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United StatesJiminy Cricket: Sings 5 Mickey Mouse Club SongsDBR-56
United StatesJiminy Cricket: Presents BongoDBR-57
United StatesJiminy Cricket: Safety FirstDBR-65
United StatesJohnny AppleseedEYA-6
United StatesJungle BookWD-116
United StatesJimmie Dodd Sings His Favorite HymnsWDL-3014
NetherlandsJungleboekHLLP 319
United StatesJan Clayton In Rodgers And Hammerstein's CarouselWDL-3036
United StatesJan Clayton In Rodgers And Hammerstein's CarouselSTER-3036
United StatesJimmie Dod Sings His Favorite HymnsWDL-1014
United StatesJohnny AppleseedWY-390
United StatesJoni James - When You Wish Upon a Star / Is This the End of the LineK11960
United StatesJames Brown and the Trail Winders - The Ballad of Davy Crockett / He's a Rockin' Horse Cowboy11941
United StatesJudy Valentine - Cinderella Work Song / I's Like to Wrap You Up10657
United StatesJohnny Tremain / Liberty TreeWBY-52
United StatesJohnny Tremain / Liberty TreeBY-52