UPC: 786936735802
Catalog Number: 54426
Size: ???
In the tradition of [b]The Princess Diaries[/b], Disney's [b]Freaky Friday[/b] is the extremely funny and heartwarming comedy everyone will love.

Dr. Tess Coleman (the hilarious Jamie Lee Curtis) and her teenage daughter Anna (rockin' Lindsay Lohan) have one thing in common - they don't relate to each other on anything. Not clothes or or men or Anna's passion to be in a rock band. Nothing. Then one night a little mystic mayhem changes their lives and they wake up to the biggest freak-out ever. Tess and Anna are trapped inside each other's body! But Tess's wedding is Saturday, and the two must find a way to switch back - fast! Literally forced to walk in each other's shoes, will they gain respect and understanding for the other's point of view? Filled with comedy, rock 'n' roll and lots of heart, [b]Freaky Friday[/b] is freaking fun everyone can enjoy together.
Original Other
Tess Coleman - Jamie Lee Curtis
Anna Coleman - Lindsay Lohan
Ryan - Mark Harmon
Grandpa - Harold Gould
Jake Chad - Michael Murray
Mr. Bates - Stephen Tobolowsky
Maddie - Christina Vidal
Harry Coleman - Ryan Malgarini
Peg - Haley Hudson
Pei-Pei - Rosalind Chao
Pei-Pei's Mom - Lucille Soong
Stacey Hinkhouse - Julie Gonzalo
Depressed Patient - Jeffrey Marcus
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