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United StatesAll The Songs From The Sword In The StoneDQ-1236
United StatesAll the Songs from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland14581
United StatesAll The Songs From Winnie The Pooh And The Honey TreeDQ-1277
United StatesAmerica SingsST-3812
United StatesAmerica SingsDQ-1366
United StatesAmerica the BeautifulDQ-1346
United StatesAn Adaption of Dickens' Christmas CarolST-3811
United StatesAnimal Stories Of AesopDQ-1221
United StatesAnnetteBV-3301
United StatesAnnette - Dream Boy / Please Please SignoraF-374
United StatesAnnette - Pineapple Princess / Luau Cha ChaF-362
United StatesAnnette - Tall Paul / Ma He's Makin' Eyes at MeF-118
United StatesAnnette and Hayley Mills (Singing 10 of Their Greatest All Time Hits)DL-3508
United StatesAnnette at Bikini BeachBV-3324
United StatesAnnette at Bikini BeachSTER-3324
United StatesAnnette Sings Golden Surfin' Hits (and just for Fun 'The Monkey's Uncle)BV-3327
United StatesAnnette's Beach PartyBV-3316
United StatesAnnette's Beach PartySTER-3316
United StatesAnnette's Pajama PartyBV-3325
United StatesAnnette: Teenage Wedding / Walkin' and Talkin'Buena Vista 414
United StatesAnnette: The Story of My Teens...and the Sixteen Songs That Tell ItBV-3312
United StatesAristocatsWD-117
United StatesAutumnWDL-3021
United StatesAutumnSTER-3021
United StatesBabes In ToylandFS-911
United StatesBambiEYA-7
United StatesBambiWD-110
United StatesBambiFS-916
United StatesBambiDQ-1203MO
United StatesBambi1203
United StatesBambi1203
United StatesBambi1203-M
United StatesBambiWDL-4010
United StatesBambiWY-391
United StatesBedknobs and BroomsticksFS-901
United StatesBedknobs and BroomsticksFS-902
United StatesBest Loves Fairy TalesST-1918
United StatesBest Stories Of AesopDQ-1218
United StatesBill Hayes Sings The Best Of Disney194 (A)
United StatesBill Hayes Sings The Best Of Disney194 (B)
United StatesBill Hayes Sings The Best Of Disney194 (C)
United StatesBilly StormBV-3315
United StatesBilly StormSTER-3315
United KingdomBilly Strange - Johnny Shiloh / Day by DayF 417
United StatesBirthday FunWY-430
United StatesBlackbeard's GhostDQ-1305
United StatesBlackbeard's GhostST-3978
United StatesBlanca Nieves y los 7 EnanosPA-ST-3906
United StatesBlanca Nieves Y Los 7 Enanos1201-M
United StatesBlanca Nieves Y Los 7 Enanos3101-M