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United StatesFamous Arias From Aida (And other Operas)DQ-1266
United StatesThe Best Of BroadwayDQ-1267
United StatesKiplings: Just So StoriesDQ-1268
United StatesPecos Bill And other Stories In SongDQ-1269
United StatesThese United States: Facts, Music And FolkloreDQ-1270
United StatesProfessor Julius Sumner Miller (Professor Wonderful) Relating Stories Of GalileoDQ-1965
United StatesChildren's Riddles And Game SongsDQ-1272
United StatesProfessor Julius Sumner Miller Relating Stories Of Ben Franklin, The Man And His DiscoveriesDQ-1273
United StatesFurther Adventures Of Cinderella's MiceDQ-1274
United StatesRudyard Kipling's 'Just So' Stories Volume IIDQ-1275
United StatesStories Of Hans Christian AndersenDQ-1276
United StatesAll The Songs From Winnie The Pooh And The Honey TreeDQ-1277
United StatesStory Of Goliath IIDQ-1278
United StatesThe Grasshopper And The AntsDQ-1279
United StatesStory Of The Swiss Family RobinsonDQ-1280
United StatesStory Of Nikki - Wild Dog Of The NorthDQ-1281
United StatesStory Of Hans BrinkerDQ-1282
United StatesAdventures Of Little Hiawatha And His Friends, Elmer Elephant, The Ugly Duckling, The Flying MouseDQ-1283
United StatesAdventures Of Little Hiawatha And His Friends, Elmer Elephant, The Ugly Duckling, The Flying Mouse1283
United StatesLittle Red Riding Hood And Other Best Loved Fairy TalesDQ-1284
United StatesThe Legend Of Sleepy Hollow / Legend of Rip Van WinkleDQ-1285
United StatesMultiplication And DivisionDQ-1286
United StatesMultiplication And Division1286
United StatesTubby The TubaDQ-1287
United StatesChilling, Thrilling Sounds Of A Haunted House1257
United StatesSong Of The South606
United StatesMarching Along With Mary PoppinsDQ-1288
United StatesIt's A Small World (18 Favorite Folk Songs)DQ-1289
United StatesIt's A Small World (18 Favorite Folk Songs)STER-1289
United StatesStory Of The Ugly Dachshund / Songs Of The Shaggy DogDQ-1290
United StatesAdventures Of Bullwhip Griffin DQ-1291
United StatesNecco Wafers Presents Soundtrack Songs And Dialogue From Bullwhip GriffinDQ-1291-N
United StatesCarouselDQ-1292
United StatesCarouselSTER-1292
United StatesCinderella607
United StatesMary Poppins617
United StatesBambi604
United StatesDavy Crockett And Songs Of Other Heroes610
United StatesSnow White And The Seven Dwarfs601
United StatesPinocchio602
United StatesHansel And Gretel615
United StatesMickey Mouse Club Song HitsST-3815
United StatesSongs From Walt Disney's: The Happiest MillionaireDQ-1303
United StatesWalt Disney World's Country Bear JamboreeST-3994
United StatesSing And Other Sunny SongsDQ-1360
United StatesSongs From Walt Disney's The One And Only, Genuine Original Family BandDQ-1316
United StatesThe Gingerbread Man And Other Stories And SongsDQ-1329MO
United StatesMary Martin: Songs From Rodgers And Hammerstein's The Sound Of MusicDQ-1296
United StatesCandy ManDQ-1345
United StatesBabes In ToylandST-3913